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For Honor Tier List: For honor is a action video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal where the players can take the role various ancient historical soldier forms like knights, Vikings.

Each character has a unique style of game and powers and thus it is important to know the best heroes and their rankings.

So our for honor tier list is made with an intention to make a clear chart with all the heroes their rankings in each tier from S to F. 

To reign the gaming arena it definitely important to have practice and reflexes and skills, but you cannot make the best out of your skills without choosing the best player as per the meta data.

So that is why our for honor tier list comes in to handy for all those gamers out there. 

Best Hero Characters Ranked

To excel in the game of For Honor it is very important to have a good character at your will, and choose the best among a plethora of characters you can use our For Honor tier list.

We have prepared the tier list by studying each characters performance in all dominion, duel and brawl game modes and have ranked best hero Characters.

The list is subjective and definitely there might be slightly different perspective for different person towards each characters.

 We completely understand the importance of the preparation of For Honor tier list  and how valuable it is for our esteemed readers.

So we have taken our homework seriously and have ranked the best hero Characters accordingly.

Best Hero Characters Ranked 2022

So let us end your search for the most precise and accurate listing of the hero Characters.

Here is the For Honor tier list with the best hero Characters of 2022 and their features.

This is the tier with all the characters with the top rating and ranking. They can unanimously called the best hero Characters among the For Honor tier list.

For Honor Tier List 2022

S tier

HeroFaction Hero typeDescription 
Conqueror Knight HeavyConqueror is one of the strongest character whose attack causes heavy damage to enemies and thus it is quite a tough luck to go against him in the game.
Warmonger Knight Vanguard His corruption ability is mainly what gives a warmonger his ticket to the S tier and in practice there is not much real counter for him.  
KyoshinSamuraiHybrid Kyoshin is the best in ganking and his recovery rate is unequalled which is a great add on to the game. 
Jiang JunWu Lin HeavyJiang Jun is well known for both his attacks which cause heavy damage to stamina and he’s awesome at the defense line too.

A tier

The A tier players are no less than S tier if they are setup with proper combinations and team composition. So here is the second category of For Honor tier list. 

HeroFaction Hero type Description
Black prior Knight Heavy Black prior is the best hero for players who usually goes solo. He’s one of the most unblockable attacks in the game, with the ability to take down shields.
Berserker VikingAssassin A hero with swift spammable attacks that can put enemies in a lot of pressure.
NuxiaWu Lin Assassin Nuxia can set up traps on any lane which can be defense as well as a chance for better offence.
KensaiSamurai Vanguard Considered one of the best all rounder and team player due to his versatile game style.
Shaolin Wu Lin Hybrid Shaolin’s healing and teleport ability is what every units needs even though they are not best at attacks.
RaiderViking Vanguard Versatile gaming style and all-rounder which suits both beginners and veterans.
NobushiSamurai Hybrid Has good damage output and bleed damage along with zoning and crowd clearing skills.

B tier

Here’s the b tier heroes who will be a good collection for the match and they are all easier to understand and control.

HeroFaction Hero typeDescription 
WardenKnight Vanguard He has an excellent sheild bash but limited range. He can be an asset in team play 
Gryphon Knight Hybrid Gryphon is quick and unpredictable and also have numerous options to go for during fights.
HitokiriSamurai Heavy Hitokiri has most powerful and unblockable spamming tatics. Best option for solo or for a team to hunt an enemy.
Zhan HuWu Lin Hybrid He’s  an agile fighter with swift and unpredictable moves.
ShamanViking Assassin He’s a good Assassin but at times depends on the teams coordination to be more effective.

C tier

These are good heroes, but might not stand a chance alone against all those upper tier heroes in the For Honor tier list but can be a good add on to the team.

HeroFaction Hero typeDescription 
Highlander Viking Hybrid Good all-rounder with light spammable attacks and dodges and abilities to reset fights.
Warlord Viking Heavy Deals well with ambushes with maximum survival without sacrificing much power 
OrochiSamurai Assassin He has a slew of unblockable chains and great power. He’s a superb team player with all sort of tools.
Valkyrie Viking Hybrid Valkyrie is the best balanced hero at both defensive and offensive line. 
ShugokiSamurai Heavy Shugoki is best at ambush by bearhugs amd crushing enemies and buys time for the team to plant a death blow.
Gladiator Knight Assassin Most efficient in pressuring opponents and delivering unblockable attacks.
LawbringerKnight Hybrid Good option for a mid line offensive hero, but not known best as team player.
ShinobiSamurai Assassin Just in this tier since getting hit with massive nerf. Soon expected to be on top tier after rework.

D tier

Here’s the D tier heroes in the For Honor tier list and they can be used to complete a team composition rather than for a solo  adventure.

HeroFaction Hero type Description 
TiandiWu Lin Vanguard A good choice to paly safe alongside being an asset to the team
Centurion Knight Hybrid A good add on to some particular team composition 
JormungandrViking Heavy Has good survival, health and sheild buffs. Asset on defence line.

F tier

These are the weakest heroes among the  For Honor tier list ranking according to their recent progress. 

HeroFaction Hero type Description 
Peacekeeper Knight Assassin Can contribute to team damage.
AramushaSamurai Hybrid Has strong attacks, but lacks moves to apply such attack.

Duel Tier List For Honor 2022

S- Tier:

  1. Faction – Shinobi, Black Prior, Conquerer, Warden, Nuxia, Berserker,
  2. Hero –  Samurai, Knight, Knight, Knight, Wu Lin, Viking
  3. Hero Type – Assassin, Heavy, Heavy, Vanguard, Assassin, Assassin
  4. Gender – Male/Female, Male/Female, Male/Female, Male/Female, Female, Male/Female

A- Tier:

  1. Faction – Raider, Jiang Jun, Shaman, Lawbringer
  2. Hero –   Viking, Wu Lin, Viking, Knight
  3. Hero Type –  Vanguard, Heavy, Assassin, Hybrid
  4. Gender –  Male/Female, Male, Female

B- Tier:

  1. Faction – Highlander, Shaolin, Tiandi
  2. Hero –  Viking, Wu Lin, Wu Lin
  3. Hero Type –  Hybrid, Hybrid, Vanguard,
  4. Gender – Male, Male, Male/Female

C- Tier:

  1. Faction – Warlord, Orochi, Kensei, Peacekeeper
  2. Hero –   Viking, Samurai, Samurai, Knight
  3. Hero Type – Heavy, Assassin, Vanguard, Assassin
  4. Gender – Male, Male/Female, Male/Female, Female

D- Tier:

  1. Faction – Nobushi, Gladiator, Valkyrie
  2. Hero – Samurai, Knight, Viking
  3. Hero Type – Hybrid, Assassin, Hybrid
  4. Gender – Female, Male/Female, Female

F- Tier:

  1. Faction – Shugoki, Armausha, Centurion
  2. Hero –  Samurai, Samurai, Knight
  3. Hero Type – Heavy, Hybrid, Hybrid
  4. Gender – Male, Male, Male

Final Words

So that is all about the For Honor tier list and all the heroes in the game. Choose your team and heroes wisely using this article and have a good game.

That’s all for this For Honor Tier List 2022, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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