Indian Youngsters to Watch in 2022

You might assume that when it comes to cricket teams, the players to watch are the ones that have already done well.

Professional cricket players across any of the Indian cricket leagues are not hard to find and you’ll find plenty of them that have a pretty successful track record when it comes to scoring.

However, just because there is are a number of strong players within Indian cricket that doesn’t mean that they are the only ones to watch.

Indian cricket, in particular, the Pakistan Super League are keef7orn to encourage new players into professional cricket which means there are plenty of new players and existing ones expected to shine that you should be keeping an eye on in 2022.

Avesh Khan

Khan has already played some games within the Indian Premier League and has earned himself quite a name – no wonder he’s on the list of Indian youngsters to watch this year.

Last year he was included in the Indian cricket team but did not get a chance to participate in any games.

However, within the Indian Premier League in 2021, he was the second most successful bowler – playing 16 matches and taking 24 wickets, pretty impressive stats by anyone’s standards.

Rahul Tewatia

Playing for the Rajasthan Royals all eyes are on Tewatia when it comes to professional Indian cricket this year and he already has some great statistics under his belt.

Those that follow cricket statistics via places such as will know that his games under the Indian Premier League have been pretty impressive.

Earning his name as a leg-spin all-rounder, he’s previously played for domestic cricket team Haryana.

Spectators have seen him help his team pick up wickets by trapping opposition batters with his leg-spin skills.

However, he’s also a pretty decent batsman with some impressive strike rate statistics.

Indian Youngsters To Watch cricket

Arshdeep Singh

Whilst playing for the under-19s Indian cricket team a couple of years ago he helped them win the World Cup Trophy in 2018.

Being part of this squad put him on many cricket fanatics watch list and he’s continued to do well since then.

Although he hasn’t played for the Indian Cricket Team yet there are many people that feel 2022 will be his year – and if he continues to play as he has done over the last season then this could very well become a reality.

The impressive left-arm pacer has picked up 19 wickets over his last 17 games, which is proof for many that he deserves a place on the Indian Cricket Team ASAP.

Indian Cricket in 2020

Although these aren’t the only Indian cricket players that you should be keeping an eye on, they’re certainly players that cricket fans have high expectations for this year.

However, with cricket being a sport that India as a country is pretty passionate about there are likely to be plenty more cricket players in the making, so really 2022 could be anyone’s year for successful cricket, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.

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