Merge Mansion Full Mysteries Gameplay and Guide 2022

Merge Mansion is a very hyped game which is the first project of Finnish studio Metacore Games, this company was previously named Everywear Games.

It’s a discovery puzzle game released on both Android and iOS platforms. The character you play in Merge Mansion is Maddie.

She is a young woman who has come to visit her grandmother but instantly realizes that her family holds a very mysterious past.

She uncovers them slowly as she starts restoring the old mansion with the help of her Nanny dropping clues like the dilapidated estate hidden in the garden at the back of her mansion.

Maddie is eager to find out the truth and expose her ancestors. 

If you have been struggling in completing tasks and moving ahead in the story, this is our own Merge Mansion Wiki to help you. 

Merge Mansion Wiki Tips & Tricks

1. Make your Permanent Source Items Active

Permanent Source Items are an integral part of the game because they will drop other items in the game.

These are often considered high-tier items because they are curated by merging lower-level items.

For example, the Tool Barrels comes from the combination of the Garden Toolbox line of items. 

When you start the game, the first thing you have to merge is a level 1 Closed Tool Crate with another element available in the same tier, and this will give rise to level 2 Dusty Tool Crate.

You have to keep merging until you are able to create a level 4 object.

This object is the Tool Barrel which will be your first item in the category that can produce other items.

This object will drop Gardening Tools and Gardening Gloves. 

2. Don’t Ignore the Dusty Elements

While surveying the board, you will find many elements covered in cobwebs and they seem inactive.

But you should be unlocking these items by merging them with any active element from the same tier.

As the objects are inactive, you won’t be able to move them back and forth on the board.

They will just lie there and you will have to activate them by matching with a same-tier active element.

The purpose of activating the cobwebbed items is to free up space on the board. 

3. Complete Tasks

You need to prioritize obtaining the items which will be needed to complete ongoing tasks.

At the beginning of the game you might feel like indiscriminately tapping on whatever source item you see but once you level up the board starts getting cluttered and you will have to shift focus to the elements that can actually help in tasks. 

For instance, it is time to stop wasting your precious Energy points on Drawers.

This is because the drawers only drop items like Vases and Pot Fragments, and you will not require their by-products until much later in the game. 

So make sure you are identifying the source items which you need at the moment to complete your tasks.

Additionally, every time you use a particular item to complete a task, it disappears from the board clearing up space for other Merge Mansion combinations. 

When you complete tasks in Merge Manshion, you get rewarded with little blue stars or XP.

The simpler kind of tasks like planting a flower bed will get you 1 XP and the more complex ones will get you more XPs plus bonuses. 

The XPs are extremely important to level up in the game once you have collected enough.

When you move to the next level you will be rewarded a number of Boosters which are vital if you want to make progress in the game. 

Now, if you have been playing this game, you are aware that gathering blue stars is a very slow process in Merge Mansiom.

But there is one thing you can do to speed up the process. When you will craft upper-level objects on the board, you will receive small blue stars.

For example, you have to start merging the tools produced by the Gardening Toolbox to create a five-tier element, The Spade.

After this level, every tool that you will be making will produce an extra energy point.

That might not seem much individually, but when you add XP stars with them, it makes a great deal.

Keep merging and you can collect 50 XP energy points with just one tap. 

The game allows you very easy ways to earn XP by using simple strategies.

You will realize there are a lot of idle moments in Merge Mansiom during which the permanent source items remain inactive as they are recharging.

The best way to utilize these phases is to turn your attention to Gardening Toolboxes.

As you know, they drop the most common items and are always present on your board.

So, there are high chances that at least one of the items will be active and ready to produce any time of the day.

Take this opportunity and keep doing Merge Mansion combinations until you gain the ability to craft level 5+ items which will give you additional stars. 

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Merge Mansion Paint Can 

You can obtain Merge Mansion Paint Can by tapping on the Toolbox, Blue boxes, or buy them from the shop.

Paint cans have the lowest drop rates, only 1 in 30 drops. This makes paint cans very useful in the game.

Level 4 Merge Mansion Paint Can is necessary for the game. Remember that there is no requirement to hoard lower-level paint cans.

Only a few Level 2 and Level 3 paint cans will be needed in the early stages and Level 1 Paint cans are useless.

Merge Mansion Cheats 

There are many sites that provide Merge Manshion hacks which is a great tool to easily achieve all your game goals.

No matter which device you are using you can avail the Merge Mansion Cheats. 

Final Words 

Tips and tricks we have shared are here to make the gameplay of Merge Manshion interesting.

As you progress in the game, you will be able to identify new strategies and enjoy even more.

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