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Gwent has been the star in the gaming industry ever since its grand launch.

A few years have passed and a large number of people continue to enjoy the Gwent Cards Witcher 3.

This is mainly because of the large range of opportunities, wonderful medieval surroundings, as well as remarkable fast-paced combat style gameplay of Gwent: The Witcher 3. 

Nonetheless, there’s a lot more you can do in Gwent apart from the primary storyline.

This includes the Gwent Mini-Game which can be a pretty tricky one to understand especially for the newbies. 

In such a case, certain tips and tricks can truly come in handy to learn the ins and outs of the game.

They will also help you fulfil a range of quests that are featured in the Gwent The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

In our below-mentioned Gwent guide, we are going to enlighten you on the same. So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Gwent The Witcher Guide 2022

The first round doesn’t carry much significance 

Most of you wouldn’t know this but Gwent isn’t like your usual games.

And talking about the initial rounds of the game, they aren’t very important for a player. So one can stop bothering about the initial round of the game and even if you end up losing, remember that it is okay.

The key to true success in the Gwent game is slow playing the enemies.

What matters is how you play your opening exchange.

When you have got a few nice drawing Gwent cards with you, you must head forward and load up the field side of your adversary. 

Post that, grab a pass and take advantage of any excessive plays that they make.

It is a pretty simple task to have a Gwent card advantage over your enemy.

This is going to force your enemy to split their hand up over a couple of rounds.

As a result, you are going to get a considerable advantage in the process. 

Keep a check on the value plays 

In Gwent, players must keep an eye out for the elements that comprise Tight Bond as well as Swarm.

This is because the units through which you pull more Gwent cards are not the only cards that you need to keep your eyes peeled for.

There is Medic as well, which allows the players to renew a component from the graveyard such as spies. 

After that, you can immediately hop back to your battlefield.

However, the first couple of units can truly raise the average score of a player in a specific round.

You must try to get sufficient Blue Stripes Commandos as well as Dragon Hunters of Crinfrid Reaver.

This will ensure that you can gain a victory in at least one game reliably with less than 5component cards. 

While this may not always be effective, you will certainly feel content with having this recommendation in mind. 

Using the decoying skills appropriately 

Many players don’t get fortunate enough to get a Spy right from the beginning.

However, this shouldn’t act like a hindrance and you must use your skills to acquire an additional card or more.

You must have decoy Gwent cards in your Gwent decks at all times.

This will keep all the spies on your enemy side occupied and decoys will also provide you with an advantage of their own. 

You may also purchase a decoy Gwent card from the Crows Perch, precisely in the Quartermaster.

This will prove to be beneficial for you especially when you decide on disputing with the Bloody Baron. 

Both Hero Power, as well as Gwent Cards Attributes, are crucial

The best Gwent Cards Witcher 3 are the heroes in the game who neglect debuffs from all the other Gwent Cards.

This certainly makes them very hard to dispute in a match with no explicit card removal.

Although Scorched is still going to destroy your Gwent cards, you must understand that there’s just one removal card available in the set that comprises 149 other elements as well as some special cards. 

This will also help you in taking the lead in the game especially if you make use of your skills timely in the game.

Players with Northern decks must feel a bit hesitant in swapping the Impenetrable Fog when it appears in your opening hand.

This is significant only if you still have the King of Temeria as your boss. Now you must be wondering why so? 

Well, it is because the King grants the ability to pull out and play the Impenetrable Fog only once during a match.

The case is just the same with Lord Commander as well as Clear Weather. 

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Playing spies early 

While it may first seem like a bad idea to give points of components to your enemies.

However, once you realise that the initial round, as mentioned in the first point, isn’t that significant, it is going to be much simpler to acquire the complete value of the Gwent cards of the Northern Decks. 

You will be able to buy Gwent cards including Prince Stennis as well as Sigismund Dijkstra from the innkeepers and merchants.

You will find them scattered all across the region.

You must try to get the Gwent cards quickly when you find them and renew the weaker cards from the starter pack of Geralt.

Try to draw the Gwent cards as soon as possible! 

Knowing what to expect from the Gwent decks 

If you wish to know the precise ways to win a battle in Gwent, you must be well aware of the creation of Gwent decks.

You must always try to envision the type of deck that your adversary may have.

This aspect has a great role to play in deciding whether you are going to lose or win. 

If you are only getting started in the game, the Northern Deck may be a nice starter pack for you.

You may try combining special Gwent cards with the units and then win the games through the same.

This is going to grant an additional card to the player. 

For instance, the deck named Monster is essentially created for releasing creatures on the battlefield till the time your enemy can’t just keep up with the swarm skill of your components. 

Don’t exceed the number of Unit Cards 

It is not at all important to have over 22 Gwent unit cards in the Gwent Decks as the powerful combinations of the Witcher 3 nonetheless leave plenty of space for you to hang to the minimum requirement of units.

The idea behind this is pretty obvious. One must stick with only the nicest units to keep in the Gwent decks.  

Do not stuff up your deck with special cards 

While the idea of loading up your deck with cards and weather changes may feel like a pretty exciting thing to do in the beginning, you may be doing it all wrong.

In case you do so, you are only going to find yourself loaded with an excessive number of special cards whereas only a few units for claiming the ultimate round in Gwent.

