Island War Guide | How to Play Island War in 2022?

Island War guide: Island war has been one of the most popular and beloved island games ever since it was launched.

In this strategy game, the primary objective of the players is to defend their island.

They will be provided with a full-fledged army comprising various troops which will help them in compiling resources.   

One of the most convenient elements of the game is that it’s appropriate for not only hard-core but also casual players.

You can pick up the game and play it whenever you want.

Moreover, if you wish to take a break for a while, you can do so with great ease. 

The game features very simple game mechanics as well as neat graphics.

If you have been a Clash of Clan fanatic, you are probably going to love this new strategy game just as much. 

Although the game is fairly easy to play, some tips and tricks can always work like magic.

Especially if you are new to the game, we are sure that our Island War Guide is all that you are looking for! 

Let’s have a look at our extensive Island War Guide which will help you master this strategy game in no time!  

Island War Guide 

You won’t come across any kind of a prologue or storyline while starting with the game.

Just when you launch Island War on your device, you will be able to commence your fight against a solitary troop.

It will be pretty easy for you to win your first fight and it is only after then that you will come across boats as well as much more interesting stuff.  

Our below-mentioned Island War Guide will enlighten you on a range of strategies, structures, Island War Best Troops, and much more. 

Let’s have a look: 

1. Merging And Marauding

The primary Island War guide Game Strategy to learn is merging and marauding. 

As soon as you launch the Island War game, you will find three different training missions in front of you.

Your troops in the game will reach the opponent’s islands through the boat.

It is worth mentioning that it will only be able to hold 6 troops at a time. 

All the troops in Island War feature a specific unit count.

This specifies whether the squad has several individuals or just one. 

When you start with the game, you will just have a single boat.

However, you can certainly get more of these if you wish to carry greater armies with you later. 

Before you begin an attack, you will be able to merge or rearrange your troops if required.

You will be able to do so by simply clicking on the icon of the soldier which you will find on the left-hand side of your screen.

On the right hand side, there will be a card icon.

Through this, you will be able to recruit a fresh set of Island War Best Troops. 

Once all the preparations have been made and you are all set to sail, you can click on the option of Battle. 

Arena Mode

Additionally, the primary or the basic game mode in this game is Arena.

Here, players will have a couple of minutes to destroy the core structures of their target before they deplete all their troops or run out of time. 

The timer will start only after you dispatch your soldier to the opponent island.

Fortunately, this provides the players with some time for exploring and scanning the defenses of their opponent.  

By default, players will have a battalion of a trio of Swordsmen.

Nonetheless, as you keep on moving past the tutorial, you will be able to unlock more soldiers for yourself. 

By destroying the bases in Island War, you will be able to earn two different resources including Gold and Wood.

You can use them for recruiting more Troops as well as upgrading the Island War Best Base of your own. 

Island War Best Troops

If you wish to recruit more of Island War Best Troops, you will need to have Gold.

For those unversed, you can access this via the Recruit option.

It is placed in the home menu as well as when you are regulating your Troops.

The cost of Gold required to recruit Island War Best Troops rises every time you summon more units. 

The recruitment is based on different tiers. Each of these provides the players with a better chance of rarer Island War Best Troops which are supposedly traded for higher costs of Gold. 

The first one will only fetch you uncommon as well as common Troops in the game.

It is worth noting that as you are just starting with the game, these may also suffice. 

The following is a list of Island War Best Troops that you will be able to find via Recruitment: 

  1. Colossus (Rare Rarity) 
  2. Spearmen (Common Rarity) 
  3. Bomber (Common Rarity)
  4. Arctic Wolves (Uncommon Rarity)
  5. Fire Mage (Uncommon Rarity)

In the tab named Heroes, you will be able to look at the respective stats of all your troops and also merge them.

Here, you can also check out what units are unlocked till now along with some more that you will find later in the game. 

You can also merge duplicate groups here for boosting the health as well as damage output of your army.

However, players must keep in mind that they will only be able to merge groups with the same rank which is demonstrated in their stars or the digit on the cards. 

It is a great thing to always rank up your Island War Best Troops whenever you can.

However, you wouldn’t wish to direct them onto a single boat.

In case your Island War Best Troops end up going down swiftly, it may create trouble with the rest. 

Recruitment is also going to add up to your “Lucky Time”.

It is some sort of a pity mechanism in the game under unfavourable situations.

Once you have given rise to a sufficient number of Recruitments, you can choose up to 3 troops.

