Game Of Warriors Best Guide & Tips 2022

Game of warriors is one the many tower defense games based on strategies that is available for your Android smartphone.

There are a lot of game of warriors tips and tricks that you should definitely consider before starting to play the game.

This way, the whole process of playing the game of warrior is going to be easier with the strategies and you can destroy game of warrior enemy walls and towers very easily.

The whole point of the gameplay is that you, with your army of soldiers go and destroy enemy base and conquer them.

Once an enemy is taking over a part of your conquer, you can regain it back or even go for higher stakes which is not a bad option at any time. 

If you have been looking for game of Warriors tips, this is the right place.

This Tower Defense game requires a lot of knowledge and strategies which are better to know beforehand.

These will help you save your territories better and you can actually use this game of Warriors tips in order to succeed quickly in the game.

Upgrading attributes, skills, buildings and so on requires you to have a lot of gold in this strategy-based game.

There are a few ways to get free gold for game of War and that is also discussed later on, in this article. 

Game Of Warriors Tips – Best Tricks to Play the Game Better

The general is one of the most capable characters in the game and there are a lot of features that you can amend and better, through the game.

Focusing on upgrading the general’s skills is something that should not be avoided.

Without the general’s skills put into use, it’s nearly impossible to win a game or a conquest, for that matter.

The three amazing skills that the general comes with are ‘Battle Horn’, ‘Capataulats Support’ and ‘Archers Support’.

The skills of any particular character can be activated during war and would help you gain a lot of momentum and upper hand.

These skills are upgraded with XP that you need to collect in the game of warriors.

Game of warriors features a lot of different skills and various ways to upgrade them.

The whole point of game of warriors tips is the fact that these are necessary for a better experience while playing the game. 

Play the waves because then, those are going to give you a lot of gold that is required to upgrade skills and characters simultaneously.

Skill points are required to be unlocked and those things become easier once you play the waves, recurringly.

The more the EXP that you have and more the gold, the more is going to be the progress while upgrading characters.

One of the main questions that arise in this situation is whether you should start to following these tips and tricks from the beginning.

The answer to that question is the fact that you don’t need to think before you start off with upgrading your characters.

It is definitely recommended that you first play the Waves with the minimal upgrades and when you cannot win anymore with your skills you should go for upgrading.

All the next waves that are arriving in the game are supposed to be capitalised on, since that is how you gain gold and XP for upgrades. 

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Difficult Parts in Game of Warriors

It is most sensible that if you are trying to get a proper tips and tricks guide for game of warriors and how to collect free gold for game of war, you should know the most difficult things to cross in the game.

A lot of the upgrades are not really as good as you must have thought it to be and they give only a little boost.

Apart from that, a lot of gamers who have played game of warriors say that the path of warriors glitch is a difficult level to cross.

The way to cross this path of warriors glitch level is to track the cave entrance and go to it.

Then follow up with the things it tells you to do, which you must know at least to even reach that level.

Without that, you can install a patch that’ll help you go through the path of warriors glitch.

How To Get Free Gold and Progress in The Game?

If you want free gold for game of war, you are going to have to play the waves and upgrade the units.

There are certain characters like the farmers that are not going to be very beneficial to you, since they’re neither too strong, nor too weak.

The whole skill tree would let you know the ways to gain gold for game of war through upgrading farmers.

These do not require much gold or XP. Gold for game of war is required to pass more stages and be more invested in game of warriors.

The game is one of the best strategy games for smartphones.

One of the best ways to sum this up is that if you want to gain more gold, you would have to play more games and win them.

The militia should be on the top which is a troop that basically has no weaknesses and a lot of strengths.

They are supposed to be included firstly and a lot of different people have said that keeping them on the top gives you higher chances of winning against an opponent troop.

To play and pass more stages in game of warriors you should definitely consider this tip.

Be aware of the opponent troop and decide yours, accordingly. Against Javelin, Mounted are the ones that will be dominant and prove to do more damage to the opponent troop.

Diamond skill games cheats work amazing in game if warriors and many players have done it too.

You’ll be more powerful after diamond skill games cheats. It is not recommended but you very well may go and try it.

It beats the point of the progress when you use diamond skill games cheats while the fun of the game is progressing with time.

You have to keep up with the game to have the most fun out of game of warriors.

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