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Idle Kingdom Defense is a popular game created by StormX.

It is available for all users to play on both Android as well as iOS platforms.

In this game, players have to defend their in-game castle against a range of merciless opponents.

To their rescue, players will be able to choose an Idle Kingdom Defense Best Hero for themselves along with archers, crafters as well as masons for shoring up the defenses as well as repelling the opponents. 

The game looks pretty simple and direct, however, there’s only so much that you can do to make your gaming experience much better.

In case you ever feel lost while playing the game, the following Idle Kingdom Defense guide can truly enlighten you. 

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Idle Kingdom Defense Guide

Most of the Idle Kingdom clicker game revolves around finishing off different levels which can seem a bit intimidating to players especially if you are new to the game.

It is always advisable to simply rush the necessary stages of the game as soon as possible.

This is because you will then be able to gain access to the crucial facilities of the game very quickly. 

To guide you through the process, let’s take a quick look at different Idle Kingdom facilities: 

  • Idle Kingdom Defense Store

Idle Kingdom Defense Store is an in-game shop just like you get it in any other game.

Players will be able to spend their hard-earned gold for purchasing different items in this Idle Kingdom Defense Store.

These items play a crucial role in helping you throughout the game

The Idle Kingdom Defense Store keeps restocking every two hours.

As you keep on completing different stages, the number of items in the IKD Store also grows.

The Idle Kingdom Defense Store also trades items for numerous currencies.

On the left side of the screen, you will be able to choose from the normal IKD Store, portal store, Idle Kingdom Defense Ruins Store, as well as IKD Expedition Store.

These other kinds of Idle Kingdom Defense Stores demand currency and provide even more exciting items.

The restocking rules pertain to these stores in the same way as well. 

  • Idle Kingdom Defense Blacksmith

As most of you all would expect the contrary, IKD Blacksmith is not needed in the game for crafting items.

Instead, IKD Blacksmith is used for merging hero gear in the game of low rarity.

This is done to raise their amount of stars and ultimately, raise their tier. 

So clearly, Idle Kingdom Defense Blacksmith is one crucial facility of the game.

It is a pretty long road in IKD to top-level hero gear and hence, you must combine whenever you get the chance to, using IKD Blacksmith.

Fortunately, you will also have access to a special Auto-combine feature that works to blend any hero gear that you have lying around in your game. 

  • Idle Kingdom Defense Fountain

Idle Kingdom Defense Fountain allows the players to roll for not only heroes but also equipment.

There are plenty of options for currency available when rolling here.

This may include Hero Seals, Gear Seals, and even the basic Rubies.

Idle Kingdom Defense Fountain helps the players in purchasing their IKD Best Hero or directly their shards simply in exchange for Ancient Coins.

You may also use shards for directly purchasing heroes if you possess a sufficient number. 

  • Idle Kingdom Defense Portal

The Portal in IKD challenges the players to a battle where opponents have some unique modifiers.

These battles are much more difficult and pay through Portal coins.

You can use these at the IKD General Store. 

The Idle Kingdom Defense Portal Trial keeps changing after a while so make sure that you check out your challenge every time you sign in to the game.

As you keep clearing stages in Portal, you will be achieving greater progress in winning over Legions.

Fresh stages and more exciting rewards will also await you with five levels of rising difficulty. 

This is meant to be a challenge for you so it is certainly going to be harder than the standard battles.

However, make sure to not get much intimidated by it and play whenever you are ready. 

  • Idle Kingdom Defense Ruins

IKD Ruins are also a batch of trials just like the game’s Portal mode.

Idle Kingdom Defense Ruins presents different stages to the players and they will need to finish them off to be able to progress.

As soon as you complete every level, you will be granted some special rewards.

Just like Portal, IKD Ruins also keep resetting after a while. 

However, unlike standard battles, Idle Kingdom Defense Ruins only need the player to overcome in the game for a specific amount of period for clearing every level.

While this sounds so easy, it is truly not. Opponents in IKD Ruins are much tougher. 

The good part however is that players can buy some random yet strong buffs in the Idle Kingdom Defense Ruins menu and also pay for repairing the castle walls.

This is only limited to a total of 5 times. 

  • Idle Kingdom Defense Expeditions

Expeditions in IKD allow you to battle with tough bosses and win exciting rewards.

These include the special Expedition Coins that you can use at the game store.

These bosses possess strong abilities and have much higher stats.

It is worth noting that every time you win over a boss, it is only going to get stronger.

And you will be able to clear the same boss only 5 times in a day. 

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Idle Defense Kingdom Automated Grinding

The title of the game itself hints toward idle grinding.

Having to push a single button repeatedly was a thing of the past. Now, to reap the full benefits of the AFK grinds, you must optimize automated grinding. 

  1. Auto Progress Mode

The Idle Kingdom Defense game allows the players to automate the cycle of different stages in the game and proceed with the subsequent level through the special Auto Progress Mode.

For activating the Auto Progress mode in the game, you will need to click on the medal available in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

The medal is a symbol of the number of times a player will be able to use the Auto Progress mode wherein each battle takes up a medal.

When you reach below the 50 medal mark, you can go on to watch an advertisement and gain a few free medals.

Before you begin with the auto grinding process, make sure that you turn your Auto Progress Mode on. 

  1. Gather Your Freebies

Even if the players are not grinding actively, your Idle kingdom clicker Best Team or army produces resources passively and may also acquire materials.

Keep in mind that you gather your freebies every time you reach your game’s Battlefield menu.

The greater you progress, the better the passive income will be. So don’t ever forget to gather your freebies! 

  1. Speeding Up Your Game

For getting the best out of automated grinding, you may also try speeding to your game by clicking on the fast forward option.

You will find this at the top right corner of your screen.

