Everything Know About GTA VI Rumors 2022

When GTA V hit the scene, it’s fair to say that rumours surrounding GTA VI quickly began to surface. While players are enjoying the current instalment from the hit game series by Rockstar, they always have an eye on what’s coming next. But, after nearly a decade of waiting for a fresh release, the rumour mill is very much in full swing.

GTA VI Rumours 2022

Official news from Rockstar on GTA VI has been scarce, but the company did confirm that development was well underway. So, the first rumour that everyone will be searching out is just when the game will drop. And, at present, most people claiming to be in the know suggest it will be sometime in 2025.

There were suggestions from some to expect the sixth instalment to hit shelves in 2023, with the game to be set in Miami. But the feeling is that 2025, and a release that is inspired by what could be described as a more modern-day Vice City, is the likelier option. And many fans of the series will surely be keen on the idea.

If the above is the case, it’s likely that we will see some elements transfer from GTA V. Miami is famed for not only its nightclubs but its casinos too. And, in GTA V, we finally saw the Diamond Casino & Resort open its doors after years of waiting. Inside, players can enjoy games such as poker and blackjack, but while the selection is great, it’s not comparable to typical online roulette sites. But this is something Rockstar could develop further in GTA VI.

Further claims are being made that not only will GTA VI have a Vice City/Miami feel, but there will be South American elements coming into play, with a fictional version of Rio de Janeiro said to be on the cards. It is all supposedly part of a masterplan as there is a suggestion that players will be tasked with building their own drug empire, akin to what plays out in the hit Netflix show Narcos.

If this is the case, it means the in-game mechanics will very much be designed with this in mind, similar to what was seen in Vice City Stories. In addition, Rockstar, who are also the creators of the Red Dead Redemption series, may also move away from items being stored on the player in GTA VI. In Red Dead, it’s a player’s horse that carries equipment and so on, and this could be transferred to cards in the latest instalment of Grand Theft Auto.

One thing is for sure; there are hundreds if not thousands of rumours out there. And it’s pretty easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of what could be happening where GTA VI is concerned, especially with a huge demand for cheat codes and in-game short cuts.  But, while the wait continues to be an increasingly long one, Rockstar always delivers a title that is more than worth the frustration. But, between now and then, there will surely be even more rumours to go at to keep things interesting.

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