How to Play Hospital Empire Tycoon in 2022? | How to Hire the Doctor

Hospital Empire Tycoon, a terrific game to keep you engaged well in management work! If it’s in your interest to manage a hospital and save people then you MUST give this game a try!

Hospital empire tycoon is one of the best games out there for such players.

One gets the accountability of different departments in a hospital and gets to manage plenty of other duties. 

If you are also keen to involve yourself in the management work or desire to run a hospital, save lives, or simply look after a hospital, then Hospital Empire Tycoon is meant for you! 

If you are planning to get started with the game or even if you have been playing it for a while, some easy strategies can always be a good idea. 

In this article, we are going to comprehensively enlighten you about the game, its features, and its functions, along with some effective tips and tricks. 

About the Hospital Empire Tycoon Game

Hospital Empire Tycoon can be downloaded from the Play Store. It provides the best experience to work in a good hospital.

Keep upgrading the areas, manage with patients, and give them the best treatment possible. 

The objectives of Hospital Empire Tycoon essentially include keeping the patient healthy and saving as many lives as possible. 

It is a thrilling game where players are involved in the construction, execution of work, and operation at a hospital.

There are various roles that the player takes up like Builder & Investigator. 

There are cases of emergencies that one has to deal with, whenever accidents happen, due to this the cases of patients go up many times.

A new broad hospital system has to accommodate all the patients.

So the hospital has to be upgraded regularly and try to make it bigger. 

If the players want to increase their level quickly in the game, this article will provide you with some of the best tips.

Let’s first look at some key points of the game. 

Major Features 

Time can be managed very easily in this game and it’s a strategic one.

So players must use a variety of tools and build an effective strategy such as using legendary search, vaults, and prioritizing the objectives. 

It’s an innovative as well as advanced hospital game with effective system management. 

There are some exclusive rewards available for the players!

The game boasts amazing virtual graphics with 3D effects.

Booster for management skills, proper allotment of the service, quick decision making, amazing functions, as well as a replica of a real hospital situation. 

Saves up all the rewards that you earned even after you sign out of the game. 

Now that we have made you well-acquainted with the game and its major features, it’s time to learn about the gameplay. 

Beginner’s Guide To Play Hospital Empire Tycoon

Grow your Hospital 

In Hospital Empire Tycoon, you would require to build your hospital. Initially, it was a small clinic.

The player takes the role of a person who manages everything in the hospital; the doctor, receptionist, doctor, and the hospital director.

With collected rewards and cash you will manage the hospital business. 

You would need to work as Builder and Investigator, that is to expand the hospital into different departments such as the internal medicine area, the x-ray area, and the surgery area.

A huge number of waiting rooms are required as there are emergency cases and accidents & enough examination rooms must also be built for all the patients.

Proper management system

One of the most crucial characters in Hospital Empire Tycoon is the doctors and other staff.

They include security guards, nurses, and cleaning staff.

Players can’t manage all the work by themselves, so depending on their help. 

There are different characters in the game, and update the hospital to new levels and meet new characters in the game.

As the hospital grows and becomes larger, players could hire more nurses and doctors so that not a single patient is unattended.

More employees come with more benefits and more harm.

The pros include a large no. of patients means more profit the hospital earns. 

However, the cons are that the management becomes difficult.

No proper management brings more problems.

Therefore, players should look after their staff and management system well!

Proper care of the Patients 

In the city of Hospital Empire Tycoon, patients have to be treated and dealt with all the time.

According to the diseases, patients are looked after in relevant departments. 

In the increasingly advanced world with various types of quality facilities and services, medical treatment is taken as a service profession.

A committed and dedicated patient care service is the priority of the hospital and also their development criteria. 

Players need to set up the advanced machinery systems so that the treatment becomes more accessible.

Look after the patients enthusiastically to add to the bonuses of the hospital and increase its reputation.

Players would use the cash they have to buy good quality and upgraded items to replace the older ones.

Hospital service alters every day, such as increasing or decreasing the waiting time for the patient. 

During emergencies and when there are many patients, use your management skills well and allocate appropriately. 

Dealing with emergency cases

The hospital faces a time when many ambulances are arriving simultaneously, thus, increasing the number of patients.

The player needs to keep a cool mind to allow the patients the appropriate room and direct them to the treatment area to save their life. One must act quickly. 

Different treatment areas and departments are needed to be unlocked in the hospital.

If you have to increase the profits and manage the hospital effectively then be able to attend to more patients.

Keep the patient lounges updated and treatment rooms too. 

Using Different Strategies 

As the hospital manager, use different strategies to update the quality of your hospital and try to reduce patient waiting time.

In many emergency cases, the strategy has to be adjusted which may include prioritizing the development of the ward as per the patient requirements. 

The objectives must be known to make strategies and prioritize them.

As Builder and Investigator, build effectively and invest money wherever required.

Apply the plan of upgrading and restructuring different areas in the hospital.

