EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Best Character Guide 2022

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is a remarkable game that had an exciting launch in the industry. The game truly offers an amazing combination of action adventurous game, stunning graphics and audiovisuals, as well as many other top unique features which the users can’t wait to explore. 

It is highly recommended for all those people who don’t like games with a gacha system.

Moreover, in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy, players will be able to get access to the in-game characters without spending any resources of their own.

All you need to do is simply progress through the story. 

In case you are planning to get started with the game or if you already have, one thing that must have been baffling you are the characters in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy.

But you don’t need to worry because we have now got you covered! 

In this article, we are going to brief you about different game characters, and their skills along with some more tips and strategies to play EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy and achieve higher scores.

The below-mentioned EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy character guide is more than enough for you to ace this game! 

So without any further ado, let’s dive right in. 

About EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is an intriguing role-playing game that has been released by KONAMI. 

One of the most notable elements about this game is that it doesn’t use the traditional gacha system through which players used to get their characters.

Keeping in mind that the system was a bit problematic for a lot of users, the issue has now been taken care of!

It is worth mentioning that players must certainly relish all the changes that EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy has come up with. 

There is no doubt that all the main features that lovers of the role-playing genre enjoyed and relished are already there in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy.

Nonetheless, it does feature some exceptional features deviating from the conventional ones. 

Characters are a crucial element of this game and with that, let’s get started on our EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Character Guide. 

The Best EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Character Guide 

Currently, there are only seven characters in the EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy game.

To get these characters, one doesn’t need to spend the currency or any resources.

All you need to do is simply proceed with the story campaign up to its present limit. 

All these characters are different and are pretty unique in themselves.

The primary difference between all of them is their skills.

Nonetheless, for each character, the skills can easily be developed further considering the choices of the player in terms of gears, and other enhancement features of the character. 

Let’s now look at the best characters that EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy offers to their players. 

Rebecca Bluegarden 

The role played by this character is pf Healer, the Friendship Skill possessed is to increase the recovery speed HP.

Rebecca is the very first one to give support to the protagonist and join his team, Rebecca is the best partner to have for Shiki and strengthen the team. 

She has ranged attacking skills to contribute to damaging and fighting the enemies from quite a safe distance.

She possesses very strong recovery skills that immensely enhance the team’s survivability.

As a healer, if you want to build this character then the best way to do so is to invest in her survival and increase her defence statistics and HP. 

However, the ability of her quick HP recovery skills would be dependent on her skill statistics so capitalizing that is important as well.

For recasting skills, one would certainly praise Rebecca’s Flashbang skill for its capability to stun enemies, their hits temporarily. 

Another variant called Void variance immediately cancels all the buffs on other parties, then the Wane variance diminishes the HP of enemies; then the speed variance is the one that increases the movement speed, Rebecca. 

First Aid is surely among the primitive skills to be considered as it improves HP for the unit.

Its Recovery variant would work on improving the allies’ recovery rate, whereas the Def one improvises her defence.

Another skill of Rebecca is the Burst skill that can either be used for sustaining allies or weakening the enemies.

Its Rec variant means recovery of HP for allies whereas its Wane and Ruin variants would cause a drain of HP on the enemies and inflict the defence down on enemies, respectively. 

Considering another skill of Rebecca, we talk about the Concentration, which is a support skill with the double purpose that doesn’t harm enemies but would work on improvisation of HP recovery rate for its allies.

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Shiki Granbell 

The fans of the EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy character may be expecting the main protagonist to be an attacker but Shiki suits perfectly the role of a tank.

He can be made to be at the front end of every fight that he is involved in. 

Shiki’s skills in fighting are mostly close range but few of his skills enable him to reduce the gap between his targets and him.

Investing in his defence is recommended as it is the best way to proceed and investment must also be done in the increment of his damage works. 

The first skill is called Gravity Windmill Kick- Lsen, it is an attack that is by default, it helps in boosting the defence of his allies and also reduces the strength of his enemies’ attack.

Different variants of this skill are available which can be unlocked and used, later on, it is called Gravity Windmill Kick: Ruin. 

This variant is also the one that increases the ally’s defence and on other hand lowers the enemies’ defence power.

Another is Gravity Windmill Kick: Sevr, which aids in boosting the allies’ defence and on other hand disables the enemies for a short period.

Homura Kogetsu 

In EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy, Homura is an attacker who is probably likely to be a favourite pick for players, especially those who desire some strong DPS allies in their team. 

She can be great in terms of causing damage, but not so in case of survivability.

Most of her skills can be boosted further, it is important to increase her power.

The skills are also required to boost the damage abilities of her team.  

