How to Get The Cat-Astrophy Ribbon in CatLife 2022 – Best Guide

BitLife has been widely known for its obsession with releasing fresh challenges every week.

There’s no doubt that these challenges make the game even more exciting and challenging for all the players.

And when it comes to CatLife, Candywriter made sure it doesn’t lag in any way as well. 

To add to the overall experience of the CatLife game, the developers have made a range of ribbons available for you to collect.

While it may not have as many ribbons as its predecessor, it certainly has enough to keep you hooked.

Moreover, as time passes, you may never know what more you may be provided with! 

A large number of players often feel a little baffled when it comes to collecting these ribbons.

If you are one of them too, then it’s time to put all your worries aside as we come to your rescue! 

In this guide mentioned below, we are going to enlighten you specifically on how to get the Cat-Astrophy ribbon in CatLife along with some more including Wasteful, Wildcat, Alley Cat, as well as Nomad and Sheltered Ribbons. 

So without any further ado, let’s begin. 

CatLife Ribbons

Ribbons in the CatLife play an essential role in the game. They have a way to keep the players engaged till the very end.

However, it is important that you don’t get confused between ribbons and achievements.

Both of these are two different elements in the game and must not be used as interchangeable terms. 

You will find a plethora of ribbons in the game that will be available for you right from the beginning.

They feature some specific requirements that need to be fulfilled.

Once you do so, you would be able to collect them. 

Although the requirements are not very hard-to-crack, you will need to be careful right from the start.

One tiny mistake can turn out to be a huge blunder and result in the failure to collect the respective ribbon. 

Here, we are primarily going to focus on How to get the Cat-Astrophy ribbon in CatLife.

Apart from Cat-Astrophy, we will also take a look at some other challenging ribbons including Wasteful, Wildcat, Alley Cat, as well as Nomad and Sheltered Ribbons. 

All of these ribbons feature a moderate-difficult level of requirements.

You shouldn’t take them lightly and hence, you must stay extremely careful at all times.

With the right amount of time, effort, and a little patience, you will certainly be able to get a hold of them.

Nonetheless, a lot depends on your luck as well. 

Let’s now take a look at all these aforementioned ribbons and their related requirements.

We shall start with the Cat-Astrophy ribbon first. 

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How to Get the Cat-Astrophy Ribbon in CatLife

The trickiest part about collecting the Cat-Astrophy ribbon in CatLife is that it is entirely dependent on your luck.

You either get it or you don’t. However, if you play it right, the ball is likely to be in your court. 

So for all those wondering how to get the Cat-Astrophy ribbon, the requirement is direct.

You will be required to die at a very young age and the reason can be as minor or as major as it could get.

You may die due to an animal attack, a serious disease, a terrible road accident, or anything else. 

We must make it clear that by “young age”, the game expects you to be two years old or perhaps even younger.

So as you must be expecting, in case you end up dying after this cutoff, you will most probably only be able to fetch the Ordinary ribbon in the game, that is, if you live a very basic lifestyle and don’t do anything very significant throughout your journey. 

In case you have played BitLife before, you would realise that it is more or less the same as the Unlucky Ribbon in BitLife.

It may certainly be a little challenging to get a hold of this ribbon when trying purposely.

However, the good thing is that the game undoubtedly provides you with ample opportunities for you to die early enough. 

So you shouldn’t feel intimidated and certainly give it your best shot when trying to collect the Cat-Astrophy ribbon in CatLife. 

Here are some other ribbons that you must certainly consider collecting in the CatLife game

Other CatLife Ribbons 

How to Get the Wasteful Ribbon

If you have played the BitLife and DogLife games before, you must already be acquainted with this name.

The good thing is that the Wasteful ribbon here works similarly as it does in both the predecessors of CatLife

For all those animals/pets who end up wasting a significant opportunity in their life, the Wasteful ribbon awaits you.

You can also do so willingly by simply clicking on the option to Surrender and you will be sure to collect this ribbon. 

However, in case you are someone who prefers talking more organic roads, there is another way to collect this Wasteful ribbon.

You can simply go on to create a massive level of chaos around you by attacking other animals as well as human beings. 

Amidst all of this, you must also attract Animal Control who shall euthanize you.

However, players must keep in mind that they should execute all of this without being entitled to the Killer Cat ribbon in the game. 

It is the counterpart of the animal kingdom of death liability.

In case the player ends up getting busted very early in their journey for the assassination of another animal, the game may end up putting you to sleep as your punishment.

In case that happens, it will count as a waste of prospects in life.

As a result, the game will provide you with the Wasteful ribbon. 

Nonetheless, this one is entirely based on your luck and if you would have to strongly rely on something, you must always try the aforementioned ways. 

How to Get the Wildcat Ribbon

The Wildcat Ribbon in CatLife is more or less the same as the Fertile one.

The only difference between the two is that players will be required to have way more mates if they wish to collect the Wildcat ribbon.

This applies to both situations whether you have kittens or not. 

One crucial rule that all players must keep in mind while trying to attain this ribbon is that they won’t be required to stop till they find the “In Heat” sign near the name of the animal before they go on to mate with them.

In case the animal is in heat, you will certainly have a great chance to end up with offspring.

However, even if they are not in heat, you can still mate with them or permit them to mate with you.

This way, you will be able to add a new mate to the list with great ease. 

