How to Play Chronicle of Infinity? Best Guide 2022

Chronicle of Infinity: Neocraft Limited is here with a jew power-packed title known as Chronicle of Infinity.

If you have tried out all the other MMORPGs on your device and feel a bit jaded, Chronicle of Infinity is certainly going to revive your fun back. 

Chronicle of Infinity is a thrilling, high-graphic, and feature-rich game that provides you with a range of modes to experiment.

Yes, apart from the primary task, you will be able to take advantage of these game modes as well. 

Through these, you can not only bolster the power of your hero but also challenge other players!

You have the incredible opportunity to declare yourself as the most powerful guardian in the game! 

In the game, you will essentially need to protect the vital Astral Alliance which is the sole survivor of your kin in Chronicle of Infinity. 

Apart from different game modes, the game also provides you with the choice of three different characters or classes.

These include Arcania, Dragoon, and Phantom.

Each of the characters in Chronicle of Infinity features a distinct skill set which has unique effects.

In essence, each character is going to cast their unique skills in a unique technique. 

If you have just started your journey in Chronicle of Infinity or planning to, we advise that you first get acquainted with a few basics of the game.

It is also very crucial to have the right strategy in mind before you can go on to claim yourself as the strongest player. 

As such, we are here with our Chronicle of Infinity Beginner’s Guide 2022!

In this article, we are not only going to enlighten you on the basic gameplay but also some best strategies to level up fast and dominate the alien creatures in the game. 

Let’s get started.

Chronicle of Infinity Beginner’s Guide 2022

You will come across certain fundamental elements that are at the core of the Chronicle of Infinity.

Here’s what you need to know about them. 


The campaign in Chronicle of Infinity is the primary storyline which you will be required to complete.

You need to finish this off as you have to guard the Astral Alliance.

In this campaign, you will come across a range of levels just in a single chapter. 

Players will be able to get access to stars out of the campaign. These stars will help you in unlocking the Zodiac.

Zodiac, in Chronicle of Infinity, assists you in clearing a level with great ease.

It does so by providing your character with a buff within the stats boost. 

Pvp Mode

Next, you will be able to challenge other players as well.

Get them to the Arena if you wish to declare yourself as the most powerful guardian existing in the game.

Initially, you will come across Individual settings where players will be battling another player in a 1Vs1 fight. 

Apart from this, you may also try out the league, the special Apex Guerilla, as well as a treasure hunt if you are looking to gain some legendary stuff in the game.

Besides, you will also be able to challenge heroes from another server as well and fight against them in a special Cross-server contest. 

PvE Mode

Astral Alliance provides you with a range of daily modes in the game that players will and must explore as much as possible.

This will help you in getting access to a large number of resources apart from getting done with your main storyline. 

These game modes include Casual, Arena, and Explore.

Each of these will help you in attaining some valuable stuff including EXP, coins, gear, and a lot more!

The best part is that none of these requires you to submit an entry fee of any kind.

Nonetheless, the players must bear in mind that the game keeps resetting their progress in these game modes daily.

So don’t leave anything for tomorrow and take advantage of this special feature every day. 

Different Characters as well as NPCs

As you start your journey in Chronicle of Infinity, you will be given the choice to select a hero for yourself.

There will be three options and you will need to choose ‘the one’ who will eventually be your primary character in the game. 

As mentioned earlier, these characters include Arcania, Dragoon, and Phantom. 

Arcania in Chronicle of Infinity is great at dealing with magic damage.

Another speciality of hers is her wide-scale range when attacking the opponent.

Dragon, on the other hand, is good at dealing with a considerable amount of melee damage and also features a wide-scale range.

Phantom features exceptional abilities and its excel area is burst damage. 

Moreover, there is a total of three prominent NPCs in Chronicle of Infinity that will provide you with the primary task in the Astral Alliance. These include: 

  1. Leyden: The Royal Orphan
  2. Elmera: The Guardian
  3. Gulmar: The God of War


Ruins in the game are a special kind of dungeon where players will be able to get access to a range of useful items.

To be able to do so, you will need to kill a large number of monsters.

In Ruin, there are a total of four modes that include Ruin Boss, Ruin Idling, Ruin Token, as well as Cleanup Quest.

When you are done with your task here, the absolute reward that you will be able to earn includes the legendary set of equipment known as Ares Set. 


Last but not least, a crucial element in Chronicle of Infinity is the league.