This would increase the revenue of the hospital and preserve the patients from the different diseases.

The Vaults

Hospital Empire Tycoon has an uncommon gameplay system that is not commonly found in other business management games. 

The vault is basically where the income is saved and stored but it has a limit to the amount of money it can hold. 

But the good thing is that the Hospital Empire Tycoon has a system to help us earn an idle revenue even for the period, the user is offline and away from the game. 

This can act as a booster but the profit boost must be active when you logged out of the game. 

Though the ads can be seen later on once you return to the game.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the profit will no longer be available if the number of credits you already fetched can completely cap the cash vault.

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Some Tips & Tricks 

Unlocking the Areas

Some numerous departments and areas need to be unlocked, traumatology, radiology, infirmary, emergency room, etc.

Earnings must be invested properly to improvise the hospital.

A worthy hospital should look after various departments such as traumatology, radiology, infirmary, waiting room, or even an equipped emergency room.

Have well-equipped operating rooms! 

Reinvest your income judiciously to improve all the areas of the premises and take decisions quickly to treat maximum patients.

Unlock the departments and hire the doctors and good employees to make the daily chaos easy. 


Upgrade the consultation rooms as through this way doctors can perform well and more efficiently, this way the player earns more profit. 

When you upgrade the rooms, it also fetches you some reputation stars.

Reputation in the game is signified by the reputation of stars which helps in turning the hospital into a popular one in the entire city.

If you maximize the upgrades of the room, then the rank of the room increases next. 

Consequently, some new promotions will open up, this would mean new patients will come in for treatments.

Reputation matters a lot in bringing in the patients. 

Another part of the upgrade in Hospital Empire tycoon would mean regulating the vaults too.

For this, Keep checking the statistics regularly, one needs to understand and examine the areas that need the improvements.

Accumulate the gems and use them later if needed. 

Controlling vaults is important and the game should be played in intervals only to earn maximum profit and save the gems.

Manage like a Businessman

You must use the boosters properly and whenever required.

Change and be flexible to your preferences as the need arises.

Increase the number of patients, try to reduce the waiting period, surgery should be made profitable, but analyze everything first. 

Deal with emergency cases and patients to get an amazing reputation and rewards.

You should also watch advertisements so that work can be done quickly and profits can be earned faster. 

Use Ads as Booster

The ad boosts are quick cash rewards displayed by a cash icon on the right side of the screen.

Through this instant cash is received as donations from previous patients.

The amount of the grant varies.

Shortly after activation, this feature becomes available.

Keep looking for the ad boost in case the cash is needed. 

Use the Objectives As a Guide

Gems are a crucial thing in Hospital Empire Tycoon since using them to hire the doctor can immensely boost the profits.

As saving the precious gems to hire efficient doctors is a strategy on its own.

You would require more gems as you go further in the game to have high-ranked doctors allotted to the increasing number of consultation rooms. 

Receptionists are representative of the business and guide patients to the doctors available in the various consultation rooms.

Receptionist stations must be taken care of as they are the guide for the patient. 

In many cases, consultations are short and can end even without any need for medication supplies.

In some others, doctors do recommend more than one medication. 

How to Hire the Doctors? 

Make sure to look for the appropriate attributes before hiring a doctor. “How to hire a doctor?” is one of the most common questions that a lot of players struggle with. 

Each of the doctors is specialized in one task.

Doctors or employees shouldn’t be hired randomly as this would result in dropping off the reputation of your hospital. 

You must keep in mind to hire a doctor who has the needed skills.

As they won’t work without remuneration, so you will have to compensate. 

Don’t offer a low salary otherwise, they will refuse.

Moreover, it is important to stay mindful here because offering them a high salary may also be a loss for the hospital and as a result, no profits would be left. 

You would find many better uncommon doctors, if lucky enough.

After that, give the doctor the relevant department. 

Keep Changing The Doctors 

While you would only begin operations with only one doctor along with a single consultation room.

After some progress in Hospital Empire Tycoon, the hospital’s development, as well as growth, will rise.

As a result, the number of consultation rooms also starts to increase, each with different needs. 

While the primary premise is to give a doctor the vacant consultation room as this would fetch more profits for the player.

To ensure a good reputation, the legendary search must be used to hire better doctors. 

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And with that, we wrap up our Hospital Empire Tycoon Guide. 

To play the game effectively and have fun, strategize it well before starting and deploying various tools in Hospital Empire Tycoon game.

Try to be a good manager, and create a friendly working environment for all the staff. 

Hire the doctors, and take care of the cash vault, boosters, and objectives.

Select the qualified and elite staff and provide them with the good training to receive patients properly. 

All the staff whether ambulance drivers, nurses, doctors, or those at the receptionist station must be recruited wisely.

As it is the staff who contributes to generating good profits and taking the hospital to great heights.

Success and good revenue depend on the staff.

Keep all of this in mind and you will be able to dominate the game in no time. Have fun playing! 

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