You will also be able to fast forward time to 2x faster by viewing an advertisement. This will further help you double up your gains! 

  1. Low Power Mode

There is also a battery located in the top right area of the screen.

This icon symbolizes Low Power Mode in the game and the name itself suggests what it is.

If you wish to use automated grinding without having to consume much of your smartphone battery, you can simply click on this icon, and voila! You are now playing in Low Power Mode. 

  1. Switching on The Auto Skills Option

Despite all the speedups, your IKD Best Hero will still struggle to use their abilities unless you command them to.

To do so, make sure to click on the Auto Skills option on the top right of your screen every time they are off cooldown. 

  1. Choosing The Grinding Stage Through The Repeat Battle Mode

In case a game stage seems too hard for you and you are stuck at a standstill because you are not having a sufficient amount of resources for upgrading the defenses, it is probably the time to head back and grind through Repeat Battle.

To access this mode, you will need to click on the option of Repeat Battle in the game’s Battlefield menu.

This will help you in choosing a stage that you had previously cleared.

Thus, you will be able to gain a victory in this stage once again while gaining extra rewards!

Blend this one with the Auto Progress Mode and speed up your game for an effective win. 

Idle Kingdom Defense Daily Quests Claim

You may be aware of different Idle Kingdom Defense modes but there is one thing more that you must complete every day.

These are called Event Dungeons. Once you complete a difficulty offered in these, you will also be able to select the option to Sweep them which will simply auto-clear the difficulty.

Players will be able to enter one dungeon only twice per day. 

So let’s take a quick look at these different IKD Daily Quests Claim: 

  1. Different Quests

Idle Kingdom Defense Daily Quests Claim is a crucial part of this game just like any other popular self-respecting game you play.

These quests are split up into main quests, daily quests, and weekly quests. 

Idle Kingdom Defense Daily Quests Claim along with Weeklies are some milestones that players will be able to complete on a daily as well as weekly basis. 

The third kind, that is the Main quests characterize major accomplishments of the game that a player will only be finishing off once.

It is worth noting that these quests offer much more considerable rewards as well! 

These Idle Kingdom Defense Daily Quests Claim, apart from their basic task, also help in filling up a bar.

This bar works in unlocking different bonus chests every time you gain a significant amount of progress in the game.

Keep in mind that you keep a constant check on the Idle Kingdom Defense Daily Quests Claim Panel.

It is located on the top right corner of the main menu now and then. 

  1. Gold Mine

The first Idle Kingdom Defense Daily Quests Claim, Gold Mine, allows the players to acquire plenty of gold very easily and quickly and it works out just like a regular battle.

  1. Hill of Heroes

Idle Kingdom Defense Hill of Heroes provides Hero Seals as well as a random item for powering up your Idle Kingdom Defense Best Hero or assembling some new ones.

It is also worth mentioning that this dungeon is the toughest of all!

Make sure that you have topped up all the upgrades before you go on to try it out.

  1. Specter’s Ruins

Idle Kingdom Defense Specter’s Ruins pours an abundance of in-game Soul Stones that players will require for leveling up their Idle Kingdom Defense Best Hero.

  1. Idle Kingdom Defense Ad Shop

Yes, Advertisements in the game are also a part of your Idle Kingdom Defense Daily Quests Claim.

Players will be able to finish this off by simply heading to the in-game Ad Shop wherein they have to watch different video ads for earning bonus items.

These ads are barely 30-second long but there’s a limit on the number of times players can watch these ads in one day.

So it is crucial to make sure that you finish all of them every day. 

Stay calm and patient while watching them as there’s only so much of them.

Keep in mind that you are also going to get an equally exciting number of soul stones, a significant amount of gold, and much more!

Through these ads, you will also get help in rolling on your Idle Kingdom Defense Best Hero as well as gearing gacha free of cost.

However, you’d be limited to only low tiers. 

Moreover, players may choose to purchase the full edition of the game from the Idle Kingdom Defense Store.

This one-time investment will remove all advertisements from your game and leave you with a much better gaming experience without some annoying ads shoving in your faces. 

Investing In Your Idle Kingdom Defense Best Team

Investing in your Idle Kingdom Defense Best Team or army becomes important every time you feel too weak in the game. Let’s see how: 

  • Idle Kingdom Defense Upgrade Your Castle

The first step is Idle Kingdom Defense Upgrade Your Castle.

The greater the level, the greater health it possesses and the greater slots players have for the game heroes.

However, while Idle Kingdom Defense Upgrade Your Castle is crucial, it need not be your topmost priority. 

  • Roll For The Idle Kingdom Defense Best Hero

Your Idle Kingdom Defense Best Hero will provide you with the much-needed edge in a battle. So make sure to never miss out on some new ones. 

  • Strengthen Your Idle Kingdom Defense Best Hero

Getting the Idle Kingdom Defense Best Hero is one thing but strengthening them is another.

Keep in mind to invest in their gear as well as levels, otherwise, they will fall in the blink of an eye.  

Apart from this, you can directly invest in your Idle Kingdom Defense Best Team by investing in the equipment or/and upgrading archer gear. 

Final Word

There may be some truly tough challenges thrown at you in the Idle Kingdom Defense game but well, what’s the point of playing a game if it doesn’t make you sweat a bit?

With a little bit of patience, time, a strong strategy, and of course our above-mentioned Idle Kingdom Defense Guide, you will be able to conquer almost everything! 

Make sure to have an Idle Kingdom Defense Best Setup with you and choose the right hero in the game.

Along with free rewards and gold, having an Idle Kingdom Defense Best Team also plays a crucial role. 

So that was all about our Idle Kingdom Defense Guide.

We hope that you now have a much better and clearer understanding of the game. Have fun playing! 

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