Secret Tricks How to Play Land of Empires Immortal 2022? 

Land of Empires Immortal is a newly released real-time strategy mobile game. Just like most of its rivals, this one is also a bit challenging and competitive.

The key to mastering such games is having the right strategy in mind as soon as you start with the game.

Don’t wait to move around and grasp the game for a while as this will make you miss out on the lead that you could gain during the initial stages. 

It is not only important to be very efficient and quick with the game but you must also first grasp the essential elements of Land of Empires Immortal.

In the true sense, it is both your knowledge and skill that will help you emerge as the most powerful player in the game

If you are just a newbie, things may be a little more challenging for you.

However, remember that nothing is impossible in this world.

What if we told you that you could kickstart your journey in the Land of Empires Immortal with maximum efficiency and optimal performance? Yes, you heard it right! 

We are here with our special and extensive Land of Empires: Immortal Beginner’s Guide 2022 which will enlighten you on some of the best strategies to strengthen your army and defeat the demons in the game.

The guide will assist you in focusing on the things that truly need your attention and help you master them all with great ease. 

So without any further ado, let’s begin. 

Land of Empires: Immortal Beginner’s Guide 2022

Getting Started

Just like the majority of other games in the same genre, Land of Empires Immortal boasts a tremendous PVP mode with an open world.

As a beginner to the game, you are currently the top target of powerful veterans. 

Nonetheless, before you worry about the attacks, you must keep a couple of things in mind.

First and foremost, players will be required to upgrade their town through the ceremony of Soul Revival.

This is before they can discover the world around them, attack, or get attacked.

You will come across this phase around the fourth stage of City Hall. 

And the second thing is that you begin your journey with the default shield for beginners which lasts for almost six days.

Moreover, you will also gain access to another shield when you unlock the in-game world map. This is an eight-hour shield. 

You must spend your first few days in the game setting up the infrastructure.

You must also try to get access to a fresh set of shields which will help you stay prepared for any situation. 

Land of Empires Immortal is heavy on the PVP game mode.

This is why you must make sure to always stay guarded by your shields to avoid any kind of unnecessary blows.

In general, the rules of a raid vary across different servers. 

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Building the Infrastructure of the Empire

Infrastructure, in Land of Empires Immortal, is a key component.

Any empire requires decent infrastructure as a part of its foundation.

You will need various buildings to house your resources, provide shelter to your warriors, and unite the government. 

As a part of our Land of Empires: Immortal Beginner’s Guide 2022, here’s what you need to know and perform when it comes to building your infrastructure in the game. 

Generate More Resources 

Raw materials or resources are an essential part of any empire.

If you don’t have any resources, there is no point in hiring any labour who will have nothing to start with.

Players will be required to spend a few prominent resources in the game if they wish to achieve almost anything in the Land of Empires Immortal.

These resources include wood, food, ore, as well as stone. 

There are various methods through which you can attain resources in the Land of Empires Immortal.

First and foremost, players may start by recycling trash out of not only their preliminary city block but also other reclaimed ones as well.

To do so, you will simply need to click on this trash available on your screen and then click on the icon of the shovel.

This will provide you with some significant resources in the game while also opening up some vacant areas for your construction. 

Claim More Blocks

If you have played a few games from a similar genre before, we know what you must be expecting.

Vacant land and loads of area for construction! 

Well, let us break the truth to you. Land of Empires Immortal doesn’t provide that to you.

Players here will be required to free up some blocks from a wrecked town and expand their reach. 

Moreover, you will be able to reclaim a block in this game only after you have successfully rescued it from the monsters and tightened the walls there for the nighttime brings risks. 

You can go on to expand the territory by simply clearing more blocks out.

It is worth mentioning that you would also access fresh and stronger buildings in the game as you repair wrecked structures in these freed blocks. 

Build More Buildings

After having some vacant space for yourself, you can start the process of placing new buildings of your own.

To be able to do so, you will need to click on the icon of the hammer which is located on the bottom left-hand side of your screen. 

There are different kinds of buildings that you will come across in the Land of Empires Immortal. 

The first type includes economic buildings. These structures assist in the passive generation of raw materials which you can harvest simply with one click. 

The second type of building is civic building. These structures have a crucial role to play in people’s welfare in the city.

They deal with homes, hospitals, as well as safe houses. 

Last but not least, there are decorative buildings.

Players will be able to build doodahs, streetlights, as well as roads. 

Then there are also some vital and unique structures that players won’t be able to create copies of.

These buildings included the academy, city hall, watch tower, barracks, and others.

You can’t choose these buildings simply from your menu.

Instead, you will first need to discover their ruins and then go about reconstructing them. 

Combat in Land of Empires

Land of Empires Immortal provides you with a total of 3 combat scenarios as a part of PVE.

These include field battles, stealth missions, as well as dungeons. 

First and foremost, there are field battles.

These kinds of battles are not only the most significant but also the largest in the game.

It is here that you will perform the deployment of your warriors and assign your units for fields.

When it comes to choosing your generals, you will be able to assign a maximum of three heroes in these field battles.

Each of these heroes will lead the units of their kind. 

Stealth missions in the game will be represented by the icon of an eye.

These are mere quests and could barely be called combat scenarios.

