Best Guide & Tricks Lilac Cookie Toppings Build 2022 

Lilac Cookie Toppings Build has been generating a considerable amount of buzz these days. And well, if you ask us, it is for all the right reasons! 

In the popular Cookie Run: Kingdom game, players are going to come across a special Epic Cookie known as the Lilac Cookie.

As most of you would know, the game developers rolled out the update of Tropical Soda Islands sometime back.

And as a part of the same update, the Lilac Cookie was launched in its second half.

The position of this cookie is focused primarily on the Middle and the class that it belongs to is Support. 

If you are looking to dig up some more information on this, you are just at the right place.

In this article, we are going to throw some more light on Lilac Cookie Toppings Build as well as its Skill Info. 

Lilac Cookie Story 

The Lilac Cookie emerges in the Story of Tropical Soda Islands and you will see him playing the role of a bodyguard.

He is responsible for guarding as well as retaining the Yogurt Cream Cookie.

Along with him, Princess Cookie, Knight Cookie, as well as Yogurt Cream Cookie are all tossed in the brig of a ship.

The ship here is of Stink Eye Tortuca. Once they are thrown in there, the Lilac Cookie and Princess Cookie band together and release all the others out of the cells. 

Skill Info: Lilac Cookie Toppings Build

Chakram Throw

The Lilac Cookie is known for throwing the chakrams in various sessions over the course of time.  

Friendly battalions are often very enticed by the attractive moments.

They attain a DMG boost for a regular attack which is in proportion to their increased rate of ATK SPD.  

  • Base cooldown of 13 seconds 
  • One hit DMG is 105.0% (along with an extra 1.45% DMG at each level)
  • DMG rise for Regular attack: Cause additional damage equaling to 0.4% of the ATK of the Lilac Cookie for every 1.0% of boost rate of ATK SPD for ten seconds

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Lilac Cookie Toppings Build

There are a couple of alternatives that make the best choice for Lilac Cookie Toppings Build. These are as follows: 

  • X5 Swift Chocolate: This one helps in reduce the cooldown to a considerable extent
  • X5 Solid Almond: This helps in resisting damage 

In our opinion, X5 Swift Chocolate is the most excellent choice you have when it comes to Lilac Cookie Toppings Build.

It would significantly contribute to the reduction of skill cooldown for the Lilac Cookie.

This will help him in making use of his Chakram Throw with greater efficiency and at a much faster pace.

Apart from this, X5 Swift Chocolate also becomes important because it would further lead to an enhancement of attack damage when it comes to the skills of the Lilac Cookie. 

The second-best alternative available to you for Lilac Cookie Toppings Build is X5 Solid Almond.

This one essentially plays a role in boosting the stats of the Lilac Cookie in terms of damage resistance. 

But if you were to choose one, we would still recommend that you go with the former option of X5 Swift Chocolate. 

Final Words

That was all about our guide on Lilac Cookie Toppings Build. You know what’s the best choice for you and we hope that you will stick to it.

It would not only enhance your gaming experience but also considerably boost your efficiency in the game.

Have fun playing! If you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to drop them in the comment section below. 

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