The Ultimate Guide to TH11 War Bases 2024 in Clash of Clans: Strategies, Layouts, and Tips

In the strategic battleground of Clash of Clans, reaching Town Hall 11 (TH11) marks a significant milestone for every player.

It’s a level where the game’s dynamics shift considerably, introducing new defensive structures and challenges.

This guide is meticulously crafted to navigate you through the complexities of designing TH11 war bases, ensuring your stronghold remains impervious to enemy onslaughts.

Let’s embark on this journey to fortify your defenses and elevate your Clan Wars and CWL performance.

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Understanding TH11 War Bases

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What Makes a TH11 War Base?

Transitioning to TH11 opens up a new realm of strategic depth. The introduction of the Eagle Artillery, an additional Inferno Tower, and enhanced levels for existing defenses, demands a reevaluation of your war base design.

A well-constructed TH11 war base not only thwarts enemy attacks but also secures your resources and trophies, making your village an unattractive target for would-be attackers.

Key Components of a Strong TH11 War Base

A formidable TH11 war base is the sum of its parts, each playing a pivotal role in the base’s overall defensive strategy.

  • Defensive Structures: The placement of your Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers, and X-Bows is critical. These powerful defenses should be positioned to cover as much of your base as possible, creating overlapping fields of fire that complicate the attacker’s strategy.
  • Trap Placement: Smart trap placement can turn the tide of battle. Spring traps, giant bombs, and seeking air mines placed at strategic points can eliminate key enemy units and disrupt attack strategies.
  • Compartmentalization: A base divided into multiple compartments forces attackers to use more wall breakers and jump spells, slowing their progress and exposing their troops to prolonged defensive fire.

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Designing Your TH11 War Base

Starting with the Basics

The foundation of a strong TH11 war base lies in the strategic placement of the Town Hall and Clan Castle. These critical structures should be positioned to maximize their defensive potential while minimizing vulnerabilities.

  • Town Hall: While the temptation might be to place the Town Hall in the very center, consider positioning it in a slightly off-center compartment. This can lure attackers into unfavorable paths, exposing them to concentrated defensive fire.
  • Clan Castle: Centralize your Clan Castle to make it difficult for attackers to lure out your defensive troops early in the attack. A well-placed Clan Castle can disrupt even the most well-planned attacks.

Advanced Layout Strategies

Developing a sophisticated layout involves more than just placing buildings and defenses; it requires a deep understanding of common attack strategies and how to counter them.

  • Inferno Tower Placement: Your Inferno Towers are your best defense against high-hitpoint units like Golems and P.E.K.K.As. Place them so they can cover the approaches to your Town Hall, and consider setting one to multi-target and the other to single-target to counter a variety of attack strategies.
  • Utilizing High HP Buildings: Use high hitpoint buildings like storages as buffers for your defensive structures. Placing them in front of key defenses can absorb a significant amount of damage, slowing the attacker’s progress.

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Anti-2-Star Bases

These bases are designed with the primary goal of protecting against 2-star attacks, focusing on securing the Town Hall and preventing attackers from achieving a high percentage.

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  • Layout Features:
    • The Town Hall is placed in a heavily fortified central compartment, surrounded by key defenses.
    • Inferno Towers and X-Bows are positioned to protect the Town Hall and key areas of the base.

Anti-3-Star Bases

The pinnacle of TH11 war base design, these bases aim to prevent the full 3-star attack, leveraging complex compartmentalization and strategic trap placement.

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  • Layout Features:
    • A labyrinth of compartments confuses and delays attackers, forcing them to use more troops and spells to navigate the base.
    • Traps are strategically placed in areas likely to be pathed by enemy troops, maximizing their effectiveness.

Adapting to the Meta

Keeping Your Base Updated

The Clash of Clans meta is constantly evolving, with new troops, defenses, and attack strategies emerging regularly. Staying abreast of these changes and adapting your base accordingly is crucial for maintaining a strong defense.

  • Stay Informed: Follow Clash of Clans forums, social media, and YouTube channels dedicated to the game. These resources can provide valuable insights into current trends and strategies.
  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment with your base layout. Sometimes, unconventional designs can prove highly effective against the prevailing meta.

Analyzing and Improving Your Base

Continuous improvement is the key to developing an unbeatable TH11 war base. Analyze your defenses, learn from defeats, and always look for ways to enhance your base’s design.

