How to Play Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms Best Guide 2022 ? 

Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms is an innovative and feature-rich game, developed and launched by Viva Game Studios.

It is a tactical auto-fighting game that highlights the turn-by-turn technique. 

A notable element of the game is the infinite timers that come along with it which makes the process of town-establishing a little frustrating.

However, the true brain twister of the Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms game lies in those fights. 

Players in this game are going to fight an array of Gladiators wherein they will be able to establish their Gladiators almost anywhere in the given arena.

This will also help you make good use of the entire architecture of the arena.

Another tip is to focus better on an extremely deadly opponent.

Alternatively, you may also attack your target from the back to be able to gain victory over them. 

These were just a few starter tips before we take you off on our actual Gladiator Heroes Beginner’s Guide 2022.

For all those players who are planning to start with the game or are still new to it, it is always a good idea to begin right by keeping in mind some useful tips and tricks

In this article, we are going to enlighten you on some of the best strategies to become the greatest Lanista in Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at our Gladiator Heroes Beginner’s Guide 2022.  

Gladiator Heroes Beginner’s Guide 2022

The city builder in Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms seems to oppose the popular logic that you generally find in some other builders of the same kind.

If you have tried out Lords Mobile or Ant Legion before, you must be expecting to find a similar logic here.

However, for a simple explanation, this one acknowledges that speed-ups aren’t real.

And the primary way of accelerating your building construction process is speedups. 

Within your initial week, you will be able to encounter timers that last 4 hours.

And for upgrades, a 60-minute timer may seem justifiable.

In such a case, the player is provided with two alternatives.

The first option is making use of your gems and rushing to either HQ stage 6 or HQ stage 4, as per your choice.

The next option is staying as patient as you can and saving up on all those hard-earned gems for the first-ever maximum-star Gladiator in the game. 

The first choice of hurrying the HQ stage is going to provide you with the ability to establish a much more organised and balanced squad quickly.

This is undoubtedly crucial to help you get through your campaign missions in the game. 

On the contrary, not hurrying to the HQ stage is going to help you save up for the in-game Golden Statue.

For those unversed, it is the Golden Statue that will help you get access to your first-ever max-starred game Gladiator. 

It is worth mentioning that players will generally not require a max-star or even high-starred Gladiators in the game right in the beginning.

These aren’t essential to help you get through your campaign missions in Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms.

Moreover, you will be able to do just well with the help of the right strategy, skill, as well as tactical placement.

Nonetheless, an adequate level of Gladiator care is also equally crucial. 

If you wish to progress with greater efficiency in the game, then you must refer to our below-mentioned best strategies to become the greatest Lanista in Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms. 

Here is what you need to know

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Best strategies to become the Greatest Lanista in Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms

Now that you are well-acquainted with the game and how exactly it works, it is time to take a look at a few tips and tricks that will help you play right in Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms right from the beginning. 

The following are some of the best strategies to become the greatest Lanista in the game: 

Always try for Gold or/and Premium Statues

Statues certainly play a vital role in Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms which is why it becomes crucial for you to understand every bit of them. 

When it comes to purchasing these statues, we suggest that you never go for cheaper options like Silver, Marble, or Wood statues.

This is because these statues may be dropped from fights in cases you get lucky.

Another recommendation that you must keep in mind is that you must always try to be as patient as you can when it comes to statues.

Do not rush at all and calmly save up on your gems to get access to some truly nice statues in the game. 

When it comes to the ‘good’ statues in Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms, you know your best bet is Premium as well as Gold.

Undoubtedly, these statues are promised to assure high-star or Gladiators for you. 

Having said that, it may be in your best interest to start at the right time when it comes to collecting and saving up on these gems instead of doing it carelessly.

The good idea is to start with the process once you have reached level 6.

This is because as you unlock further levels in the game campaign, you are going to get access to even greater battle rewards. 

Picking the right skill 

As a beginner, it may only be natural for you to feel a little baffled when it comes to picking the right skills. 

As you get a new Gladiator or your existing ones level up and get the option to have new skills, you may often find yourself stuck about choosing the appropriate skill for them.

In such a case when you can’t make your mind up, you must analyse a bit carefully and choose a skill that will suit your Gladiator most effectively and at the same time, also conform with their skill. 

For instance, you may possess a kind of Gladiator who is good at hitting hard but is also a bit squishy.

Now if you have the choice to pick from damage skill or taunt skill for the fresh recruit, the most feasible choice would be to decide on the taunt skill.

This will make your fresh Gladiator competent enough to take off the heat from the squishy guy.

And as a result, they will be able to perform the backstabbing part of the fight with greater ease. 

Saving up on the better statues

As you start your journey in Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms, you will perhaps be able to attain a few Gladiator Statues quite early in the game.

They will help you in summoning from the gatcha of Gladiator Residence without having to use any of your hard-earned gems of your own. 

