Secret Tricks How to Get Mafia World Bloody War Guide & Promo Code 2022

Before I start talking about the game, I know its familiar for most of you guys out there about Mafia World game.

It is an epic game where you can build your own business and gangs to protect them from other players.

The Entire game happens in a city called Sin City. Relive the old mafia style life of action packed adventures of building up your business in Sin City and increase the strength of your gang by expanding and concurring business and trades.

Mafia World is a strategy game with the theme of Mafia World to give you the total gangster experience. 

Here we will be explaining in detail about the new Mafia World Bloody War game in this manner:


So finally we get the chance to try out the new beta version of the Mafia World Game series called Mafia World Bloody War.

The game is also online meaning you can play with other players around the world and make allies so that you can help them and receive help from them during your missions.

The game starts with an epic story were the Great Godfather has gone missing.

You are the only heir to the Ferraro family and it is now your responsibility to bring back the stability to the family.

Hire smart and intelligent Capos to handle all your business which are under the radar and strong and fearless Henchmen to help you take over areas of Sin City.

Take out all the small gangs that would try to get in your way and finally reach the top as the biggest mafia Know to Mafia World and Sin City.

Guides / Walkthrough of the game

Mafia World Bloody War Guide takes you through the first few scenes of the game to give you a clear understanding of the new series of Mafia World game.


You start of as playing as the sole heir to the seat of the missing Godfather, his son Mike.

Mike left Sin City to another country to lead a normal life away from all the family activities.

The game starts of when Mike gets a call from his uncle Tony mentioning that his father the Godfather has been gone missing.

Shocking to hear the news he then has to make the decision to stay with his girl or go back home to take the thrown and responsibilities in the absence of the Godfather.

The entire game is based on choices you make, make the wrong move and its game over and you have to start from scratch.

The first decision in the game that you have to make is:

  • To stay in the same city with your girl.
  • To go home and take the thrown and find your father.

If you choose the first option, the game end there and you will have to start over again.

Whereas if you choose the second option, you proceed on with the game and you fly back to your home town. 

Scene 1

During the flight a beautiful women sitting next to you, drops her phone and as a gentleman you are you pick up the phone.

After the flight has landed and you are about to make an exit out of the airport, the same women approaches you and asks you whether you would like to go out for a drink.

Here comes the second crucial choice:

  • Go out for a drink with her (Game Over)
  • Say thank you but you have some urgent matter to attend.(Proceeds further)

Upon choosing the right choice you arrive at your villa(Home).

Scene 2

All of your family members have arrived and discussing about the missing case of the Godfather and who will be charge of the family business.

Your 2 uncles and 2 brothers along with the trustworthy friend of your father and a few henchmen are present at the table.

You walk towards the table and sit on the Godfathers chair and everyone is relaxed and tensed knowing that you have taken command.

The moment you start talking to everybody, questions start arising whether what should be taken care of first.

Should the family go behind the missing case or the Business? Choice making time:

  • Go behind your fathers missing case story(Gives Everyone Suspicion that you are not worthy to sit in the chair).
  • Handle the Family Business first and proceed with the missing case alongside (gives everyone the confidence and makes you seem less suspicious about handling the family business).

The game proceeds on where you ascertain the smaller thugs and gangs that the Ferraro family is still in control and capturing back lands are properties that belonged to the family.

You bribe the authorities in to becoming on your side while you bring back order to Sin City.

The game continues into exciting and adventures storyline which we are not going to spoil for our readers.

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A few things to keep in mind that will help you finish the game without much error.

Mafia World Bloody War Tips are basically few life hack or things to remember while playing the game that will help you finish the game with ease. 

  • Think before you make a decision. Most of the things that tempt you could either end the game or go down a difficult path.
  • When you end up taking the wrong choice and the game ends, the next time you reach the same spot it shows which choice you took the last time.
  • Try to build up your business and take over as much land as possible because you need allies sometimes to give you a helping hand.
  • Don’t always attack and take over areas, sometimes a simple negotiation would get you the land and a few extra allies.

Mafia World Redeem Codes 2022

First let me explain to you on how you can avail Mafia World Redeem Code from the app. Follow these exact steps to redeem your code:

  • First and most obvious thing to do is to download the Mafia World Bloody War app from Google play store. You can click this link which will take you directly to the app page on Google play store
  • On the top – left corner of the screen, you should be able to see your profile icon. Click on that.
  • Once the menu appears, go to settings and click on the title redemption codes.
  • A box will appear in your screen with a note asking you to enter the redemption code.
  • Enter your redeem code and you will get your reward.

Here is the new Mafia World Bloody War Redeem Code:

Mafia world bloody war redeem code 2022

  1. HLXJTX – this code will give you 100 Gold, 5 red wines and 1 lightning operation to use in the game.
  2. N4ra8awae
  3. G4EYAA4Za
  4. FMBZJZ – Gives you construction boost, training boost and speed boost all for 50 minutes.
  5. XKFWZB – Will get you 100 gold, 5 red wines and 1 stardust.
  6. VPZXVD – Gives you 100 VIP points and VIP access for 1 day.
  7. bwDayE46c 
  8. NKZnbgK22
  9. 7VApvW4m6

Final Words

Mafia World Bloody War is the most latest and brand new version of Mafia World and it is really exciting.

The game basically lets you to build up an empire and gives you an experience of how a mafia boss deals with his life.

The game is really well put and storyline is just brilliant.

The strategy and the game styles are just amazing and we believe anyone playing it would really have a great time.

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