  • Review Battle Replays: Pay close attention to how your base performs in defense. Identify patterns in how it’s attacked and look for vulnerabilities that can be addressed.
  • Community Feedback: Engage with the Clash of Clans community. Share your base design and seek feedback from other players. The collective wisdom of the community can provide insights you might have overlooked.

Additional Resources

Tools and Apps for Base Design

Leveraging tools and apps can streamline the base design process, offering templates, design ideas, and the ability to easily share and copy layouts.

  • Clash BasePedia: A popular app that offers a vast collection of base layouts and design tools.
  • Clash of Clans Builder: An online tool that allows you to design and share your base layouts with the community.

Where to Find More Base Layouts

Exploring a variety of sources can inspire your base designs and introduce you to new layout concepts.

  • Clash of Clans Forums and Reddit: These platforms host a vibrant community of players sharing base designs and strategies.
  • YouTube: Many experienced players and clans share their base designs and defensive strategies on YouTube, providing visual guides that can be extremely helpful.


Crafting an effective TH11 war base is a dynamic challenge that requires creativity, strategic thinking, and an ongoing commitment to adaptation and improvement.

By applying the principles and strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to design a base that not only withstands the onslaught of enemy attacks but also secures your place as a formidable defender in Clash of Clans.

Remember, the ultimate war base is not just a collection of buildings and defenses but a reflection of your understanding of the game’s deeper strategic elements. Good luck, and may your defenses stand strong against all challengers!

Below Guide as per Old patch Note

Hey! Clashers, welcome back As you have reached TH11, which takes a lot of time to reach and many gaming hours, you are an avid player of Clash of Clans.

Here, I will take you through many interesting bases, where you can find TH11 farming base, TH11 war base and TH11 trophy bases.

Though as you all know this game is almost like bullying the lower and no base can guarantee you 100% safety.

But little tweak here and there will definitely save you some precious elixirs, DE and gold on your farms bases.

The war bases too are similar, many a times you may find a very good attacker, who will do a 3 star.

Do not get disheartened. Watch that attack, repeatedly, until you master the attack strategy.

But most of the time you will get average attacker and where the little effort of building the war base gives you satisfaction of saving few stars for yourself and the clan.

These saved stars will definitely make your clan to give a tougher fight. TH11 came into existence nearly four years ago.

This announcement was huge, as the players who were playing the game from starting could see the games future as big and Clash of Clans too did not disappoint the clashers.

It always came up with new ideas like grand warden hero, constant change of troops and their damage power And, it has reached TH13.

Clash of Clans is a Great game to play and achieve max out buildings and troops.

With TH11 you get a new Grand Warden, Eagle Artillery, Tornado Trap, Electro Dragon. All TH10 players must be eagerly waiting to get hold of these at the earliest.

And, I can say these things really boost the defence of your base. Electro Dragon takes you to a new level of attack along with the support of Grand Warden.

Hey! Enough talking!! Let us get to the bases. Hope you will find a base or two that best suits you.

Th11 war base 2023 Download Link

  • As you already know War bases are not to save your precious resources, but to give a tougher fight to attackers in your Clan wars and Clan League wars(Though, sadly Clan league war is dominated by higher TH guys, But eventually we all will get there).
  • Eagle Artillery is a structure, which gives TH11 a robust defence feature. It gets activated once a certain amount of troops are released. Its attack range is throughout the base (7-50 tiles).
  • I would like to say that below each picture of bases, you will find a link. This link can directly will take you to your COC and easily you can copy it.
  • Bingo!!  You do not have to go through the pain of placing each building manually.
  • The Eagle artillery is placed well inside the core to give its maximum potential to damage the incoming troops, because the enemy troops will take time to reach the core.
  • The TH is placed in the corner to give the attacker a sense of dilemma to go for a 3 star attack or settle for lesser star.
  • This kind of placement makes the attacker confused on where to put the siege machines (There are four types of Siege machines-Siege Barracks, Battle Blimp, Stone Slammer, and Wall Wrecker).

The CC is also inside and CC troops cannot be lured easily.

th11 war base
th11 war base 2023

Town Hall 11 War Base | Th11 War Base 2023

This war base you can see TH, CC and Eagle Artillery are in a line with the support of Air Defences. Hence the attacker might need to target the building at the same time, making his troops thinner.

