Best Guide How To Open.EXE Files On Windows and Mac in 2022? 

.EXE file is a type of executable file very commonly used in Windows programs.

Executable files mostly have .EXE file extension but there are other formats as well. 

There are many applications and programs, like Internet Explorer and calculator accessories, that run due to the .exe file on Windows PC. 

However, remember to open a .exe file carefully because they are also used by people to spread viruses and malware.

It corrupts your system and sometimes even steals information from your computer.

You have to be careful that you are not trying to open a .exe file extension that has viruses as it can destroy your personal, valuable information. 

Any .exe file is very easy to recognize due to the extension.

Music and picture files or documents cannot have the .exe file extension.

You have to open EXE files on Windows in order to run a program.

It will contain resources like graphic assets for the GUI, the program’s icon, and other things that are necessary for the program to run.

EXE files are often a part of these three types of programs: Setup.exe, used to set up or install a program.

When you click on it, as the name suggests, it starts the installation process for software programs.

Some programs also use the name Install.exe for software installers.

A shell program bears the name Cmd.exe, which has replaced the previous shell used in Windows 2000

How can you Open .EXE Files on Windows and Mac? 

Let’s start with the process to open exe files on Windows

Steps to Open EXE Files on Windows

1. To open EXE files on Windows, double-click on it. The process gets started.

In case you are downloading the file from the internet, you will be asked whether you trust the file.

Only click on the file if you are sure that it does not contain a virus or malware.

2. If you see any trouble while running the exe file, it is advised to open the Registry Editor.For that, press the Windows Key + R and type ‘regedit‘ to open the editor. 

3. Click on the navigation bar placed left to .HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/.exe

4. Now right-click on the entry named “Default” and select “Modify.” You will see a new window popping up. 

5. In the text bar where it is asked to put “Value data” type .exefile

6. Click on the OK button to save.

7. Again go to the .HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/.exe, clicking on the navigation bar on the left.

8. Right-click on Default entry and select “Modify.” 

9. When the new window named Edit String opens up, in the textbox which says ‘Value data’ type “%1”%* with the right symbols. Then click OK

10. Click on the navigation bar placed on the left of .KEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\open 

11. Repeat the same steps. Right-click on Default entry and select “Modify.” 

12. In the ‘Value data’ text box, type “%1”%* with the right symbols. Then click OK

13. Reboot

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Steps to Extract EXE Files

1. To open a .exe file, you have to extract the file with softwares like 7-zip or WinRAR. 

2. When you right-click on the exe file you will see the software name, select that. Now click on Open Archive. 

3. Browse through the files that you want to extract. You can select more than one file by holding CTRL and clicking on each file. 

4. After selecting click on Extract.

5. Now select a location where you want the files to extract to.

6. The extraction process will get started.

How to Open EXE Files On OS X?

There are different processes to open .EXE files on Windows and Mac. Even though these files are incompatible with MacOS, there are ways to open EXE Files on OS X

1. First step is to install Xcode from the Mac App store.

2. Open Xcode and click on the Xcode menu.

3. Select “Preferences” and click “Download.”

4. Next to “Command Line Tools” you will see an install button, click on that. 

5. Now download and install MacPorts. 

6. Open the terminal to adjust the settings of MacPorts. 

7. In the Terminal window copy the following command: PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:\$PATH$’\n’export MANPATH=/opt/local/man:\$MANPATH | sudo tee -a /etc/profile and paste it and press Return: echo export. 

8. You have to enter the admin password.

9. Again paste the following command if [ `sysctl -n hw.cpu64bit_capable` -eq 1 ] ; then echo “+universal” | sudo tee -a /opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf; else echo “n/a”; fi

Click Return. 

10. You have to agree to the export license by entering the command to move forward.

11. Run the following command: sudo xcodebuild -license

After that Close and reopen the terminal window.

12. Install Wine

13. After the installation, you will be sent back directly to Terminal input: sudo port install wine

14. Now go to the location of .EXE file.

15. Use Wine to open EXE Files on OS X. 

16. Now to run the exe file, enter enter the following code: wine fileName.exe

17. You can use the program normally.

18. If you have used an exe file to install programs on OS X, you will need Wine to run them. 

19. Type cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/ to enter into the Program Files directory where all the Wine programs are installed to.

20. To see the list of all your installed programs type “Is.” You can type “cd programme” to open a program’s directory.

When the program’s directory has a space you will have to type \ before the space.

21. If you are looking for an exe file, you will have to type Is again in the program’s directory.

22. Finally, type wine fileName.exe to run the program you want. 

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How to run an EXE file? 

In a graphical user interface-based operating system, you just have to either click on the file icon or name to run the file.

Just like in Microsoft Windows, you only need to double-click on a file to run it. 

In a command-line interface-based OS, you are required to enter the filename in the CLI with the proper syntax and press Enter key in order to run the file.

Just like in Linux or Unix, you will have to type a period followed by a forward slash before the file name, for example, type ./filename to execute the file called “filename.”

Final Words 

This is everything you will require to know about .exe file.

You can easily open .exe files on Windows and Mac with the steps we have shared in this article.

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