Best Tricks How to Buy Fortnite Accounts Legit Way 2022

Selling and buying Fortnite Accounts is easier than you think. It often happens that people who have played for years and successfully accumulated a lot of skins and cosmetics, do not want to play the same game anymore, and that is why they try to sell their Fortnite accounts PS4.

It is only natural that players want to buy accounts with rare cosmetics and other items.

Owning skins like Black Knight or Omega adds credibility and prestige.

So, buying an old ID is a great way to get Fortnite accounts OG skins for free.

Whenever you search on Google for Fortnite Account shop you get tons of results but is it safe to buy from these websites?

Well not all of them. You can buy Fortnite account from Player Auctions and other websites which we have tested. 

Types Of Fortnite Accounts You Will See Online

There are four types of Fortnite accounts which are popular and people often choose.

These four types are categorized under Full access and Non-full access accounts. 

Non-Full Access Unverified Accounts 

There are many accounts that have never verified their email address.

So if you buy such accounts you will be a part-owner.

You will have access to the account but not to the email address linked to the account.

Now, of course, there will be a lot of drawbacks to owning such an account. 

  • You will not be able to disconnect from any Consoles. Even if you have the account info, but the same account is linked to an Xbox, that person would be able to connect to the account anytime he wants. 
  • You will have to stick to the previous Epic display name because you can’t change it. 
  • There is no way to enable 2FA.
  • You won’t be able to take part in Tournaments. 
  • There are 99% chances that these accounts are hacked. 

Non-Full Access Unverified Accounts 

These are worse than the previous one because with such accounts it is often noticed that the owner or someone else takes back their account within hours/days/weeks.

It is very much like buying a house from someone.

Imagine that they have only given you the keys without any contract paper that agrees that the house is yours now. 

There is a 100% chance that the Fortnite accounts PS4 you are getting have been hacked and the owner is scamming you.

Let us tell you how this goes down.

You will buy the account from the owner, pay him the money, he will send you the login details, you will log in and confirm the transaction.

Everything will seem genuine until one fine day he decides to reset the password.

Your money is gone and they will not revert to your messages.

Basically, there is nothing you can do about it.

Full Access Changeable Email Accounts

These are the best type of Fortnite accounts for sale you can get.

In fact, it is the only one you should be searching for in order to avoid any trouble later on.

The Full Access accounts come with you all the details you need to own the account completely.

Nobody can take it away from you. You will have log-in details of the account, even from the consoles.

You will know the password of the Email ID and you can change the Email ID associated with the account from Epic Game’s website.

Your first priority should be to secure the new email address you are connecting to the game and also the previous email because there remains a chance of a pullback.

But be rest assured that this is the safest type of account you can get from Fortnite account shop

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Full Access Non-Changeable Email Accounts

If you are buying these accounts remember that you will have the login info, the Console log-in details, and the email info but you will not be able to change the email address connected to the account.

The very first thing you should do after buying such an account is secure the email.

It is always better to stay away from such accounts. 

Where to Buy Fortnite Accounts? 

You can easily buy Fortnite account from Player Auctions. However, there are other places too. There are several websites, apps, social media pages, and forums that put up Fortnite accounts for sale OG.

Otherwise, you can wait for your friends to put up their Fortnite accounts for sale. Remember that not all places are reliable, safe, and secure.

So here is a list of places from where you can easily buy Fortnite accounts with Renegade Raider.

1. Player Auctions

Player Auctions ensure that you only come across reliable sellers who have a good track record and feedback.

Their sellers sell hundreds of accounts daily.

The process to buy Fortnite Account from Player Auctions is very easy.

At any given point if you search for accounts, they will be more than 500 search results available.

If you are looking for Fortnite accounts OG Skins free and Fortnite accounts with Renegade Raider, this is your one stop shop. 


No matter whether you want Fortnite accounts OG skin for free or you are looking for an account with a low number of skins, MMOGA has it all.

The prices offered on this website are relatively low but don’t get too excited.

It is important that you read the description carefully to know exactly what the seller is offering.

We recommend you only go for full access accounts so that you can connect to your new email immediately. 

After selecting the accounts you like, check for the seller’s review. You will come to know what other people have experienced with them.

Any review that hints at account pullbacks and bans should be taken seriously. 

Final Words

Remember that Epic Games strictly prohibited anyone from buying, selling, and trading Fortnite Accounts.

So, if you are involved in such actions it is completely your responsibility.

Your official account might get banned and you may not be able to play Fortnite ever again.

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