So as long as one has a range of potential mates with them, you will easily be able to control an animal (female or male) while striving to attain the Wildcat ribbon in CatLife. 

Nevertheless, there are a few tricky things that can seem a bit challenging when trying to fetch this ribbon. They can either make you or break you. 

So firstly, players must bear in mind that when they are going to mate with a fellow animal, not everyone is going to be comfortable with mating with them.

There will be times when a male or female animal may completely disregard you and your offer. 

On the other hand, even when the game provides offspring with an option of mating with their parents, players must remember that the power only lies with the offspring.

As a parent, you will have no ability to instigate the process. 

Apart from this, there will come a time in the game when you would have mated with each and every animal in your region.

This may certainly seem like a very frustrating situation.

However, there is nothing to worry about as you can simply move to the next street or let the animal catchers get a hold of you.

The latter will land you in a shelter where you will be able to meet and mate with many new animals. 

Once you overcome these few challenges, you will be able to collect the Wildcat ribbon in CatLife with great ease!

Let’s now take a look at how to collect the Alley Cat ribbon. 

How to Get the Alley Cat Ribbon 

To collect the Alley Cat ribbon in the CatLife game, the primary requirement for you is to spend a lot of your life out there in the streets.

In a way, that also implies living an as long life as possible.

This is because only then, you will be able to commit a significant amount of time to the streets. 

As you do so, you must make sure that no one agrees to adopt you or send you to the Pet shelter.

So you must steer away from the animal catchers. 

Collecting this one is certainly not an easy task as spending time on the streets will take a lot from you.

It will result in great deterioration of your Health stats and no amount of scavenging will be able to restore it to an optimum level. 

Apart from this, another challenge is steering clear from other wild animals in the region.

Since you will just be out there, you also become a potential target for stray dogs and cats that they can annoy.

While you may still be able to surpass them, things get tougher when you have to come across zoo animals in the game like jaguars, mountain lions, baboons, macaques, and even gorillas!

These are certainly true bullies and can inflict some severe damage when ambushing other animals. 

Having said that, the most appropriate thing to do would be to live for at least fifteen years and then be entitled to the Alley Cat CatLife ribbon.

This cutoff has been recommended after taking all the risks and factors into account as it will help you stay away from much of the potential confrontation. 

Moreover, you should only focus on staying an Omega for the majority of your journey.

There is no need to worry about falling down the level of Dominance Hierarchy.

This way, you may also be able to qualify for the Omega ribbon as well!

Just make sure that you don’t get involved in any serious fights.

Especially in situations when you know you don’t stand a chance, the best idea would be to submit as early as possible. 

Having said that, you can also improve your chances of not ending up at the bottom of the hierarchy.

For that, you can simply help a fellow animal in attacking any of its opponents.

However, in our opinion, the best thing to do would be to steer clear of any kind of chaos as it may result in undue injuries for you. 

This can be a problem for you as you may end up dying way early before the completion of your fifteen years.

Since you will be living on the streets, there won’t be much medical care available for you. 

How to Get the Nomad and Sheltered Ribbons 

Last but not least, let’s see how to collect the Nomad and Sheltered Ribbons in CatLife. 

Nomad Ribbon

The primary requirement to collect the Nomad ribbon in the game is spending time in a range of homes.

The best way to start would be to head to a location where people can come and adopt you.

As you would expect, your best bet is the pet shelter or the pet shop.

Alternatively, you may also start your journey from someone’s house if you may wish so.

Keep in mind that this will also be counted in your list of homes. 

Once you have spent a decent few months in this house, you must start acting a little mischievous and try to annoy the owner.

As a result, the owner will be left with no choice but to throw you at the pet shelter.

In case your tiny mischievous actions don’t work, you can simply go on to attack the members of the family and this would certainly land you in the shelter. 

Once you have reached the pet shelter, it’s time to be the good cat (or dog).

You must instantly start to jump around, dance, chase your tail, or do other cute stuff that would attract some new owners.

The objective is to make them adopt you and take you to their home.

After that, keep repeating the process until you have changed at least five to six houses.

As soon as you are past that number, you should be good to collect the ribbon. 

Sheltered Ribbon 

Sheltered Ribbon is also a tricky one to attain.

For this one, you may take a few excursions to the pet shelter, however, it may also land you with the aforementioned Nomad Ribbon, that is if you get adopted several times. 

To collect the Sheltered ribbon rightfully, you must start your journey in the pet shelter and attract some humans only when you are 6 months old.

Keep misbehaving and getting back to the shelter. 

You will essentially need to live in the pet shelter for at least 12 months or more before you attract new humans and get adopted by them.

Your objective should be to spend at least 4-5 stints in the pet shelter.

While doing so, you must keep in mind that you are not getting adopted at equal times as you are getting back into the shelter.

You may also consider living on the street and not getting adopted at all.

Just escape the shelter, head to the street, and simply find your way back to the shelter.  

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That was all about collecting different ribbons in the CatLife game.

Ribbons have a way of keeping the player hooked to the game while also adding a little spice to their experience.

They are easy yet challenging and confusing yet fun. 

The Cat-Astrophy ribbon, along with other above-mentioned ribbons, is one of the most challenging ribbons to collect in the game.

However, this should not intimidate you at all and should rather motivate you to perform at your best level.

With the right amount of work and effort, you will be able to collect your desired ribbons in no time!

So follow our tips mentioned above and head directly to collect some amazing ribbons in CatLife! Good luck! 

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