CatLife Beginner’s Guide 2022 | CatLife Codes 2022

CatLife: BitLife has certainly been a huge success in the gaming world. Not only that, DogLife, which was only released last year, has managed to establish a considerable fan base as well.

Now another popular name in the life stimulation industry is CatLife which was launched just recently by Candywriter in January 2022. 

On one hand, BitLife revolves around human characters whereas CatLife is for all the cat lovers out there!

However, just like DogLife, players will be able to play either like cats or dogs as per their preferences.

Having said that, many people are keen on making a CatLife Vs DogLife comparison.

While the two games may sound similar, in the true sense, they are not.

There are a lot of different aspects that come with CatLife and one must know about them all. 

To help you out, we have mentioned below a CatLife Beginner’s Guide which dives deeper into various elements of the game.

It will not only guide you through the basics but also help you evolve as the top cat (or dog) in the game. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started on our CatLife Beginner’s Guide. 

CatLife Beginner’s Guide

CatLife is a relatively new game which means that no one truly is an expert.

But one certain thing is that just like the predecessors, it is one hell of a feature-rich and extensive game.

In simple words, it can be a little tricky to understand the game especially if you have no history of playing BitLife. 

Some tips and tricks, however, can always work like magic in such cases.

This is why, to help you out, we have mentioned below our exclusive CatLife Beginner’s Guide.

All these tips will help you get started on your CatLife journey and make the most out of it!

Moreover, once you go through these, you will be able to see a clear comparison between CatLife Vs DogLife. 

Now let’s dive right into our CatLife Beginner’s Guide: 

1. CatLife Vs DogLife

If you are also guessing a CatLife Vs DogLife comparison here, you have got it right. Apart from a few basic disparities, CatLife resembles DogLife in a lot of ways.

It is more or less like its re-skinned edition. This is largely because in CatLife as well, players can become a dog too.

While the priority is given to cats, of course, the overall experience is mostly the same. 

Just as the predecessors, in CatLife, you will be able to create a unique life for yourself while choosing the gender as well as the name for your character.

There will also be other choices to make such as living in a home, shelter, pet store, or street.

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You will be able to select the hometown and country for your character as well. 

  • Living in a household 

The resemblance between the two games, CatLife Vs DogLife, particularly becomes apparent when you are selecting a house for the character.

In case you decide on living in a home, you are going to be allowed a very random household, couple, or an individual who will be responsible for you. 

Moreover, your relations with them is also going to be randomly assigned.

The same goes for any more pets in the house.

So in case, the family has any other pet, you are going to be categorized among them under the Hierarchy column.

Your character may or may not have good relations with fellow pets based on the random luck of the game.

Generally, this choice of living in a household provides players with maximum stability given that they get lucky enough to live in a loving family. 

  • Living in a pet store or shelter

On the contrary, you will have to deal with random humans with different traits and relationship statuses when it comes to selecting a shelter or maybe a pet store.

These human beings will involve the owners as well as the staff members of the pet shop or the shelter.

The hierarchy arrangement is going to be highly applicable here as compared to the household choice.

This is because you will be required to gain yourself a certain amount of respect on your own among all the other pets.

At the same time, you must be doing something to convince other people to purchase or adopt you.

For instance, you can try doing some cute actions to catch their attention or perform trips as well.  

  • Living on the street 

Finally, the option to live on the street entirely revolves around survival as well as respect.

You must stay ready for some brutal animals and their vicious actions.

You may even be ambushed by animals that are smaller than you.

This is only going to result in great chaos, damage, and dominance.

Moreover, you will have to search here and there to get something to eat.

You will also need to play various mini-games to either get yourself some food or a place to dwell. 

As in DogLife, players in CatLife as well will have the choice of unlocking all the available breeds.

This is going to cost you three dollars. It is worth mentioning that the price rate here is a bit higher than the one in the DogLife game.

However, if a player wishes to spend their money on the same, we highly recommend them to unlock Top Cat.

This one’s going to cost you five dollars. Apart from getting access to all the breeds of cats and dogs in the game, players will also get a special ability that is God Mode-like.

Here, you will be able to make edits to all the NPC individuals as well as animals.

You can even decide on the traits and physical appearance when building a character. 

However, editing all the stats in the game is not possible.

For instance, certain elements like ages, backgrounds, and genders of other CatLife characters can’t be edited.

You will still be able to edit the names of the characters, their essential details, major traits, etc. And honestly, this much is more than enough. 

Another element of this CatLife Vs DogLife comparison is the in-game age button.

While the age button in BitLife would extend the life of the character to a year, in CatLife and DogLife, it is restricted to just 3 months.

This is naturally because animals age relatively faster and live a much shorter lifespan as compared to human beings. 

Now let’s talk about various mechanisms and features in the CatLife game. 

2. Animal Stats 

Animal Stats is one key element in the CatLife game which is best enjoyed by all the players with Top Cat facilitated in their game.

However, one must be well aware of the stats of their character as well as the animals and humans they are interacting with. 

With Top Cat, when you build a new in-game character,  you will be able to make edits to eight different Animal stats.

