Secret Trick How to Start Destiny 2 a Glowing Solstice Quest 2022?

Want to know secret tricks on how to start the destiny 2 a Glowing Solstice quest 2022? If yes, then this article will provide all the information on how to start the Glowing Solstice quest of the game, Destiny 2.

Today I am sharing a secret trick on how to start the quest of destiny 2 a Glowing Solstice quest and other details about the Destiny 2 2022.

I am a gamer and a blogger so as a person who knows about the games especially Destiny 2.

I am hereby giving you all the details about the Destiny 2 that will help you to start and complete the activities of Destiny 2 A Glowing Solstice Quest.

How to Start A Glowing Solstice in Destiny 2

As you know Destiny 2 have announced the beginning of the annual solstice events and fourth quest that the gamer needs to finish is A Glowing Solstice.

The guardian will receive the quest after he had completed the first three quest successfully namely Celebrating Solstice, A Guardian in Shining Armor and Rekindle the Spark.

This quest will be received from Even who will be situated in the tower’s courtyard.

In this event, the Guardians will have to twinkle with your armor by the help of Kindling that you would earn through the quest.

The gamer will face the challenge only after completing the first three challenges of the Destiny 2 Quest event. 

You will get the quest from Eva soon after you complete the Rekindle the Spark Quest and this quest will give you many in-game currencies which will help you twinkle the armor.

To start the quest you have to find Eva in the tower courtyard who is hosting the Solstice of Heroes event 2022.

How to Complete the A Guardian in Shining Armor Quest Steps 2022

To complete the quest is quite simple as this is the fourth quest in the Solstice quest event.

You can complete the challenge by simple two steps and thereby fiddling with Kindling on armor.

Therefore to complete the Destiny 2 A Glowing Solstice Quest, you have to follow the following steps:

  • At first you have to put small kindling on your Candescent Armor and this has to be the first step so to apply small kindling to the armor otherwise it will not be counted and all other things will be in vain. You will be getting the small Kindling by completing the challenges in the event card of that of the quest. After you get a small Kindling, you must go to the inventory section in game and select the piece of Candescent Armor that you have in the inventory and click on the upgrade button appearing on the right side of the menu.
  • The second step is to apply large Kindling on the Candescent Armor and for collecting the large Kindling, you need to complete the challenges of the quest under the event tab. After completing the challenges, you will receive two pieces of kindling so as to join them into one large piece of Kindling. Then you replace the small piece of Kindling that you put on your Candescent Armor by the large piece of Kindling that you have got now. Thus completing the quest.

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Destiny 2 A Glowing Solstice Quest Rewards 2022

After completing the above said challenges, the gamer will receive the following rewards into your gaming account:

  • Silver Leaves
  • Silver Ash
  • Kindling

Final Words

The quest events of the Destiny 2 game has been commenced from July 19 and will continue up to August 9.

Therefore you would have rush in to complete the events before it expires so as to get the rewards.

However the Destiny 2 A Glowing Solstice Quest event is very dimple for you to finish and this article has provided you the guide from how to start the quest to how to complete the quest.

After which you will be able to move on to the next quest in the solstice event.

Here, we offer the insider tip for completing the fourth quest of the game, Destiny 2.

We truly do hope that the guide to complete the quest was beneficial.

If you have any queries or need more information, you can leave your suggestions in the comment area.


How to download the game Destiny 2?

The Destiny 2 can be download from the official website of the Developer and you can also download the game in your Android mobile by the help of the Play Store.

What is Solstice Destiny 2?

Solstice is a brief occasion that honors the summer solstice and the accomplishments of Guardians in Destiny 2.

The solstice starts on July 19, 2022, and it lasts until the weekly reset on August 9, 2022

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