As you go on to join a league in the game, it will provide you with a large number of benefits.

The majority of them are related to bolstering the power of your characters as well as obtaining more valuable resources.

Once you reach a satisfactory level, you must certainly consider joining the most powerful league that there is.

And remember, YOU need to be the most powerful member there. 

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Chronicle of Infinity Tips, Tricks & Strategies 

We hope that now you have a basic understanding of all the fundamental elements of the Chronicle of Infinity game.

Once you are done selecting your desired classes, you will be limited to only the NPCs who will lead you to your main campaign. 

As you unlock your campaign, you will also be gaining access to various modes in the game.

As mentioned above, these modes play a great role in strengthening the combat power of your character.

Nonetheless, you will be required to accumulate tons of resources as you move forward.

You can access these resources through daily modes as well.

This will help you in outreaching the minimum threshold of battle power needed to enter a stage. 

There is always the option to enhance your gear in the game at any point in time.

Nevertheless, you will be required to possess some specific items if you wish to improve as well as level up these items. 

Let’s now take a look at some of the best strategies to level up fast and dominate the alien creatures in Chronicle of Infinity: 

Chronicle of Infinity Guide 2022

1. Getting Started

A crucial tip to keep in mind when starting your journey in Chronicle of Infinity is that players must pace themselves throughout the game until they reach the 40th level.

This is because the 40th level in the game is the time when players will be able to get access to a pet.

The pet is a crucial element of Chronicle of Infinity which plays a key role in assisting you throughout your campaign.

Therefore, it will be in your best interest to speed up a bit and not waste any of your vital resources before you reach this level.

The 40th level will provide you with Avian as well as a special pet who provides a significant boost to the combat powers of your characters. 

Moreover, we suggest that you accumulate an adequate amount of rank-up gear as well as refined equipment.

Out of all the other stuff, these two are truly crucial as they will help you in clearing some particular stages.

The good part is that you will be able to gain access to the rank-up gear with great ease and free of cost!

You can find more of these in the treasure hunt at any point in time.

And for attaining refined equipment, you must make use of blitz. 

2. Choosing a decent character

Just like any other mobile game these days, the character that you choose in Chronicle of Infinity plays a significant role in shaping your experience in the game.

A lot of players are often curious about which character to choose and which not.

Almost everyone strives for the best and there is no reason why you should not. 

However, when it comes to Chronicle of Infinity, it would be fair to say that there is not a solitary character that is best of all.

Every character in the game has its share of strengths as well as weaknesses. 

All of these characters feature unique skill sets as well as stat levels.

And they are created to suit different players and their play styles.

Having said that, you must choose the character that simply suits you the best. 

3. Make sure to join a League 

As mentioned in the previous section of the article, leagues are an essential element of the Chronicle of Infinity game and play a crucial role in helping your character grow. 

You must join a league as soon as possible which will not only give a boost to your hero but also help you progress in the game with much greater ease and efficiency. 

The good thing is that these leagues provide you with a range of perks and benefits that are quite hard to miss out on!

4. Don’t miss out on the Missions 

Unlike a lot of other MMORPGs, Chronicle of Infinity is an excellent game that provides you with a significant amount of rewards every time you get involved in one activity or another.

Especially in the initial stages of the game, you will be gaining and spending a lot!

A crucial feature of Chronicle of Infinity includes missions as well as achievements.

You can tap on the icon of Daily on the bottom right-hand side of your screen and access these missions.

In the same area, there’s another icon of the star which will lead you to the Achieve tab where you can check out the available achievements. 

Both achievements, as well as missions, are fundamental to the gameplay of Chronicle of Infinity.

The best part is that there isn’t any extra effort that you need to put in to complete these tasks.

The majority of the time you check these out, they will be aligned with your regular activities in the game.

Hence, this is easy money which you must never neglect! 

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5. Play for as long as you can! 

Chronicle of Infinity features a special element through which you can gain a greater amount of rewards and valuable resources.

All you need to do is stay logged into the game for as long as you can!

Just keep in mind to attain the threshold of the maximum time limit which is required to provide you with a better value. 


Chronicle of Infinity is an interesting game that helps you dive into a high-graphic game environment with a lot of features.

You must be patient when it comes to unlocking the true potential of your hero in the game.

Progression is a gradual process but smooth and easy.  

We hope that our Chronicle of Infinity Beginner’s Guide 2022 was helpful for you with the best strategies to help you level up fast and dominate the aliens creatures in the game

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