But a moderate Electro dragon attacker might take down this base easily. However, you may try this base in your friendly matches and check the results. I don’t even know this base might surprise us.

th11 war base 2
th11 war base

th11 war base 1
th11 war base

Best TH11 War Base | TH11 War Base Anti Everything

This is a typical anti 3 star base, where the eagle artillery is in the core, supported by inferno towers.

The Town Hall 11 and CC both are placed outside of the base arrangement to make the attacker attack starting from TH and making him settle for 2 stars.

th11 war base 3
th11 war base

COC TH11 War Base Copy Link Anti 2 Star | Clash of clans TH 11 war base

  • As you must have understood the thought process that goes through to make a base, I won’t be wasting your time explaining each and every base.
  • You are smart enough and have good knowledge of Clash of Clans; else you would not have reached TH11.
  • The below bases are anti-Electro Dragon bases. The structured are well spread making the electro dragon’s job difficult.
  • The Air Defences are also placed strategically in distance places, which make the attacker spend more freeze spells.
  • If the timing of putting spell goes wrong, which happens most of the time; these bases are electro dragon killers.
th11 war base 4
th11 war base

th11 war base 5
th11 war base

th11 war base 6
th11 war base

Best Town Hall 11 War Base Anti Everything

The below bases are made keeping in mind that your base will not only be attacked by Air troops but also ground troops.

These types of base, making a funnel for enemy is hard, the troops will go scatter and miss the core. By the time enemy troops reach the core, they would be more than half dead.

This makes the inner defences work easier. The below, bases will definitely save a star or two. Let the enemy attack either from ground or air.

th11 war base 7
th11 war base

th11 war base 8
th11 war base

th11 war base 9
th11 Hybrid war base

th11 war base 10
th11 war base

th11 war base 12
th11 war base

Best TH11 Hybrid Base Copy Links Anti Everything 2023

The purpose of Hybrid base is to save you some resources (That means the looter does not get to get all your available loot) and with that the looter will farming troops won’t be able to 2 star your bases(which makes you lose less trophies.

I personally never understood why hybrid bases are made. These kinds of bases definitely give away your precious resources and also give away at least a star. I see no point in these types of bases.

I would like to call these bases as War bases, where you get to save a star or two for sure. This makes you lose less of your trophies and less of your resources.

The below bases are kind of Hybrid Base, where you are trying to save Dark Elixirs. Out of the three resources, one needs to work harder to get these. Hence saving it at the cost of others makes it worth.

The thought process given in the above base can be seen here. Here we have put the Inferno towers way apart.

This arrangement doesn’t give the attacker the liberty of pushing troops altogether and destroys both the Inferno Towers.

Check the Air Sweeper position. It definitely will try to push away any Air troops, which try to reach the Inferno Towers.

th11 war base 11
th11 war base

th11 war base 13
th11 war base

th11 war base 14
th11 war base

COC TH11 Trophy Base Copy Link Layout 2023

You will find many websites flaunting the below bases as trophy bases. But in reality these bases are too War bases.

Because, these bases sole purpose is to save you stars (which makes you lose less trophies). These types of bases are often called island bases.

Because if you look closely, you will find the whole layout is separated and made as pockets of defences.

Making it look like a cluster of islands, protecting each other and also dealing damage to any incoming troops.

These bases can be used in war also. Many moderate players find these types of bases difficult to achieve 3 stars.

th11 war base 15
th11 war base

th11 war base 16
th11 war base

th11 war base 17
th11 war base

Best TH11 Farming Base Download Link | TH11 Base 2023

I love these farming bases. Farming bases only objective is to protect your precious hard earned resources and keep it safe from a looter.

You too know how hard is to fill one’s resources and putting those resources to build your village and army.

In the below bases, focus is given to Dark elixir. The DE storage is put in the middle with loads of defences around the base to protect it.

Same concern is paid to the Elixir and Gold storage’s. Instead of putting the storage’s together, which makes the attacker just snipe and take the resources; we have separated it and placed those far from each other.

th11 farming base
th11 farming base

th11 farming base 1
th11 farming base

th11 farming base 2
th11 farming base

th11 farming base 3
th11 farming base

That’s all for Th11 war Base Guide, hope you learn something.

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