Ultimate Guide How to become President in Bitlife 2022?

BitLife is among the most popular and fan-favorite video games that allow players to enjoy the life of their dreams.

Every single day, you are going to make new choices for determining what turn your life takes next.

Want to go to high school? Get married? Want children? Well, you can choose anything and everything! 

BitLife is a game that revolves around life incidents and your career choice is one of the most crucial elements of the game.

Out of a range of different career paths, some of them are doctor, firefighter, or even a career in business and politics!

For the latter, one has to start from the bottom and struggle their way up to the top. 

The topmost level that players can reach in the BitLife Online game is when they become president in BitLife.

It is certainly one of the most significant and challenging tasks to become President in BitLife, however, it is no surprise that it also comes along with plenty of perks!

The primary advantage is that when you become President in BitLife, your choices are truly going to have an impact on the pace at which you rise to the top. 

If you also wish to become President in BitLife, this article is exactly what you need!

Below, we have mentioned everything that you need and must execute right now if you wish to attain absolute power in BitLife Online and have it growing enormously as ever! 

First, let’s have a quick look at the BitLife online game. 

BitLife: A brief introduction

BitLife is an online game wherein players have the opportunity to live just like in the real world.

It was launched in 2018 and created by CandyWriter LLC.

The game is available on both Android as well as iOS mobile devices. 

The player in the BitLife online game is initially just an infant when the game starts.

All the choices that you are going to make will have a direct impact on the successes and failures of your character.

Players will be able to live as much as they can with numerous lives available, however, each life must come to an end sooner or later.

They only have a single opportunity for every playthrough, and in case that breaks off poorly, well then, unfortunately, it’s over and you can’t do anything about it. 

The BitLife game is certainly a unique one as compared to any other game in the same genre as it is going to evaluate your life in a true sense.

One can enjoy their life in plenty of distinct ways and bring about choices that are going to influence how long your character is going to live, what career path they will have, who their friends will be, where they will be staying when their life ends, and much more! 

For instance, one has the opportunity to become President in BitLife, and at the same time, another one may also go on to become homeless.

The odds are infinite and so are your choices! So make sure that you make every decision wisely. 

Now let’s have a look at the crucial prerequisites to become President in BitLife. 

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Prerequisites to Become President in BitLife

If you wish to become President in BitLife, we must tell you that it is certainly not as simple as it looks.

There are plenty of prerequisites that players will be required to fulfill before they should even think about contesting for this power.

So let us first have a thorough look at all the conditions for who can serve as a President in BitLife.

Only after that, we must see how one can go on to become President in BitLife. 

It is worth mentioning that all players in the BitLife game have basic access to the feature to become President in BitLife.

The following is a list of all the requirements to become president in BitLife:

  • First and foremost, players must keep in mind that if they wish to become the President of the United States, they must be at least 35 years old.
  • Secondly, another prerequisite is that players will need to have ‘Bitizenship’ in their BitLife game. In case they don’t, this career path is not even going to display on their BitLife account.
  • The third condition is that players will be required to pay a fee of $4.99 (USD) if they wish to become President in BitLife.
  • The fourth condition is that players will be expected to be running for office.
  • The fifth condition is that players will have to endeavor strongly for currency if they plan on running for office. Moreover, they will need to settle the necessary bribe payment.
  • The sixth condition is that players must be popular.
  • The seventh condition is that players will be required to be smart and high on looks. Both of these factors are most likely to have a significant impact on your likelihood of gaining a victory in the election.

As soon as you fulfill all of the aforementioned requirements in the BitLife online game, congratulations!

Because now, you have fully unlocked the ability to become President in BitLife.

Now refer to the below-mentioned guide that will enlighten you thoroughly on how to become President in BitLife!

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How can I become President in BitLife?

In case you truly wish to become President in BitLife, you need to make sure you do it right.

The following is a complete guide with plenty of tips that will help you achieve your career path in the simulation game: 