The following are these Animal Stats: 

  • Cuteness, in Animal Stats, refers to looks and may impact the value of your character. It may also affect your charm towards the potential buyers in case you end up living in a shelter or pet shop. 
  • Discipline is related to the ability of your character to grasp different tricks. It will also play an important role in avoiding the character to cause random turmoil when living with a family. A high level of discipline implies that the character is less likely to eat on the sofa, smash a jar, or do any such thing that would cause unnecessary trouble to the family. 
  • Happiness is explanatory on its own. It represents how satisfied the character is. 
  • Health is also pretty self-explanatory. It shows how healthy the character is right now. 
  • Karma impacts the resiliency of the character in difficult conditions. This may include getting thrown out of a household, getting intimidated by another pet, etc. It also has a role to play in specifying your lifespan. 
  • Smarts, as the name suggests, is related to the intelligence stats of your character. 
  • Willpower specifies how tough or easy it is for the character to lose another pet, resist the urge to misbehave or make any other bad decisions. 
  • Homosexuality is another Animal Stats that is supposedly not visible to some characters in the game. 
  • One new addition to the list of Animal Stats is ‘Strength’ in the game’s God Mode. Strength influences the odds of the character causing a certain amount of harm to other pets or human beings. However, it is worth mentioning that it is different from Aggression. While aggression is one of the most desirable Animal Stats, it is not editable. Nonetheless, Strength is a key addition to the list. 

3. Understanding The Human Stats

Understanding the human stats is crucial as well.

The editable ones here are largely the same as in DogLife or BitLife. These include the following: 

  • Craziness, 
  • Happiness, 
  • Looks, 
  • Sexuality,
  • Health, 
  • Kindness, and
  • Smarts

When it comes to understanding the human stats, the primary one to focus on is Craziness.

This specifies the probability of the character performing any unusual activity at a random point in time.

Happiness can easily be boosted when you cuddle with them a bit and show them love and compassion.

Kindness plays an important role in inferring how loved your character may feel in a family, pet shop, or shelter. 

You may also consider Health when understanding the human stats.

When striving to earn the CatLife Killer Cat ribbon, you must choose a character with low health. 

While they aren’t as comprehensive as Animal Stats, understanding the human stats may still be a good thing to do. 

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4. Dominance hierarchy from omega to alpha

Dominance hierarchy from omega to alpha is a crucial mechanism of the game.

When you are the alpha, no one ever tries to mess with you.

It will also raise your value significantly and result in your better health.

This is because the threat of attacks reduces considerably when you are the alpha.

So Dominance hierarchy from omega to alpha should be your priority.

5. How to collect ribbons in CatLife? 

When the DogLife game was still new, it almost became certain for once that there was no option of collecting ribbons in the game.

However, it was immediately added by the developers.

Many players are now supposedly wondering how to collect ribbons in CatLife.

The good thing is that the option has been made available ever since its launch.

In total, there are 23 ribbons available for you to collect in the game while playing various lives in various ways. 

Omega Ribbons, along with Killer Cat, are two names that you will find.

They are provided to cats and can destroy a significant number of humans or/and other animals. 

The catastrophe ribbon is the one provided to those who surprisingly die at a very young age and without any fault.

The wasteful ribbon is for the ones who ruin all their capacity in life.

For example, by assassinating another animal or human and ending up with euthanasia. Ordinary is the same as Mediocre from BitLife.

This is for all the cats/dogs in CatLife who live bland lives without any special milestone or accomplishment throughout. 

If you are wondering how to collect ribbons in CatLife, you can get them by performing heroic actions as well.

Moreover, you can also live an entirely idle life, successfully escape several times from the shop, or become the alpha animal for most of your lifespan. 

Just like the predecessors, in CatLife as well, ribbons are offered only when the character does and turn up on the tombstone with a short description of their life accomplishments.

Your character should also mention why they are worthy of the ribbon.   

CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes

Just like the original BitLife game, the developers will provide you with some exciting CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes that you can easily redeem to get bonuses in the game.

However, unlike the case with BitLife, these CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes are going to be available on not only Android but all the other platforms as well.

To be able to use these CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes, all you need to do is simply head to Settings.

Once reached there, just scroll down a bit and find the option of “Redeem Code”.

Click on this option and enter one of the CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes.

As soon as you do that, hit the confirm button.


How to find CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes? 

  1. Subreddit: There are various places where you can easily find these CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes. However, the most apparent of all is certainly the game’s Subreddit. You can simply search for a thread that contains CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes. 
  1. Facebook: Another great source to find CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes is the official Facebook handle of the game. Just head to the same and scroll down a bit to find what the devs have posted. Moreover, make sure that you have subscribed to their Facebook page as well. This way, you will be regularly notified of any CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes that the developers release.
  1. Other Social Media Platforms: The game developers run many other social media accounts including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and much more. Simply go through them all once because you never know what you may find here. There are many cases when a code appears on only one social media platform and not the others. So make sure to check it all out thoroughly. Another great part about checking the game’s official social media handles is that many times, fans also post redeem codes here and there. It’s all a matter of luck! 
  1. Discord: Discord is another fabulous platform where you may find valid and working CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes. This is simply because players on discord chat can post redeem codes in real-time. All you have to do is join a relevant channel and using the top search bar, locate the post with applicable CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes. In case you manage to get yourself some codes from here and there as well, don’t forget to share them on the discord chat!  
  1. YouTube & Twitch: Where there is BitLife, there is streaming. Two top platforms when it comes to streaming are Youtube, as well as Twitch. These two platforms are also a great source for finding CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes. 

For now, the devs haven’t released any new CatLife Bitlife Cats Redeem Codes.

But as soon as we get our hands on some, we’ll be sure to share them with you right away! 


CatLife, a brand new game, was certainly a much-awaited one by all the BitLife fans.

The game operates largely like the authentic game only, however, the player here is a cat and not a human.

For all the cat lovers out there, we can understand what great of a story this can be.

From interacting with the owner, other people and pets, to increasing our value and striving to come to the top, there’s only so much that the game offers. 

We hope that our above-mentioned CatLife Beginner’s Guide was helpful for you and you can now play the game with ease.

These tips will not only help you get started on your CatLife journey but also help you reach the title of the top cat in the game.

Have fun meow-ing! 

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