While you are probably going to need some special cards in the game for complimenting the deck of your choice, the idea of stuffing up the Gwent deck with these cards for taking down the initial Geralt’s opponents in Gwent is still foolish. 

Wagers don’t impact card prizes

Although it is relatively simple to use the Gwent game for some additional revenue for the major objectives of Gwent, you must be sure of the individual that you are battling before you go on to bet the majority of your income.

One crucial thing that you must bear in mind is that you must never allow yourself to be discouraged at any point in time.

If you are playing an adversary for the first time, you are certainly going to get your new card when you win.

Make sure that you are always playing safe, especially during the initial matches.

Only after you have gotten the hang of betting, you must go big.

Apart from this, you must bet big only when you are aware of the fact that your deck is the superior one. 

Purchase Gwent cards whenever possible 

While it may seem like a supposedly obvious thing to do, a lot of players tend to overlook this crucial tip.

Purchasing Gwent cards is one of the most vital elements especially if you wish to master and dominate your Gwent game.

You are going to get a new Gwent card in your in-game collection every time you gain a victory over someone.

However, you will need to do a little more shopping for hunting all the available Gwent Cards Witcher 3. 

The majority of vendors in the game are only going to have too few Gwent cards to offer to you and a lot of them won’t even have any.

However, you must keep an eye out on the store of these traders as they keep updating their stock regularly.

So you just can’t miss out on that as the wait is almost always worth it.

As you purchase additional cards, you are also going to unlock the achievement of Card Collector. 

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Best Gwent Decks | Gwent TRENDING Deck


If you have been a fanatic of The Witcher for quite a while now, you would most probably know that Nilfgaard is the one to control the Southern part of the continent, under the rule of Emperor Emhyr.

It is important to keep diplomacy as well as a subterfuge in mind when building this deck in Gwent.

This is because the strengths of the Nilfgaardian deck lies in these attributes as well.

Eventually, you wish to cause turmoil to the progression of fights for the adversary, put an end to their techniques, and finally make them give up.

The Nilfgaardian deck is also the Gwent TRENDING Deck. 


Another Gwent TRENDING Deck, known as Northern Realms, comprises a range of troops coming in from all around the region.

As a result, one can expect to find Gwent cards that spotlight individuals from Redenia, Temeria, as well as other countries of the Northern region.

Due to this, this Gwent deck also features some incredibly powerful Gwent cards.

One of the most notable of them all is John Natalis. 


The leader of the Monster deck in Gwent in Ededin, and notably, he is also the ruler of the Wild Hunt.

One thing that we can say with utmost certainty is that you just can’t mess with this one.

Now coming to the monster deck, it is supposedly packed with some truly horrible beasts that have the potential to do anything and everything.

Eventually, it all comes down to power for this Gwent faction.

And well yes, this implies that you need to prepare for having your troops gulp their kin for acquiring greater power. 


The syndicate deck is a truly unique element of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, however, one won’t be able to find the same in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

It is focused on the illicit Novigrad underworld. And in case you are acquainted with the mainline sequel, you would know what Gwent cards to find here.

To give you an idea, Dijkstra is also a part of this Gwent faction as well along with other Big Four members.

These include Cleaver, Whoreson Junior, as well as the King of Beggars. 


Some of you would be surprised to know this but the Gwent Skellige deck wasn’t originally a part of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

Nonetheless, it secured its place in Gwent ever since it first showed up as part of a special expansion of Blood & Wine.

In case you aren’t aware of the area, they are fond of fighting. The location is largely about respect.

As a result, it is no surprise that players will have the opportunity to prepare some incredibly powerful Gwent decks in the Skellige faction. 


Gwent is an incredible way of playing a game just within the game.

This mini-game forces all the players to try different gaming strategies as well as skills.

One must never stop purchasing and gaining a victory in any and every game that shows up.

Because you can never expect the Gwent Cards that may appear next on the list of Most Wanted cards.   

We hope that this above-mentioned Gwent Guide was successful in providing you with a thorough insight into the game.

These tips will be more than enough to get you started on your mini yet massive adventure.

So go and claim your victory right now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Gwent Old Pals? 

Gwent Old Pals, one of the highlights of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is a secondary mission/quest in the game. For all the players who aim to achieve the game’s Card Collector, Gwent Old Pals needs to be completed. Hence, you must certainly not miss out on Gwent Old Pals. 

How can one trigger and complete Gwent Skellige Style?

If you wish to complete Gwent Skellige Style, you must first head to the Skellige’s Kaer Trolde Harbor. Then from the in-game notice board, you must get the Gwent message. This is going to trigger your Gwent Skellige style quest and unlock the first competitor. Once you receive the special Vampire: Katakan card in the quest, your Gwent Skellige Style is going to be completed. 

Is Gwent High Stakes easy? 

Gwent High Stakes, another secondary quest of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, can be considered as simple as long as you know what you’re doing. It is worth noting that the Gwent High Stakes quest isn’t going to be activated if you don’t trigger the primary cutscene of Hierarch square first. 

Moreover, you need a powerful deck for Gwent High Stakes. So try to finish the Big City Players as well as Old Pals quests before you go on to trigger this one.

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