Secret Tricks How to Get HxH Ultimate Finale Codes 2022

You will find all the working HxH Ultimate Finale Codes in this article, which are all tried and tested.

These codes will help you enjoy exclusive goodies like free spin, re-roll, and Jenny for free. 

All the latest Roblox HxH Ultimate Finale Codes 2022

TRUSTTHEPROCESSLucky Nen Affinity Code
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DANGBRUHRare hatsu reroll Code
UGOODFAM?Clan Reroll Code
WYDVEDDENLucky new affinity roll Code
Roblox HxH Ultimate Finale Codes

How to redeem codes in Hunter X Hunter Ultimate Finale? 

HxH Ultimate Finale Codes

There are only a few steps that you need to follow to redeem HxH Ultimate Finale Codes

1. Launch the game on whichever device you are using.

2. Click on the Codes button which you will find on the right side of the screen.

3. Copy and paste the Roblox HxH Ultimate Finale Codes 2022 in the textbox. 

4. Click on the Redeem button and they will show you a notification that the code has been redeemed.

Strongest Nen Users in Hunter X Hunter

In the Hunter X Hunter world, Nen is a key feature because it is a powerful technique that makes it possible for one to use their life energy known as Aura.

Anyone who can adopt that power is called a Nen user. 

1. Meruem 

Meruem is the strongest known Nen user in Hunter X Hunter.

He is also known by the title, the king of the Chimera Ants as he comes from the powerful family of Chimera Ant Queen.

Meruem is a specialist who possesses a high amount of aura since birth and is able to surpass even the Royale Guards.

He feeds on other Nen users to increase the size of his Nen.

When he managed to absorb the power of Shaiapouf and Youpi, many started considering him as invincible.

He gets so powerful that he becomes able to strike fear in the heart of Netero. 

2. Isaac Netero

The 12th President of the Hunters Association, Isaac Netero has also worked as the head of the examination board.

There was a time when he was called the strongest fighter in the world.

Even now that he is old, has managed to retain much of his strength. 

Since birth, Netero was an Enhancer but with time he has acquired the skills of Manipulation, Emission, Conjuration and Transmutation.

People even imply that he possesses the most powerful ability, which is the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Netero was strong enough to hold his own against Mereum, which made him earn Chimera Ant’s respect.

All the latest Roblox HxH Ultimate Finale Codes can get you this Nen user. 

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3. Nanika 

Nanika is a creature of the Dark Continent who possessed the body of Alluka Zoldyck.

You will never know how the possession happened but the two of them resided within Alluka’s body.

You will find that like Alluka, Nanika looks up to Killua Zoldyck as she continuously tries to earn his praise. 

4. Maha Zoldyck

Maha is the oldest living member in the Zoldyck family and he is the only member who has acquired the Enhancement skill.

Zeno had once mentioned that Maha fought Issac Netero in the past.

In fact, Netero was the only person who fought with Maha and came back alive.

When Maha was younger he was considered the most powerful Nen user.

5. Neferpitoue 

Three Chimera Ants grouped up to create Mereum’s Royal Guard – Neferpitou, Shaiapouf, and Menthuthuyoupi.

Neferpitou, who is also called Pitou became the strongest Nen user among the three, although all of them have a cat-like and playful mannerism.

Behind all that playfulness there is a cruel personality hidden. 

Pitou can be called a specialist with the Doctor Blithe ability.

He could control the Aura nodes of others and he came with a high amount of aura.

All three of them have a learning speed that is way faster than humans so that they can create Nen abilities on the fly.

Pitou had become so strong that when they fought with pro hunter Kite, and they killed him and came out only with a few injuries.

So if the HxH Ultimate Finale Codes allow you to get Pitou, you should grab him. 

6. Zeno Zoldyk 

Zeno Zoldyk is the father of Silva and the grandfather of Killua.

You can call him a professional assassin who is a very experienced Nen.

Even though he has become old, he has the ability to quickly finish a battle and has a very sharp mind.

He takes pride in being an assassin and is a violent man who has chosen killing people as a job. 

Zeno is also a Transmuter, who can call Dragons either as his transport or for battles.

He has great skills in Emission which allows him to expand his Nen and you can feel his order constructs from many kilometers away.

Also, you cannot ignore the huge theoretical understanding that he has which helped him identify Chrollo’s Nen type. 

7. Gon Freecss

You must already know about Gon Freecs as he is the main protagonist of Hunter X Hunter, so automatically he has to be one of the best Nen users.

Unfortunately, his father had abandoned him and he turned into a hunter. 

You can categorize Gon as an Enhancer who knows a few Emission and Transmutation techniques to boot, which he learned from the Biscuit Krueger.

The aura that he possesses helps him raise his physical abilities.

He has an extraordinary power to age himself whenever he gets angry so that he turns into an adult and increases his skills.

HxH Ultimate Finale Codes can help you get this Nen user.

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Final Words 

If you are looking for more HxH Ultimate Finale codes then you can follow their social media channels.

The YouTube channel is named Vedden, their Discord is called HxH Ultimate Finale, which is also the developer of selfie simulator, and their Twitter handle is @Vedden2.

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