Best Guide How to Fix Fortnite Servers Down Error 2022?

You will occasionally find Fortnite Servers down because they aren’t always able to keep up with the demand.

Whenever Epic Games come up with a new update or Season, there is always a rush of new players and also returning players.

This congestion leads to crashing of servers and players start encountering Fortnite Servers Down errors. 

Players usually see this error popping up right after launching Fortnite when they try to log into the main screen.

After the error, you cannot access the game and you will automatically be exited out of it or you will have to keep staring at the spinning wheel.

Whichever it is, be sure that you can’t enter into the game until the error is solved. 

It is very rare that the Fortnite Servers Down issue will be caused due to drift in your internet connection.

So, before going to try any troubleshooting methods check the Fortnite server status. If the servers are down, no troubleshooting method can help you fix the problem.

However, Epic Games always work quickly to solve any problem from their end. 

How to Check Fortnite Server Status

Fortnite Servers Down

Servers going down in Fortnite is not a common occurrence but when it happens players are not able to enter into the game.

The first thing you should be doing is checking the Fortnite Server Status without wasting time in fixing the error

The most trustworthy place to do that would be the official server status tracker of Epic Games.

You will get to know whether the servers are down. This website stays up-to-date 99% of the time but sometimes they might miss updating the server-related issues, especially when they are just developing.

If the community of players experience it faster than the games tracker and report it, the developers of Fortnite respond to the fans through the game’s social media account, updating them about the status. 

You can also count on Reddit as a genuine source because game players have their own community there who post their experiences about service being down so that you can be sure you are not the only one. 

Downdetector is also a third-party website you can rely on. It holds the information of every website and game.

So if you want to check the server status of any game, Downdetector is your one-stop solution.

It also displays a graph which records the feedback of several users, therefore, you will know when the graph is rising it means a lot of complaints. 

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How to fix Fortnite Servers Down Error? 

1. Try Restarting Fortnite

If you have checked the status and there are no Fortnite servers down error reported, then maybe your connection is at fault.

The best thing you can do at this time is restart Fortnite. Every time you log into the game you will be assigned a new server or route.

You can try a couple of times to see which server is working for you. If you still face the error, move on to the other fixes.

Anyone playing on PC might also try restarting the Epic Games Launcher just to try all the ways. 

2. Try restarting your Router

It often happens that during the prime hours your ISP may become congested and fail to keep up with all the people using the internet in your area.

The Fortnite servers down error can also be caused due to ISP-related troubles.

When you are restarting your router, do that for the gaming device as well just to cover all the bases. 

You might want to change your DNS before switching on the router because sometimes a faulty DNS can cause games to show errors like Fortnite Servers down.

Most people don’t bother to change the default DNS servers and keep using the one that ISP assigns.

Slowly, that starts causing connection errors. Another troubleshooting method worth giving a shot is trying a different connection.

When your router seems to be the problem, try using your mobile’s hotspot feature as that will be a different and fresh connection altogether.

If everything starts running smoothly using your mobile data, you should call your ISP and narrate the problem.

They run a diagnostic on your home connection and will be able to tell you what is wrong and fix it. 

3. Wait or Contact Epic Games 

In case none of the above fixes work, it is better to wait it out.

If you have checked the server status and found that there is an ongoing server-wide error the only option you are left with is to wait for the developers to fix it.

There are two types of things players do while waiting, they either keep restarting Fortnite repeatedly hoping to be the first one to log in when the servers are up, or they keep a check on the status on Fortnite’s Twitter account, where they will get the first update when the servers are up and running again. 

On the other hand, if you cannot find any Fortnite servers down error reported but still, you can’t access the game, then you should contact Epic Games directly through a support ticket.

You can write down all the troubleshooting steps you have used so far in the ticket and attach screenshots for a better understanding of your problem.

The support team gets on tracking the error as soon as possible and reply back to you within 2 days. 

It can be a region-related problem causing error for you and other Fortnite players in your area and the developers can fix it easily.

They might ask you a lot of questions and give you suggestions that you can try, so remember there will be a couple of back and forth tickets. 

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Final Words 

Fortnite Servers Down error can be caused by a lot of reasons. Most of the time the problem is on the developer’s end and you can only sit back and wait for them to fix it.

Other times when only you are facing the problem, you can try the fixes or write to Epic Games for a quick solution.

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