Best Crunchy Chip Cookie Toppings Build 2022

Crunchy Chip Cookie is one of the most interesting character introduced in the game of the Council of Heroes update in which the gamers make an elite squad of Cream Wolves to protect their kingdom- The Dark Cacao Kingdom from the Licorice Sea.

This elite squad is the most loyal and powerful who crushes through wind and snow storm for the safety and protection of their kingdom. 

The elite squad is led by one of the finest leaders, Crunchy Chip Cookie who is both reliable and loyal towards his kingdom.

The elite squad battles and defeat every monster who possess a threat to their kingdom.

As the saying goes,”Another serene morning in the Dark Cacao Kingdom: perhaps we have to thank Captain Crunchy Chip Cookie for it!”

Crunchy Chip Cookie Toppings Build Wiki 2022

The crunchy chip cookie has launched the best crunchy chip toppings which is Wild berry Cookie and Clotted Cookie with epic and super epic rarities.

Their power can be increased by topping them with Solid Almond as it will increase their damage resistance and thereby increasing their staying power.

If you want to use his maximum power, you should aim for ATK and CRIT% as it will give you the best returns and also increases the power of the cookie. 

Crunchy chip cookie is a short, dark-doughed cookie with stripes of brown makeup on each cheek similar to the animal whiskers.

On his left hand, he hold 3 blades on his gloves similar to that of the wolves. 

This was releases as the second part of the update and has taken over the world of gamers.

Gamers are amazed by its power and flexibility.

This cookie has all the qualities of a leader with the charge type and its character to lead from the front.

It has a soul stone which holds the piece of the crunchy chip soul that can withstand the hardest of the winters and storm and pierces through the wind to protect its kingdom.

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Best Crunchy Chip Cookie Toppings Build 2022

Here we are discussing about the Best Crunchy Chip Cookie Toppings Build of 2022

  • X5 Solid Almond Toppings(Provisional)

If you want to make the foremost amazing cookie than you should choose X5 Solid Almond Toppings as has more DMG resistance which will allow him to stand for more time and thereby increasing its survival time.

As you know, the Crunchy chip cookie is the latest addition in the game and is provisional so it may take time to evaluate.

It is an NPC which was announced to the world in the first part of the Council of Heroes update (version 3.0.002) and is the leader of the Cream Wolves which defends the Dark Cacao Kingdom.

He is the captain of the squad who leads the wolves in every events of the Council of heroes update. 

Crunchy Chip Cookie was declared on 27th May, 2022 and the concept was to give him epic powers who would automatically lead the wolves group until there are already two cookies occupying the position. 

The skill set of the Crunchy Chip Cookie are

  • Tamer: It would receive 25% of summoned creative buffs by using the skill set and also increases the single hit damage caused to the enemies. Claw mark is also one of the capabilities of the cookie which would however take 30 seconds to get activated but once activated can push the enemy back and thereby destroying it like the wolves.

Final Words

As you have read the article, you would have known that the Crunchy chip cookie is the best cookie that has been released so far by the developers.

This will make the game more interesting and also addictive.

The cookie will be able to withhold the strongest of the enemies and defeat them to protect the kingdom.

If you have not started to play the game, we recommend you to download the game and start playing from today itself.

It is one of the games which would help you to pass over your boredom and also for mind relaxation. 

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