Homura’s other skill, which is quite a basic Snake Bite, can do away with the buffs on the enemy that it targets and also activate the buffs for his allies. 

The Pow variant increases the allies’ power; the Spd variant improves their speed, and the Strk variant increases their critical chance.

Her skill of this Snake Strike causes the HP drain on the opposite team and self-buff also happens alongside.

The Def variant boosts her defence while the Hard variance improves her resistance to Boss attacks.

Weisz Steiner 

Another important character that takes the role of a ranger in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is Weisz, he is the third in the list of characters that are after Rebeccas who would complete the full team. 

The skill that he possesses is focused more on creating buffs for his team and debuffing for the other team.

He can attack his enemies from a distance and cause damage to them.

Though the damage is not as strong as that of an attacker. 

To some extent, the survivability of the team can also be enhanced with his help.

Besides, the skills to help sustain the needs of his team.

Other Characters 

Apart from these, you also have Sister Ivry, Witch Regret, Happy, E.M. Pino, and Hermit Mio.

While the aforementioned characters are top tier, these five are ranked at a relatively low level. 

When given the choice, you must always pick from Rebecca Bluegarden, Shiki Granbell, Homura Kogetsu, and Weisz Steiner only. 

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Tips and Strategies

Besides understanding the basic function of gameplay like EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy, which is unique in its features, one needs to know some tips and strategies as well to play well and make the most out of its features and characteristics.

Below are some top tips and strategies to be followed to enjoy playing EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy. 

1. Understanding the mechanics

The gameplay of this game is intriguing and simple to learn.

This game employs the analogue-type control system for the movement of its characters, or to combat the enemies. 

To combat the enemy, one needs to move near the target and then click the attack button.

The attacking skills of the character can be used here, no need to focus on aiming, as this game comes with an auto-aim system.

The target can be hit easily.

 2. Update the Character’s Skill

In EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy, the character skill means the skill possessed by each character.

One would require these skills when combating the enemies and when arranging for different attack combinations.

These skills can be unlocked if you require them, they would show in the skills tree.

To unlock them, some Skill Points (SP) are required.

You can easily get the points by clearing various quests, which is not a hard task.

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3. Equipment upgradation

To strengthen the equipment, you would need to upgrade them from time to time. 

If you are wondering how the equipment can be upgraded then there are some simple steps that you should follow. 

  1. Select the item button
  2. Then select the equipment upgrade option, the very first option.
  3. Choose the equipment 
  4. But nothing is for free, upgrading would require some materials that can be acquired by clearing some quests and tasks. You would then get these materials as a reward for completing the tasks.

4. Using proper Equipment 

Just like all the Role-playing games which depend on the protagonist’s or the characters’ equipment to boost their power, EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is alike.

To make your character powerful and stronger, you would need to bestow them with equipment. 

Follow these easy steps to do so:

  1. First and foremost, you must head to the menu and choose the desired equipment. 
  1. Next, click on the equipment that you need to be used on your character, and then the equipment will be given automatically depending on the availability of the slot. 
  1. Players must keep in mind that mere usage of equipment is not enough. At many points, the character would be really weak to defeat the powerful one in a boss battle, therefore, the equipment would need to be optimized from time to time. This can be done by clicking on the optimize button. Choose the aspect that needs to be optimised depending on the equipment used. 

5. Customization

This is an exciting feature for those who like making up their characters in the game, EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy has this feature of dressing up where the character’s outfits can be changed.

For this you would require to go to the edit option and select the option to change looks, then the dresses and their looks can be made interesting. 

6. New Characters

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is an RPG game that means no efforts are required to unlock the new characters as it is not based on the gacha system.

You would easily get new characters unlocked along with the story.

Note: In EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy, when you open it to change your equipment then you might end up changing the look of the character.

The change and equipment slots look very similar to each other and are used interchangeably by the player but under the option of change looks, if you choose to change the equipment, it would not change them, but the outfit would be changed and a different look of your character would be seen in the game.

You can acquire your outfits as you acquire the equipment.

This happens because your outfit is also your equipment.

Under the edit option, you could even alter the people who are at your party.


EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is an exciting and fun game full of adventure and challenges.

It can be controlled very easily and is also easy to learn.

There are several creative ways and strategies to build each of the characters in the game.

Players will need to analyze how each of them can be a resource to their respective allies.

With time, you will also be able to infer how EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy can be well played with combinations of different abilities. 

In general, a beginner’s level player won’t face much difficulty in controlling the game characters.

You should follow the EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy characters guide and the top tips and strategies mentioned in the article.

The game has a lot of interesting cut scenes which are nice to watch.

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