How to Get into Jungkook Club in BTS Island in the SEOM 2022?

Jungkook Club In BTS Island: Want to know How to join Jungkook club in the BTS Island in the SEOM 2022? If yes, then this article will provide you the steps and methods of joining the Jungkook club. 

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the famous BTS Island Jungkook’s club and also suggest you some methods to join the club.

I am a Youtuber and professional content writer since 2012, I have been a fan of Jungkook and BTS Island and therefore knowing closely, I am providing with some of the tips on how to join his group in BTS Island in the SEOM.

Jungkook’s Club in BTS Island in the SEOM 

BTS Island in the SEOM is one the most prominent upcoming game in the gaming arena with over 1 million downloads in the play store alone.

The main purpose of the game is to make your mind relax.

The game was made by the BTS Group as a gift to army as most of the gameplay was designed by the members of BTS themselves to provide minute details so as to make the game enjoyable.

The game uses different puzzles with BTS and BTS Bombs and you have to solve the different puzzles and decorate your own island.

Characters that resembles the members of BTS group run all along the Island.

Therefore if you are member of the Army group than there is no doubt that you would love to play this game.

Moreover there are different themed items like Go fish, swim, play ping pong, box and light up fireworks and therefore complete various challenges to progress to the next level.

 The game was released on 07th July, 2022 HYBE IM Co.

ltd and on the very next day the reknown member of the BTS group Jungkook started to play the game and posted a screen shot of the same in his Instagram page.

As soon as he posted the picture of him playing the game along with his group name, many people tried to join his group but soon he changed the name of the group.

So we have decided to let you know the methods you can use to join the Jungkook’s group in BTS Island in the SEOM.

How to Get In Jungkook’s Club in BTS Island: In the Seom

As we said Jungkook has changed the name of his group in the game as many users flooded to join the group.

Therefore you need to at first find the new name of the Jungkook Club in BTS Island.

Here are the steps to join the Jungkook’s group:

  • At first you should copy the name of the group “왕이될상” in your electronic device which is used to play the game.
  • After copying the word, you need to need to launch the game and click on the purple button appearing in the left corner in the screen. 
  • After clicking on the purple button, you will be taken to the club screen where you can find the list of all the clubs and their names that you may join for playing the game.
  • Since you have to copy paste the above given name of the Jungkook’s group, you have to click on the search button appearing on the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Then paste the word that you had copied from here and a list of groups would appear with similar kind of name would appear on your screen. You have to scroll through the list of names to find the perfect match.
  • For verifying, you may find the profile of Jungkook in the member details and his photo will be marked with the BTS Proof symbol and also has the emoji of a king along with his name so that you can be sure that it is his name and not a fake profile.
  • Click on the join button and a request will be send to the Jungkook who is the creator of the group and you can only join the group if he accepts your request. Therefore join the Jungkook Club in BTS Island as fast as you can so that it does not fill up.

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Final Word

As you know, BTS is one of the biggest music band around the world and has huge number of fan following and is commonly known as Army.

The game BTS Island: In the Seom was released recently and was appreciated by all.

The army is surely having a blast over the game.

The game involves several characters which resembles the members of the BTS group.

The game is not only addicted to the gamers but also the members of the BTS.

Here we have given you the procedure or method to join the Jungkook Club in BTS Island who has recently posted the photo of him playing the game in his social media page.

Therefore we hope you would be able to join the group before the group gets filled up.

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How can I Download the mobile BTS Island in the SEOM in my phone?

You can download the BTS Island in the SEOM game in your android mobile phone as well as your IPhone.

To download the game in your android phone, you may search the game in the Play Store. To download the game in your Iphone you may search the game in the Apple Store.

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