Secret Trick How to Get Fantastic Beasts Legend Codes 2022?

Have you been looking for Fantastic Beasts Legend Codes lately? This article is the right place which can give you all the information you need for Fantastic Beasts Legend redeem codes.

Various characters in the Fantastic Beasts video game requires customisation which helps in upgrading in the process.

Free rewards are the motivation for searching Fantastic Beasts Legend Codes 2022 and this article is not only going to provide codes but also let you know how to get newer ones when these become obsolete.

This is the only article that you would need in order to know it all.

Recognised as a new-age blogger and a passionate gamer for as long as I can remember, Fantastic Beasts was quite likeable.

Having played this game for a long time, I have quite a genuine idea about how everything inside the game works.

Apart from that, a good amount of time is put into the research of this article and hence, you should consider this as the only Fantastic Beasts Legend Codes 2022 guide that you must read.

All About Fantastic Beasts Legend & FBL Codes 2022

This game is basically one of the most popular ones that is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Classified as idle games by gamers around the world, it should be known that this is a little different from all the other ones in the genre.

Collecting cards and unlocking new characters by opening those cards is one of the major things that you need to do in order to succeed in the game.

The gameplay is really interesting and different from usual which makes this game one of a kind.

There are huge chances that if you landed upon this article, you want your gameplay to be even better and the right way to do so is to use redeem codes for Fantastic Beasts Legend.

More details about the FBL Codes 2022 and a few of them are mentioned below:

Active Fantastic Beasts Legend Codes 2022

  1. Foolsday
  2. superbowl
  3. lucky
  4. happynewyear
  5. VIP777
  6. VIP999
  7. VIP555
  8. VIPCD1
  9. VIPCD2
  10. VIPCD3

There are a few expired ones as well which are of no use practically.

These redeem codes let you have exciting rewards that will be good enough to boost your gameplay.

A lot of questions may arise in your head like “what are the kind of rewards I get?” or “How to get more FBL codes?” Well, the answers to those are also given in the article below.

Before that, you must know that the in-game currency used in Fantastic Beasts Legend are diamonds and gold which are too beneficial for upgrading the characters.

If you have been a fan of Fantastic Beasts for a long time, summoning characters which is a big part of the FBL gameplay would be so much fun.

The whole point is to collect all these Fantastic Beasts characters and then build them up for better results generally.

Nevertheless, this is such a fun game to play and nothing can actually top this idle game if you have been a Fantastic Beasts fan for long.

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How to get more FBL codes 2022?

There are different ways to get newer codes, thus replacing the obsolete ones.

Since this game is so popular, a lot of websites keep updating the players of this game with however much information they can.

The rewards that you receive using redeem codes is definitely not just limited to the in-game currency, even though that can fetch you a lot of those things.

Golden Beast eggs and Orbs can also be obtained when you use the redeem codes and these rewards are definitely worthy, both instantly and in the long run (depending on when you choose to use it).

The way to get more FBL codes is to keeping yourself updated with the blogs, one which is linked.

Joining the popular discord of Fantastic Beasts Legend in 2022 is a great idea as well to remain updated with all that you want.

How To Redeem Fantastic Beasts Legend Codes 2022?

This is the last section of the article and because you already have an idea about the working codes and the updates that you should keep an eye for, the main question is “How To Redeem Fantastic Beasts Legend Codes 2022?” Well, the process is very simple.

Before we begin with it, make sure that you use the right format of the code.

This means that the redeem codes are case-sensitive which is why the capital letters and small letters should be written as they are without interchanging any or even changing a single letter’s case.

The Fantastic Beasts Legend Codes will work that way.

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to redeem these FBL codes:

  • Open the game and click on “Avatar” which will be available on the main screen of the game towards the top left.
  • Player info menu will be opened and that is where you’ll find an option of XCHG code.
  • Enter the code that you have an idea about in the proper format (no change in uppercase letters or lowercase letters” as mentioned in the article, in the text box that’ll be flashing in front of your eyes
  • The exchange button is the confirmation button in this case and you must click on that, to get the rewards.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most exciting idle games available for smartphone platforms and the fact that the gameplay can also be boosted from time to time using the working codes, you must definitely experience Fantastic Beasts Legend.

Various game modes also help in making the game one of its kind and the strategy card game idea that they had was properly executed.

Given, the fans of Fantastic Beasts is the target audience, it is also not difficult to try and get used to the characters as somebody who haven’t really been a fan of Fantastic Beasts.

Either way, the gameplay mechanics of any game does something or the other.

Keeping that aspect in mind, this is interesting for any person to play if card strategy is a genre they like, regardless of whether they have an idea about Fantastic Beasts, in general or not at all.

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