How To Use Fatal To The Flesh Website in 2022? 

Fatal To The Flesh is a website designed for those looking to cause self-harm to keep their mind busy and distracted by providing real-life simulation tasks with visual outputs.

The website was formed by Rafael Rozendaal in 2004.

The purpose was to create an alternative for people struggling with depression and thinking of self-harm.

The activities on the website work as a safe outlet for visitors to vent out their frustration without any damaging effects.

So, let’s dig deeper into this website and understand what is Fatal To The Flesh

What is Fatal To The Flesh? 

When users go to they will see a white blank page as the homepage.

The blank page can be considered as the skin of the body.

When they move the cursor across the page or touch the screen (if they are using a tablet or phone) cuts will appear on the page.

These are symbolic of how cuts would appear on the real skin.

As the users keep moving the cursor across the screen, more cuts appear.

Whenever they put a cut a red line appears and blood starts dripping representing a real cut on the skin.

So, this site allows users to create marks across a white screen so that they get the illusion of bleeding cuts. 

That being said, remember that Fatal To The Flesh website,, is actually an alternative to self-harm and not a site that promotes it.

It is only for the people who are in a tough space.

The activities on the site encourage users to divert their minds through the stimulation game whenever they feel the need to cause self-harm.

The purpose of the website is to provide an outlet for emotions so that the feelings don’t get bottled up and lead to self-destructive steps.

Through this stimulation game, Fatal To The Flesh provides a way to the users so that they can express distress on the blank page of the site. 

Fatal To The Flesh Website 

  • The website provides real-time visual output of cuts so that the mind is tricked into thinking that the bleeding cuts are real. The purpose is to stop people from engaging in any kind of similar self-harming activities. 
  • Using this simulation technique can help create an emotional blockage so that the users don’t proceed to make fatal choices causing danger to their lives.
  • The goal of the site is to prevent self-harm and protect the body from self-injury. 
  • Instead of causing injury to the body tissues and leaving marks, this site provides a blank canvas to vent out the feelings on a blank paper, resembling the human body.
  • The red markings that appear after every cut, with blood dripping from them, make the cuts more real and natural. In this way, the brain gets some kind of satisfaction it is looking for. 

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How to use Fatal To The Flesh? 

The website is very simple to operate. Users only need to visit the official website and automatically a blank white page will open up where they can create cuts on the screen.

If the mouse is moved aggressively across the screen the cuts will be deep and if the mouse movement is slow, the page will have shallow cuts.

This website is exclusively created as an alternative to self-harm through a harmless simulation and it should be used for that intention only. 

Fatal To The Flesh Additional Website Information 

  • When any user visits the website, it redirects them to a blank empty page with no details on how to use Fatal to the Flesh. There are no user-friendly instructions or descriptions.
  • The mark created on the paper will depend on the movement of the mouse. 
  • The faster user moves the mouse, the more pronounced will be the cut and more droplets will release from the cut. 
  • The website has gained a trust score of 67%. The positive aspect is gained from the fact that the website is old and can be easily accessed through HTTPS protocol. But the issue which the scorers found was that in the technical data of the site there was no mention of the country’s name. 
  • The domain was registered on 8th February 2004 so the website is 18 years old. Older age is used as a determining factor for checking the authenticity of websites. 
  • There is no information available about the website’s creator or team.

What are people’s opinion about Fatal To The Flesh Website? 

Cutting is an issue that people rarely talk about mostly because it is hard to understand for many.

But for the ones who suffer from such helplessness, really need an outlet and that is what the website provides.

Especially in bad times, the urge to cut can get very strong.

Fatal To The Flesh tries to recreate the experience in a safer way so that the urge can be satisfied without self-harming.

Each click and drag across the white blank screen gives rise to cuts and blood.

Using the website, users can avoid taking out the anger, sadness, or frustration on themselves. 

The focus is to eliminate suicidal tendencies in teenagers or anyone.

Of course, they might need to take help from medicine or therapy but this acts as an instant roadblock.

The website helps in making the users feel relaxed and calm their minds. 

Fatal To The Flesh is targeted to people who have anger issues, anxiety issues, or any kind of mental disturbance.

There are people from the United States who have shown their distaste for this website.

They claim that the website is supporting violence and promoting different mindsets to the users. 

However, many people also supported the purpose of the website as it brings out a healthy mindset by letting out frustration and anger on the white screen rather than their own bodies. 

Final Words 

Fatal To The Flesh is a website that helps people feel relaxed and not cause harm to themselves in bad situations.

If used for the right intentions this can become a quick solution to anger and frustration.

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