Probably the sole purpose of keeping them here is that they can’t be elsewhere.

These are some special kinds of objectives that you will be required to complete without notifying your opponents. 

While you are on these missions, you must be very careful and not come to anyone’s notice.

In case you get noticed, they will come for you and your mission will be a complete fail. 

Dungeons in Land of Empires Immortal are relatively lesser areas that could only be explored by the heroes.

Herein, the heroes are going to come forth and discard a range of opponents which would further lead to the completion of the dungeon. 

Different Units

There are also three different kinds of units that you will come across in the Land of Empires Immortal.

These include cavalry, archers, as well as infantry.

Infantry wins over cavalry whereas cavalry wins over archers and archers win over infantry. 

  • Cavalry units in Land of Empires Immortal depict the mounted forces and their representation is the banner of a blue horse. These units are pretty swift as well as deadly. You will see them truly excelling at wreaking major destruction in the ranged ranks of the opponent. Nevertheless, Cavalry units don’t go quite well when fighting rigidly-formed infantry units.
  • Infantry units are essentially known as your foot soldiers in the game. You can identify these units by their banner of the red shields. Infantry units are some truly brave soldiers in Land of Empires Immortal that may be a little sluggish, however, they are certainly very well-armoured. They also boast some rigid formations which make them give a tough time to cavalry. However, they suffer quite a bit from ranged attacks.
  • Archers in the game are brought to the field and are known for the strong and efficient ranged support that they provide to the Allies. Their representation is a banner of a green bow. They excel in their bows and boast quite significant marksmanship. This makes them pelt their opponents from afar and give a tough fight to the infantry. However, the swift cavalry makes archers fall weak. 

Joining An Alliance

Similar to the majority of other strategy games, Land of Empires Immortal also provides you with the special feature of joining alliances. 

For those who don’t know, alliances in these games are guilds comprising various players.

By joining a decent and stable alliance, most importantly, you will be able to get access to some extra protection.

Many players will not even consider picking a fight with you as that would mean the commencement of a conflict between alliances as a whole.

Apart from this, you will also take advantage of some more economic perks including raids, rallies, and more. 

There are various other elements constituted as a part of these alliances in Land of Empires Immortal.

To start with, alliance quests are a major contribution that you take part in.

These are some heavy objectives that aren’t quite feasible for an individual player to complete.

However, now that you are in an alliance, you can all complete it together!

The best part is that these tasks are aligned with your usual activities and require no extra effort. And you will, of course, get rewards! 

There are also alliance wars wherein all the players have a good shot at victory.

Individual players may find it hard to win against those gigantic monsters and other powerful players.

And that is when your alliance comes in handy for you! 

Don’t forget about the Freebies! 

When it comes to establishing a powerful empire in the Land of Empires Immortal, you can’t miss out on anything!

Any freebies or other complimentary stuff are of great significance to you and you must take advantage of anything and everything.

Before we end our Land of Empires Immortal Beginner’s Guide 2022, here is the last thing that you need to know:  

Daily Quests

Daily quests are something that you come across almost everywhere.

Especially in Land of Empires Immortal, these have a pretty vital role to play. 

By completing these quests, you will not only be able to attain various kinds of resources but also get access to gems.

If you can fill your activity bar fully within 24 hours, you will also be able to attain a special Epic Fate Stone which will provide you with the opportunity to recruit fresh legendary warriors for yourself. 

Daily quests are something that you will easily be able to grasp as you get them in the game.

However, it would be a good idea if you could learn thoroughly about the associated activity bar.

Once you fill it all the way up, you will be able to claim various new chests.

However, you will be required to manually click on a wiggling chest and unlock them to be able to collect your prize.  

You will also come across a menu of side quests in the same panel.

Although these aren’t provided to you every day, players will generally discover something or the other to claim here.  

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Beginner Login

When you are a newbie, the game tries everything in its power to entice you as much as possible which would make you stay.

When it comes to Land of Empires Immortal, the game provides you with tons of complimentary items not just once but for a complete week! 

You will be able to access these early rewards by simply clicking on the button for seven-day trials which is located in the upper section of your screen.

Here in this tab, you will also come across a beneficial list which provides you with some tasks and the associated rewards that you can redeem on task completion.

This will not just provide you with a significant number of raw materials to start with but you will also gain a good understanding of the game through these activities

Account Binding

If you have started playing Land of Empires Immortal and you know you are here to stay, we recommend you authorize your game account as early as you can.

This will help to keep your game extremely secure and protected.

Moreover, doing so also provides you with a complimentary reward of 200 gems!

You will be able to spend these gems wherever you wish to and whenever you wish to. 

Final Words

Land of Empires Immortal is a pretty extensive game.

Especially when you are just a newbie to the genre, it is only natural for you to feel intimidated by the comprehensive systems, complexities, as well as nuances.

You will end up making a lot of mistakes and meet various types of failures, however, remember, fall down seven times, stand up eight!

Every time you feel like you are being beaten down, it will only make you emerge even stronger in the future. 

And that was all for our Land of Empires Immortal Beginner’s Guide 2022.

We strongly recommend that you follow these best strategies to strengthen your army and defeat the demons in the game.

In case you have any suggestions to provide, we are here to hear you in the comment section down below. 

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