These should include a couple of units from rare rarities as well as one from the legendary one. 

While the first choice is free, the final two will cost you Gems.

It is worth mentioning that Gems in Island War are the game’s premium currency. 

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2. Island-Keeping

The second aspect of our Island War Game Strategy is island-keeping. 

Any island that your troops raid in the game will also have a consequence on yours.

The game also takes into account all the raids that are taking place in your space and if they were successful or not.

You will also have the choice to execute a vengeance raid in case you get hungry for revenge. 

All islands in the game feature a 6×6 size grid.

Players will be able to change the positions of their structures and place their troops accordingly. 


As mentioned above, there are certain structures in the game that players will need to defend.

Each player will have three structures to defend at all times.

The following are all these structures in the game along with their upgrade elements: 

  1. Army Camp- Your forces will be maintained here when they are not battling. It also generates more Swordsmen which will help you in defending. When you upgrade your Army Camp, it will only boost the Troop Reserve but also the maximum level. As a result, it will enhance the performance of both Swordsmen as well as Paratroopers in the game, providing you with more units to recruit. 
  1. City Hall- This is your Island War Best Base for operations. It supervises the construction of the islands by the defences.  When you upgrade this City Hall Island War Best Base, it will boost the ultimate figure of defences that players will be able to construct. This will also unlock fresh turrets for you to build. 
  1. Gold Mine- Lastly, Gold Mine is the structure where you can passively earn some Gems as well as Gold for yourself. This takes place when you aren’t logged in to the game. By upgrading your Gold Mine, you will be able to expand the numbers earned with every passing hour. 

You will be able to upgrade all of these structures through Wood.

Wood in Island War is earned through attacks.

In general, the time taken to finish off an upgrade can vary across all three structures. 

For instance, Walls in the game get upgraded instantly.

On the other hand, core structures may take a few hours to complete the process and sometimes a complete day! 

Apart from this, you will be able to build or/and upgrade only a single structure at one point.

Although you will be able to hire a couple of extra builders through Gems, they will only stay around for two weeks and after that, you will need to hire them once again. 

To make it a bit more convenient for you, the game provides you with the option of boosting the process.

This can be done with the help of Rune Stones which you can earn through attacks taking place in your space.

There is a range of boosts available that will increase the speed for you.

Better boosts will supposedly need a greater number of Rune Stones. 

3. Weather Forecast

It is certainly very important to learn where to place your forces to ensure a successful raid.

However, another element that has a crucial role in determining their performance is the prevailing weather.

You can check out the weather forecast for a time through the totem pole.

You will be able to find it on the home page itself.

It will quickly flash the prevailing weather forecast for you before you commence your game. 

In the Island War game, the weather keeps changing after every 4 hours.

The good thing is that the forecast will display not only the current but also the forthcoming wind speed as well as the sky state. 

The following are the different weather consequences as seen in Island War: 

  1. Rain: Every time the drops of rain pour on the muddy land, it will slow down everything and everyone. Rain in the Island War Game also decreases the strength of fire attacks. 
  1. Sunny: By default, a sunny weather forecast is the most favourable one to see as all your forces will function normally. Moreover, forces that deal with fire attacks in the game will also inflict a greater level of damage. 
  1. Fog: Lastly, the third element of your weather forecast is Fog. Fog in the game will cover all the islands for the coming few hours. As a result, it will reduce the precision of your forces to a great extent.,

Wind Speed in Island War impacts the distance that your forces can shoot.

You must deploy them in the direction of the wind itself if you wish to take full advantage of it. 

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4. Different Game Modes

You will be provided with a range of game modes in the Island War game.

However, as mentioned earlier, the primary and the basic game mode that everyone first begins with is Arena. 

The Arena mode will make you fight on the islands of other players.

Your primary objective will be to raid their three structures including Gold Mine, Army Camp, as well as City Hall. 

Once you have earned enough trophies in the game, you will be able to unlock more of these game modes in Island War. 

These include: 

  1. Campaign
  2. Clan War
  3. Challenge
  4. Headhunt


Island War is an exciting game that features a plethora of unique elements for you to enjoy.

If you keep all the aspects of our above-mentioned Island War Game Strategy in mind, you will be able to conquer all your opponents with great ease.

It will also lead you to some of the most interesting rewards and of course, a terrific feeling of victory!  This was all in this Island war guide.

And that brings us to the end of our Island War Guide. We hope it was helpful for you and you can make the most of it. Good luck! 

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