Before a player goes on to do so, we recommend that you try and save up on at least a couple of them.

Make an extra effort to reach HQ stage 6 or 4 as quickly as possible.

Even if you need to use up some gems and accelerate the entire process, we suggest that you do so.

Nonetheless, there is always the option to wait for 6-7 days in case you don’t have any gems or don’t wish to spend any. 

By doing so, you will not just be left with Shield or Sword users and will be able to establish a much more well-organised as well as balanced squad.

Having said that, there is no hard requirement to store them all. Just hoarding some of them should do the job just fine. 

Players will still be required to have corpses on the floor if they wish to win.

This is because a solitary Gladiator will still be way simpler to outflank as compared to a whole squad.

It doesn’t matter how powerful they may be, the fact remains the same.

Moreover, Gladiators from the opponent team are generally going to over exceed you considerably. 

The least you can do is try and attain at least a few of these Gladiators before you go on to save your statues.

You must try your level best and retain them whenever you manage to unlock a fresh class in the game. 

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Levelling your Gladiators up

You will be able to level your Gladiators up in the game as they attain a specific limit of EXP.

This will need them to use Gold and hold on for a while as they are trained at the in-game Training Center which is specialised for a specific weapon. 

Just like other mobile games, these Gladiators will easily be able to earn EXP by taking part in battles in the game.

Nevertheless, you will be able to earn more stuff from these fights that will also provide you with a substantial EXP bonus as you go-ahead to use them. 

As the Gladiators attain the particular level of EXP limit, you will be able to unlock both passive as well active skills.

Out of these skills, players may select one to be able to create a special Gladiator of their own. 

You must keep in mind that you will not be able to use your Gladiator in the battle for as long as the level-up process lasts. 

Training for the Gladiators

A lot of players often get confused between training and leveling up their Gladiators in the game.

However, the two things are entirely different and training in Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms. 

Training in the game is something that players will need to undertake every single day.

You will also be able to take a look at the Training Bar when you carefully analyse the Gladiator.

This also specifies how willing and quick your Gladiator is for the battle.

As you go on to train them all, you will be able to fill this Training bar up. 

Players must keep in mind that there is no hard and fast requirement to fill this bar up totally.

However, our general advice would be that you do consider a fill-up before you go on to enter the fight.

This is because the training bar in Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms is going to act like a truly long and passive buff which helps in easing up your battles. 

Hence, you must make these training sessions a vital part of your everyday routine. 

Choosing the Quick Structures For Upgrades

As you proceed with the game, always keep a lookout for which in-game structures consume the shortest period for the upgrade.

Once you do so, don’t think twice before upgrading them. 

Players will hit the hour mark pretty quick in the game when it comes to upgrades.

It may come to you as early as a couple of days into the game.

Moreover, when you don’t have any speed-ups for mitigating the long-timers, you are only left with the option of gems. 

We recommend that you decide on the simple items first.

This will make sure that you also reach the required level limit when the new HQ comes next. 

Don’t pay for an early reveal of the skills 

Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms provides you with the option to take a look at the upcoming skills of your Gladiators.

However, this doesn’t come free of cost and is going to cost you a good amount of 200 gems. 

By checking out the future skills of your Gladiators, you will be able to determine if those skills are worth retaining or not.

However, keep in mind that this will in no way unlock the skills for you. 

Gems in the game are generally used for getting access to statues, especially the premium and gold ones.

Both these statues will further be saved till the time you reach additional classes of your Gladiator by upgrading the HQ and the city. 

Now coming back to the revealing part, we strongly recommend that you don’t waste your 200 precious gems only to check the worthiness of a skill.

Instead, you can simply spend a little time and unlock more Gladiator slots that are located in the structure of the Gladiator residence. 

For all those players who are still curious and wish to check out their future skills, we suggest that you save it for later stages in the game.

You can do it while you are bathing in your statues in the game and have many gems to spend. 

But while you are just a beginner, it would only be in your best interest to save these precious gems for the max-star (five-star) gladiator in the game. 


Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms is a feature-rich game packed with some of the most interesting and creative elements.

Unlike the rest of its competitors, this one features unique gameplay with traditional gameplay which is promised to blow you away. 

As you move forward in the game, you are going to come across a few challenges that may feel a little intimidating, especially because you didn’t expect them.

But in any case, having the right strategy and skills will help you get through anything and everything that may be thrown in front of you.  

We hope that our Gladiator Heroes Beginner’s Guide 2022 was helpful for you and you now have much better clarity of the game.

If you truly wish to excel, we strongly recommend you to implement these best strategies to become the greatest Lanista in Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms. 

And with that, we wrap this guide up.

If any of you Lanista are interested in sharing any tricks of your own, then you must drop them in the comments section down below.

See you soon with another guide! 

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