Dokkan Battle Potara Medals | How to Get Potara Medals for UR & LR Vegito

Dokkan Battle Potara Medals: Want to know How to get the Potara Medals for awakening the UR & LR Vegito? If yes, then this article will provide you with all the details on the game and the methods that can be used to collect the Potara Medals.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the various methods to collect the medals and how to use them to awaken the UR & LR Vegito.

I am a You tuber since 2012 and a gamer, I have been playing the Dragan Ball Z Dokkan Battle game since its release.

Therefore, I wanted to guide you regarding the methods on How to collect the Potara medals and use them to awaken the UR & LR Vegito.

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How to Unlock UR & LR Vegito in DBZ Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is one of the best mobile games related to the most popular anime, Dragon Ball Z.

Gamers all around the world is having a blast by playing this game.

This DB anime action puzzle game has amazing 2D visuals and animations similar to that of the Dragon Ball Z game.

The concept of the game is that the world’s timeline has been thrown into chaos as the Dragon Ball Z characters both from the past and the present fight each other in exciting battles.

The storyline of the game is amazing and exciting as they need to save the world from enemies.

If you are a fan of the most popular anime Dragan Ball Z, then you must have known about the concept of Potara as you will find the Potaras in the DBZ Dokkan Battle game as well.

But the difference in the concept is that in the game, Dokkan Battle Potara medals are medals which will be lot useful to you for completing various challenges in the game.

This are mostly used by the gamers to awaken the UR Vegito and LR Vegito. 

In the DBZ Bokkan Battle, you can get the Dokkan Battle Potara medals can be collected through two methods: 

  • Baba’s Treasures Shops: Through this method, the probability of get the Potara medals are less but if they are available for you to take then you can buy them by bartering your jewels but however it is advised that you may not spend the jewels as it might be useful to store the jewels so that you can use it further in the game.
  • Supreme Kai’s Trials: This is the other method that you can use to collect the Potara medals and by this method, you can collect the Potara medals at the Area 10. You can collect the medals by accomplishing the missions but you need to at first cross the Area 10 for this. We suggest you to follow this method to acquire Dokkan Battle Potara medals rather than spending your jewels for purchasing the medals.

After collecting the medals, you need to awake the UR Vegito and the LR Vegito and for this you will be needing 100 Potara medals.

Of which, you will need 30 Potara medals to awaken the UR Vegito and rest of the 70 medals would be needed to awaken the VR Vegito so that you can power the Dragon Ball Z characters and make them powerful for the battle.

Final Words

In this article we have given the detailed description on how to collect the Potara medals using different methods.

Therefore you can easily follow the steps mentioned above so as to collect the Dokkan Battle Potara medals.

This article will also guide you to use the Potara medals so as to awake the UR & LR Vegito.

For getting more information on the game and its features, you can bookmark our article.

If you have any queries regarding the methods to collect the medals, you may ask us by writing in the comment section of the article.


How to Download the DBZ Dokkan Battle Game?

The game can be downloaded from the official website of the developers or if you have an android smart phone, you can directly download the game from the Play Store. You can also download the game on you IPhone through the Apple Store.

Is DBZ Dokkan battle free?

Play the board game-style map and all-new story with your favourite Dragon Ball characters! Are you ready to go even further beyond? Download one of the best DRAGON BALL experiences available with Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle today for free and you can download the game from the above given links.

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