Best Guide Golden Harvest Solitaire 2022 | Solitaire Grand Harvest Tips and Tricks 2022

Solitaire is one of those games that has seen its fair share of building and rebuilding mixed with various sorts of innovations and additions.

One of the unique versions given to this game Solitaire is called Golden Harvest Solitaire, which mixes the elements of farming with the game.

Though one could easily find an abundance of different versions of Solitaire, Golden Harvest Solitaire is definitely unique and well created with different sorts of mechanisms that make the game easier yet interesting enough to keep you hooked to it. 

Solitaire Golden Harvest is a definite level based game which gives the classic game of Solitaire its own twist by adding elements of farming in it.

Each level is to be solved and crossed to get to the farming part of the grand harvest solitaire which includes taking care of the farm animals of the golden harvest solitaire and planting crops as well.

Though the levels definitely start off quite easy, the upper levels are complicated and might need a certain sort of game expertise to finish them.

Solitaire Grand Harvest Tips

As it is mentioned that this game, solitaire grand harvest, requires a certain level of expertise in its higher levels, we have compiled a list of grand harvest solitaire tips for the ardent players out there who want to cross levels in harvest solitaire.

Let’s get on with this then.

1. Always select and remove a card from the pile which is the biggest 

As you are supposed to end up clearing all the cards to finish the level, always remove the card from the top of the biggest pile steadily.

Not only will it help you clear up the pile but also present you with more choices in the level you are playing of golden harvest solitaire. 

2. Don’t hurry while making your moves

While the objective in playing golden harvest solitaire is definitely to finish up all the cards at your playfield, do not hurry too much while making your moves in the game of harvest solitaire.

The deck of cards present you with an active card to start the game and while rushing into finish the game may be tempting but try to take your time and play wisely in solitaire grand harvest.

This might be one of the most important solitaire grand harvest tips. 

3. Make sure to spin the bonus wheel frequently 

To earn free coins, extra harvests and other merchandise and game bonus items, spinning the bonus wheel might be the most easiest way to win these.

Try spinning the bonus wheel as frequently as possible to win these items in the golden harvest game to help in the farming part of the game. 

4. Collecting free credits in the game 

Free credits are an important part of the game golden harvest solitaire to help one progress in the levels they are trying to clear and one of the easiest and fastest way of getting upto 10000 free credits is to invite your online friends to play the grand harvest solitaire.

This helps you to earn free credits in solitaire grand harvest quicker and easily. 

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5. Access the prizes and fill up the harvest crates quicker

To progress in your levels as quick as possible and as efficiently, you need to finish your levels with as many stars as possible to fill up your harvest crates and get access to various sorts of different and amazing prizes.

You can fill up your crates by accumulating stars that you achieve at the end of each level in golden harvest solitaire.

Luck for sure contributes in this but so does efficiency in clearing up your levels with as less cards remaining in your deck as possible. 

6. Collecting rewards by diverting Hoppy the frog

While playing harvest solitaire, Hoppy the frog comes and blocks the games you are playing from time to time to test your efficiency.

You need to manage to get your game started again by working around it or distracting the frog somehow and Hoppy the frog will give you rewards for the efforts you put in.

Try strategizing well enough around Hoppy the frog and you will earn your well earned reward from him. 

7. Expand the deck of your active cards

One of the best grand harvest solitaire tips is to expand the deck of your active cards and you can do that easily by working towards removing as many cards you can back to back as possible for you in a level.

This helps to clear the levels faster and with many more rewards and efficiency in time. 

8. Focus on farming as well

Since this game, solitaire grand harvest, is a cross between farming and solitaire, make sure to put in efforts and time in the farming aspects of golden harvest solitaire as well.

Plant your crops, fill your crates, set up notifications that alert you when your crop produce is ready for harvesting amongst other things.

Hope this has helped you to understand the harder levels of the games better.

These grand harvest solitaire tips may help you greatly so make sure to practice some of them and get your game quotient higher up. 

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