  • First and foremost, you’ll have to initiate in a region such as the United States or Mexico as those nations have elections.
  • After that, you must pass your school and strive to be as smart as you can. In case you are having a tough time focusing on school grades, go on to work out in the gym.  
  • After that, focus on attaining decent looks for which you can go to watch films and wear fine clothes.
  • Now, after you’ve grown up well enough, you will have to start planning your route into politics. This implies that after your graduation, you may go to a University or try becoming a politician.
  • You are going to require capital for this so you may head to a university for a course such as Political Science, History, English. Then you may transfer to a Law or Business school as soon as this is over. This will make room for a free ride for you and maintain some capital with yourself. 
  • Money plays a crucial role as it is going to help you in better campaigning. 
  • Socialising is also equally significant for this. Thus, you will have to spend some time with well-off people who have connections or are themselves related to politics.
  • Start by becoming a Board Director at a school or any other bottom-tier political position in your region. You will have to collect $10000 at least and use this amount for your campaign.
  • After this, in case somehow you fail to achieve the ballot, you may choose to quit the game instantly and close it completely! This will help you in recovering your money.
  • After you make it to the ballot, you will have to look at all your choices and decide what is going to work. In case something doesn’t work for you, you may go on to try a second approach till the time it does!
  • Keep a check on your Approval Ratings. In case they come out to be poor, you must keep in mind to have a single thing as your priority at once until it enhances!
  • Make sure to run on the appropriate things as well. In case citizens aren’t satisfied with something, you must use it some other time.  
  • Headlines may also be of great assistance as well, so keep a constant check on the news. Try to have your speech solidified on that. 
  • Check your stress level and try staying in orange and below. If you can’t, you may go to the gym to refresh yourself. 
  • Have a Social Media account as soon as you get the position. Remember, fame makes way for money which you can use when you go on to become President in BitLife. 
  • Remember that posting on social media is crucial. 
  • Once you are famous enough, leave all the available choices while elected as they may have you impeached. In case you have more than 10000 followers, you may also strive to have your account verified.
  • As soon as your term as a board director is over, you may contest for the position of mayor. Follow a similar path and strive for more fame. 
  • When you’re getting more than a million for advertisements, you may then strive to make your way to the Senate.
  • In case you have a sufficient amount of money as well as fame, strive to run for the post of President. Grow in  5-8 million domains at least before you try to become President in BitLife.
  • Keep a check on the approval rating when you are contesting for the post of President as it is a tough and competitive task. 
  • You must work on things with great significance. In case you have plenty of capital, you may also simply invest it for your campaign yourself as well. 
  • After making your way into the office, make sure to always have high approval ratings! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to become President in BitLife if I am below 35 years old?

Unfortunately, there is no way that you can become President in BitLife if you are below 35 years old. However, this is only for the case with the United States and age limit may vary from nation to nation.

Therefore, you must take a look at the appropriate age limit of your region before you should go on to play the BitLife game.

2. Is it possible to become President in BitLife in case I am currently in jail?

No, players won’t be able to become President in BitLife in case they are caught up in jail.

This would imply a very low approval rating, and in the true sense, it is almost ridiculous to even think about getting out of prison if they had been caught up there for committing a serious offense or ignoring your bills.

Thus, before you go on to play BitLife, you must keep in mind that you do not end up getting yourself caught up in jail and such a powerless situation. 

3. Does my smartness and looks carry any significance if I wish to become President in BitLife? 

Yes, smartness and looks play a key role when you are presenting yourself in front of others. 

In case the level of your intelligence stoops too low, people are unlikely to choose you in the elections. So keep in mind to have everything right from the beginning itself! 

4. Why are the citizens in BitLife not choosing me in the elections?

In case you are not getting enough votes and citizens are not choosing you in the elections, then you must strive to enhance the approval rating.

People may not be voting for you because they are truly not aware of the person you are, or it may be possible that they believe that your viewpoint on specific topics doesn’t carry much significance. Thus, in that case, you will need to improve yourself and try to contest the elections again. 

5. How can I finish off the Ferris Bueller Day off Challenge Bitlife? 

Players will need to fulfill certain mystery codes for finishing off the Ferris Bueller Day Off Challenge BitLife. The following are these requirements: 

Be born in Chicago, United States
Be a male
Skip a day at school
Offend your principal and get a suspension for it 
Have a girlfriend in your class
Steal someone’s car

Which nations are involved in Bitlife Royalty? 

The following is the list of all the countries that are a part of BitLife Royalty:  

United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
Saudi Arabia

7. How can I get Bitlife online updates? 

Bitlife Twitter is the right place to be if you wish to remain in constant touch with the BitLife game and any updates that come along. You can follow the official BitLife Twitter account and find all the important announcements there! 


If you fulfill all the requirements that we mentioned earlier in the article, we suggest that you should certainly strive to become President in BitLife.

It may be a tough as well as time-consuming job, however, it is no wonder that it is also great fun!

If you go on to become President in BitLife, you are going to be able to enjoy a lot of perks as well, and not just responsibilities. 

We hope that now you have all the information you need to become President in BitLife.

So wait no longer and head to the game right away and become President in BitLife! 

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