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How the solstice rewards loop works?

Bungie created the first-person shooter video game with an open-world multiplayer component called Destiny 2.

On September 6, 2017, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms saw the release of the shared-worlds FPS sequel Destiny.

Initially through Blizzard, it was made available for PC on October 24, 2017.

Destiny 2 has been taken off the Blizzard App and is now only accessible on Steam as a result of Bungie severing ties with Activision and now self-publishing the game.

After the conclusion of the Destiny 2 seasonal story arc, the Solstice event is back in full force to give you new rewards to grind for.

Players will be able to upgrade the armor they obtain, just like in previous Solstice events, to unlock distinctive glows that vary depending on your subclass.

EAZ activity is back, but with a distinct change.

Players are charged with lighting and constructing a big bonfire instead of just eliminating adversaries within a set amount of time.

The main attraction is, of course, strengthening your armor and giving them a distinctive white shine.

Although this feature has been present since the start of the event, Bungie has improved it by enabling players to regularly grind for high-stat armor.

However, the Solstice rewards cycle can initially be a little overwhelming and perplexing.

Both the armour glow and the option to roll a piece of high-stat Solstice armour require a number of stages to be unlocked.

How to get the white armor glow?

Guardians will need to entirely upgrade their Solstice armour in order to access the white glow.

The upgrading strategy this year is a little bit different, though.

Guardians must adhere to the instructions given below in order to upgrade the armour set:

Eva Levante at the Tower will have Solstice armour sets available.

To travel to any location in the Director, Guardians must put on these armour pieces.

Guardians must participate in various events while wearing the Solstice armour set to gain Silver Leaves.

The Solstice armor components must be worn when entering the Bonfire Bash seasonal playlist activity once a Guardian has amassed sufficient Silver Leaves.

This can be accessed from the Director or the Tower portal next to Eva Levante.

Guardians will forfeit all of the Silver Leaves and receive Silver Ash in exchange for successfully completing the task.

To unlock Kindling, Guardians must perform more event-related tasks. They are able to attach it to their Solstice armour components once it has been unlocked.

It is now possible to upgrade the armour parts, and it takes three upgrades to reach the maximum level.

Guardians in Destiny 2 can enable a piece’s white glow once it has been fully upgraded.

The only drawback of the method is that it must be performed for each piece of armour, which makes it a little laborious.

All three classes are open to a repetition of the process by the Guardians.

It’s interesting that these armour components may be changed in-game using the transmog tool to become ornaments.

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How to get the high stat armor?

Improve Your Armor with Glowing Embers

Silver Ash can be used to raise the stats of Solstice armour.

To begin, you must insert the Glowing Embers mod into your Solstice gear’s sixth slot.

You must already have the Small Kindling mod installed in order to do this, which will cost you 20 Silver Ash.

Upgrade Your Armor with Shining Embers

The Shining Embers mod needs to be applied to your Solstice armor piece next.

You’ll need 40 more Silver Ash in addition to that particular armour piece having the Large Kindling Mod loaded.

Add a spark to your armor

A piece of armour can eventually receive a Spark after being entirely rebuilt.

You will see a row of mods linked to each of your character’s core stats when you highlight the sixth mod slot.

Choosing one of these modifications will give that armour component a minimum stat improvement of +20.

Therefore, I would choose the Spark of Discipline, which provides me a minimum of +20 to that particular stat, if I wanted to have a high Discipline chest piece.

After choosing a Spark, you cannot re-roll that equipment and must spend a total of 120 Silver Ash to purchase a new set of armor.

How to fully restore your armor?

To get the most out of your armour, you must upgrade it.

An armour piece will receive an extra energy point after each upgrade, which can be utilized to add more alterations to the item.

A piece of armour can only have 10 energy, and you must pay Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards to unlock the last three energy points on your armour.

A piece of armour will become Master worked once it has received its tenth upgrade.

In addition to having ten energy to work with, master worked equipment also grant an additional +2 to each armour stat.

You must acquire Enhancement Cores, Enhancement Prisms, and Ascendant Shards in order to locate the resources required to Masterwork your armour.

The majority of these resources can be acquired by finishing the tasks in Nightfall: The Ordeal, which are found in the Vanguard area of the Director.

The rarity of the Masterwork resources you acquire increases with difficulty.

Materials for Masterwork are also sold for extravagant prices by Banshee-44 and Ada-1.

If you can avoid it, it is not advised to purchase Masterwork supplies from them.

So, the following is how the gameplay cycle for increasing armour will operate:

  • Complete the challenges on your event card.
  • To improve the possible stat rolls of solstice armour, use kindling.
  • Earn Silver Leaves by engaging in a range of activities.
  • To convert your leaves into Silver Ash, do the Solstice Activity, Bonfire Bash.
  • Use the Ash to keep rolling until you acquire the necessary armour stats.
  • Repeat for all of your solstice armour.

How to get each solstice material?

Silver Leaves

Your first objective is to begin farming for Silver Leaves, supposing you have already finished the first few steps of the quest Eva gives you in the Tower.

You can achieve this by wearing any type of Solstice gear and engaging in a variety of tasks.

This might be anything from attacks to Crucible games to Dares of Eternity.

One of the best solo farming methods for Silver Leaves is to just participate in public events.

They often take under five minutes to finish and drop a respectable quantity.

Since these Public Events are so simple to do alone, the EAZ and Nessus are both excellent places to farm Silver Leaves.

Create silver ash from silver leaves

The next thing you need to do is turn the silver leaves into silver ash.

Only in the Bonfire Bash action is this possible, and it takes place at the end of the activity.

Remember that the ratio is not 1:1, thus if you entered the event with about 20 Silver Leaves, you will depart with just over 50 Silver Ash.

Finish the Kindling Event Card Challenges

Kindling is the last of the three main currencies. This is connected to the brand-new Event Card, which offers players a variety of fresh tasks based on the occasion and resources.

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How do you get glowing colors in destiny 2?

If you want your armor to glow the color of your subclass, you’ll need to buy the bundle from the Ever verse store for 1,500 Silver ($15)

Can you get glowing solstice armor after event?

The white glow is unlocked by progressing through the Solstice and fully upgrading your armor during the event.

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