Secret Trick How to Get Best Idle angels tier list 2022

Idle Angels Tier List: Want to win as many games as possible in Idle Angels and stay updated with the best characters of the Idle Angels?

If yes, then this article will provide you an overview on the tier list of the Idle Angels.

Today we are sharing the best characters of the Idle Angels with which you can win the game in the competitive role playing game. 

Fortunately, we have made the tier list of all the characters in the descending order with which you can make your team stronger so as to win the game.

I am a YouTuber and a professional gamer since 2012 and I have been playing this game since its release.

Therefore after playing this game I have selected the best characters of Idle Angel Tier List so that you can choose wisely while creating your team.

Idle Angels Characters

The tier list is divided into 6 groups ranging from SSR+ to R.

The best characters are grouped in the SSR+ tier and the worst of the Idle Angels Character are grouped in the R tier.

Given below is the different Idle Angels tier list along with the characters included in that list.

Updated Idle angels tier list 2022

SSR+ Tier List

This list includes the best characters of the Idle Angels game as they have the best gaming abilities and their coordination and alliance are so strong that they can make a good team for the enemies to beat.

This characters are the best bet while competing with strong gamers who would have similar characters.

The characters of the SSR+ Tier list are given below:

  • Heimdall – Warrior
  • Icarus – Warrior
  • Hera – Mage
  • Ra – Mage
  • Cupid – Archer
  • Chaos – Archer

SSR Tier List

This list include characters with extremely idle abilities for the game and form amazing characters.

With right form of characters, they can give a good competition to the characters of SSR+ tier list.

This list includes the following characters:

  • Erebus – Warrior
  • Valkyrie – Warrior
  • Hades – Warrior
  • Nuwa – Mage
  • Gaia – Mage
  • Michael – Mage
  • Amaterasu – Archer
  • Xmas Angel – Archer
  • Odin – Archer

SR+ Tier List

The specialty of the character of this tier list is that they catch the opponent off guard therefore surprising the opponent and in turn defeating them.

They are out of ordinary characters for the present meta and are more efficient.

This list includes the following characters:

  • Herphaestus – Warrior
  • Jeanne d’Arc – Warrior
  • Fuxi – Mage
  • Zhu Rong – Mage
  • Siren – Mage

SR Tier List

This characters if utilized at its fullest potential could able to match up with the top ranked characters.

However, you have to put in lot of investment and mastery to increase its level so as to make this characters competitive.

This list includes the following characters:

  • Lucifer – Warrior
  • Nike – Warrior
  • Idun – Archer
  • Phantasos – Archer
  • Izanami – Archer
  • Poseidon – Mage
  • Nuit – Mage

R+ Tier List

This list includes character with low ability compare to others and therefore mostly not preferred by the top ranking players but could be useful for the gamers who have started initially to play the game.

This list includes the following characters:

  • Geb – Warrior
  • Anubis – Warrior
  • Elis – Archer
  • Xiwangmu – Archer
  • Nyx – Archer
  • Belldandy – Mage

R Tier List

This includes the lower rank characters of the tier and you should mostly avoid using them unless the challenge requires you to do so.

This characters have lowest of the abilities comparing to the characters of the other tiers.

This list includes the following characters:

  • Ungnyeo – Warrior
  • Minotaur – Warrior
  • Sif – Warrior
  • Lilith – Mage
  • Raphael – Mage
  • Muse – Mage
  • Apep – Mage
  • Tuskuyomi – Archer
  • Nephthys – Archer
  • Gabriel – Archer

Secrets of the Idle Angels

Idle Angels was developed by MUJOY PTE. Ltd and released in the year 2019 and is an android game which can be downloaded from the play store.

In this game, you can form a team of 12 characters but only 6 of your angels can fight and rest 6 of your heroes can be used as replacement if in case any of your first 6 angels dies in the midst of the challenge.

In this game, you have to choose your main character who cannot be replaced.

The team formation should be 3-2-1 positions.

The first three slot should be kept for attackers with in-hand attacking ability and the main character should be placed in the first position. 

Above all, you should the level of domination as the warrior is stronger than the archer in terms of abilities as it will attack with an attack power of 120%.

But when the archer attacks on the warrior, it do so with an attack power of only 90%.

The archer is stronger than the mage and the mage will always dominate the warrior.

Therefore when you go for attack, you should remember this and attack accordingly to your enemy’s character so as to dominate them in the game. 

Final Words – Idle Angels Tier list

In this article, we have explained the best characters of the Idle Angels tier list and we have shown you the ranking of the characters as per their skills and abilities.

Therefore you should strongest of the characters in the game so as to advance to the next levels and destroy enemies faster and more easily. 

You would have find characters of different abilities but not all of them contains power to beat your enemies.

Therefore we have brought you the details of the characters which are best and will provide you the best if you invest on them to increase their skills and power accordingly. 


How can you get Angels in Idle Angels game?

Since Angels are the protagonist character of the game, there are myriads of angels available in the game which can collected by calling them or by giving birth to them through shards.

How do you increase the level of favorability of Idle Angels?

You can get 10 favorability points by interacting with them which can be done twice a day, at midnight 12:00 and at noon 12:00 and if you are interacting with the main character of the game than you will be lucky enough to get a gift chest. 

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