Secret Tricks How to Get Active Chimeraland Codes 2022

If you are looking for current Chimeraland Codes, then you have come to the right place. Chimerland is an open world survival game that has launched recently on android and iOS.

The format is sandbox role-playing games with a vast area for the players to explore. The creator of this game is Proxima Beta PTE.

Limited, which is the same studio that created Alchemy Stars, Contra Return, Arena of Valor and other popular games.

The map of Chimeraland is of approx. 9 billion square feet covering four continents, a huge space for you to hunt treasure, gather, go hunting and build homes. 

It might seem spellbinding but it is possible to succeed in the game.

When you go to hunt old ancient animals in Chimeraland, the huge world will open up and there will be hundreds and thousands of years old strange animals at your display for you to hunt and gather materials for manufacturing artifacts and equipments.

You can also keep them as pets and customise their look by devouring them in pairs. 

Although the game is very recently released, the rapid increase in popularity has accounted for demand of free Chimeraland gift codes. So let’s check them out. 

What are Working Chimeraland Codes? 

Working Chimeraland codes play a major role in the game to reward freebies to the loyal fans.

No matter in what level of the game you are, you can redeem the Chimeraland gift codes.

The developers always come up with a couple of events to share freebies with us.

Level Infinite who has developed Chimeraland mostly distributes massive rewards in the form of numerous coupon codes.

You can also use CDKeys gift codes for Chimeraland to get hundreds of in-game resources like Sigil Packs, Grand Beast Packs, Mountain Kits, and more.

Active Chimeraland Codes 2022

  • 100CELEBRATION – Rewards: 1x Excellent Sigil Pack, 1x Grand Beast Pack, 1x Mount Kit 
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR – Rewards: 1x Excellent Sigil Pack, 1x Grand Beast Pack, 1x Mount Kit
  • MERRY2021XMAS – Rewards: 1x Cowries and Pet Eggs
  • MORETO2022 – Rewards: 1x Cowries and Pet Eggs

How to Redeem Codes in Chimeraland? 

Chimeraland does not have its own redemption centre, so you must be wondering how to redeem CDKeys.

The process is very easy and it will only take a few seconds so don’t worry and follow the steps below. 

  1. Open the game in whichever device you are using. 
  2. At the top right section of the screen, you will see a Perks icon. Tap on that.
  3. Select Events.
  4. Type any one of the Chimeraland codes and click on Confirm. 
  5. Check your mailbox and this is how you can easily redeem the in-game rewards. 

Now that it is clear how to redeem CDKeys or how to redeem codes in Chimeraland, make sure to use the codes as soon as possible because they expire after sometime.

The developers frequently come up with new codes when the old ones become invalid.

Where to Find New Chimeraland Codes?

To answer your question, “Where to find new Chimeraland codes?”, there is only one place to look.

You will have to follow the social media handles of the developers on the game.

Follow them on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Discord to get new codes.

The easier way will be to bookmark this page as we update the Chimeraland codes as soon as they come out. 

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Strategies To Win in Chimeraland

1. Make use of the Resource Finder

The game resources are very useful to win. The Resource Finder is an easy way to Mark all the resources present on the map.

Open the Function Wheel and click on “Explore” button. Next, you have to click “All” so that the nearby gatherable resources are marked on your screen. If you want a more specific search click “Orientation.”

2. Upgrade Life Skills

You have to learn various life skills such as logging, mining and gathering to survive.

Under each life skill you will find multiple sub skills that can be upgraded.

The most important is the “Basics” skill which will increase the amount of resources which you can gather in one interaction.

For example, if you upgrade the Logging Basics Skill then it will increase the number of logs that you obtain in one chop. 

In order to upgrade the subskills you will have to fulfill the unlock requirements for upgrade and also have sufficient skill points and Cowries(the in-game currency). 

3. Touching Totems

Pro players argue that Totems are the best place to gather all kinds of resources, items, and EXP in the game.

To find the nearest Totems in the map, open Resource Finder and go to Orientation > Incident > Totem Challenge. 

There are various types of Totems but whatever type you choose the rewards are great after completing the challenge

  • Battle Totem – call upon waves of humanoid enemies to kill them all.
  • Advanced Battle Totem – the mechanics is same as the previous one, but you get a chance to obtain Boss Trial Stones which you will use for Boss Totems. 
  • Hunting Totem – call upon waves of beast enemies and kill them all.
  • Advanced Hunting Totem – a similar mechanics but you can get Giant Beast Trial Stones as rewards which will be needed for Deobeast Totems. 
  • Boss Totem – get into a fight and kill boss-level immortals to earn rewards. You will need Boss Trial stones to start the battle.
  • Deobeast Totems – fight and kill grand level Deobeasts to earn rewards. You will need Giant Beast Trial Stones for this.
  • Mysterious Totem – when you touch this totem, it becomes defensive and tries to resist upcoming attacks. 

4. Play the Game Pod

The Game Pod is a special device that you craft while completing a main quest in which you can play various challenges to earn rewards.

You get four games in the Game Pod, Shooting Trial, Pet Capture, Totem Trial and Devour Challenge.

The most interesting ones are Shooting Trial and Devour Challenge.

Each challenge is sorted as per difficulty and you can only unlock the next level after completing the prior one. 

Final Words

Chimeraland Codes are very helpful to take you ahead in the game easily.

You can enjoy a lot of resources which you would have otherwise had to work very hard for.

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