How to Fix COD Mobile Stuck On Getting Version Info 2022?

Fix COD Mobile Stuck On Getting Version: Want to know How fix the version info error in Call of Duty? If yes, then this article will provide you with all the details on the list of methods that can be used to fix the bug of the season 5 update.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the Call of Duty Mobile stuck on getting version info and its methods to fix the error that may have occurred due to various reasons.

I am a YouTuber since 2012 and a gamer, I have been playing the Call of Duty game since its release.

Therefore, I wanted to guide you regarding the methods to fix COD Mobile Stuck on Getting Version error so that you can play the game smoothly. 

How Players can fix the Issue in CODM

Call of Duty is one of the best multiplayer game that was released on October 1st, 2019.

Since then has taken over the world of Battle Royale games and has become the top downloaded games in the gaming store.

The game is available in both android as well as Apple IPhone.

The game has been running fine till the recent update that has brought a number of bugs and issues along with it.

Since its release, the game has undergone many updates so as to make the game more interesting for the gamers.

With each update, the developers bring in changes in the weaponry, costumes, maps and gameplay so that the gamer does not get bored.

The main sensitive bug in the season 5 update is the glitch in Oden Damascus Camo which has some trouble in unlocking.

Therefore the gamer is getting an error message in the form of “Call of Duty Mobile stuck on getting version info” and this error mostly occurs while a gamer starts the Call of Duty game.

Therefore we are have brought you the solution to this error so that you can enjoy the game without any glitch and thus enjoy the uninterrupted gaming session. 

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Given below are the steps on how players can fix the issue in CODM:

Fix COD Mobile Stuck On Getting Version 2022

  • Check the Network Connection: At first the gamers need to check whether they have strong network connection in their gaming device as the error may arise due to poor network connection. Most of the times, player gets the error message when they forget to turn on the data or when their data pack gets over. Therefore you have to ensure that you have to connect your device to strong internet connection so that you can enjoy smooth gameplay.
  • Clear the Cache: If the problem is not that of the internet connection, than it may be due to broken or temporary files the game Call of Duty Mobile Stuck on Getting Version Info is shown and it may be fixed if the gamer clears the game cache by going to the mobile application settings and click on the option of clear cache. After which you may restart the game and the error should be fixed.
  • Ensure CODM is updated: If you have outdated version of the call of Duty game than also your device may show the error while you start the game. Therefore you may go the gaming store and check whether any latest update is available or not. If there is any latest update that is pending than you may do the update and restart the game. Doing the update, the error will most probably be fixed.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Game:  If none of the above methods are working and the game is still showing the error message than you may uninstall the game and then reinstall the game from the gaming store. This should be tried at last after checking all the other methods as if the gamer is playing through an unregistered account then your in-game progress will be lost. As by reinstalling the game, the bugs and errors of the game should be fixed and you should be getting pleasant gaming experience. But if the error continues to show in your gaming screen, you must contact the customer support of the Call of Duty for further assistance.

Final Words

In this article we have given the detailed description on how to fix COD Mobile Struck on getting version can be fixed by following the above mentioned different methods.

The bug is being shown in the game after the latest update of the game and the release of season 5.

However we have in this article explained the methods to fix the error and continue the smooth gameplay

You should follow the steps in the order that it is given and reinstalling the game should be your last resort as it uses a lot of internet.

Therefore if the bug still persist than you may comment in the comment section of the article and we will try to solve the error that is being shown in your device.


How to Download the Call of Duty Game?

The game can be downloaded from the official website of the developers or if you have an android smart phone, you can directly download the game from the Play Store. If you have an Apple IPhone, then you may download the game from the Apple Store.

What to do if COD is not updating?

Restart your computer to resolve problems caused by programs and services running in the background. Update your drivers and operating system to resolve any compatibility issues. Update or temporarily uninstall any security programs, which may mistakenly identify the login module as a security threat.

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