Secret Tricks Candy Manor Best Beginner’s Guide 2022

We are back with another design game guide! Candy Manor is a truly fascinating game that is great for all those players who are fond of solving puzzles now and then.

If you are also planning to start your journey in this feature-rich game, all that you need is our list of Candy Manor Tips, Tricks, and strategies to complete more levels and restore the manor in the game. 

Candy Manor is a recent addition to the gaming industry, designed and released by the popular Ten game 19.

Ever since the grand launch on 20th May 2022, the game has already fetched more than 10,000,000 user downloads!

The figure is concrete evidence of all the admiration and affection that Candy Manor has received from its large audience. 

One of the most stunning elements of the game includes its quirky gameplay which provides you with a great blend of a range of features.

A match-3 game that is promised to provide you with loads of fun and exciting adventures!

For all those players looking for some casual fun, Candy Manor is a great choice. 

The primary task in the game revolves around renovating the provided mansion right from its entry gate and going all the way to its interior designs.

The player will be required to solve some interesting puzzles to be able to do so. 

Candy Manor provides the users with a range of levels and for every component that you wish to design, replace, or renew, you will need to cross a unique level.

This is a crucial element of the game as it helps it stay dynamic and players will never feel jaded by the gameplay.

The fundamental concept of Candy Manor is nonetheless designing as well as decorating the mansion that is provided to you. 

Intriguing, right? As you are going to start your journey in the game, the fascination is only going to double up.

There’s so much for you to do in the game and we strongly urge you to squeeze leisure out of it all!

To help you in doing so, we are here with our Candy Manor Best Beginner’s Guide 2022! 

Follow the below-mentioned Candy Manor Tips, Tricks, and strategies to complete more levels and restore the manor with great ease. 

Let’s begin! 

Candy Manor Tips, Tricks | Strategies to Complete More Levels and Restore the Manor

Prioritise Your Primary Objective

As you move forward in the game, you will come across some specific boards that are more challenging than others.

To provide you with a clear instance, a pink-jelly board is one of the trickiest boards in the game.

The entire configuration gets quite challenging for the player as you would be able to see for yourself.

This is because the round is set up in such a way that it distracts you from your primary goal. 

So what we need to emphasise here is that players will be required to prioritize their primary mission at all times.

A challenging round may often end up with you feeling a bit distracted. And that’s exactly what you need to avoid.

Analyse Your Board Carefully 

If you have tried some other match-3 mobile games before, you would know the great comfort that these games provide to the players.

You can lie down and play in a chill mode while also staying prepared for a few mild challenges here and there. 

To start with, the game only provides you with a restricted amount of moves that you can make for completing your mission.

Nonetheless, the relaxing part is that there are no limitations on the time in any round whatsoever.

So players will be able to take as long as they want to evaluate their approach before they go on to make their moves for every level. 

Since there are no time-based restrictions, you must use this time to analyse the given board with great caution.

The majority of such games feature a square diagram board wherein the orientation may certainly keep varying across each game.

In Candy Manor as well, the first couple of rounds will provide you with some sort of an obstacle that players will need to overcome to be able to clear the level. 

There will also be some tiles that you need to gather in the game.

These tiles are located in some specific locked spaces and to be able to reach them, you will need to make use of your power-ups.

Power-ups in the Candy Manor game can be easily obtained when you combine 4 candies or more. 

By analysing your board for the first few seconds, you will be able to decipher how exactly you need to go about making your moves in chronological order. 

Moreover, it will also help you find some specific candies that you can match first.

Accordingly, analyse if your choice of the move is going to provide you with a better opportunity or not. 

So always make sure to examine the board before you start wasting your moves aimlessly.

It will help you in clarifying your technique for the entire level.

Each move is precious so make sure that you value it all. 

Timing Is Crucial 

The next tip in our Candy Manor Beginner’s Guide is essentially related to accumulating rabbits in the game.

In addition, it applies to any obstacle of the same kind as well. 

It is worth mentioning that one of the most challenging aspects of the Candy Manor game is gathering rabbits.

This is because these little creatures can go on to lie low and lurk behind the bushes.

Subsequently, they will be shifting from one tile to another. 

Now coming back to our tip, timing is a crucial aspect when you are trying to get hold of these creatures.

A tricky part about these critters is that as soon as you are done combining candies near them, you will find them already disguised behind a bush and shifted to some other tile. 

In such a case, the player must keep in mind to not waste any moves whatsoever.

You will be required to contemplate clearly and swiftly.

Besides, you can also consider clearing out those bush tiles which will help in reducing spaces for the rabbits to disguise and shift.

You must only combine those tiles that are near the rabbit when you see them raising their heads. Remember that you will only come across this chance for just a couple of seconds. 

Don’t Hesitate To Take Risks

Well, whether you agree or not, the fact is that your victory in these match-3 mobile games is also largely determined by luck.

You don’t know what candies are going to appear in front of you and well, no one does.

The choice is completely random and sometimes you are lucky while sometimes you are not. 

Having said that, it may not be that bad an idea to take a few risks here and there.

However, it is worth mentioning that you should only take calculated risks in the game. Focus on the keyword, calculated. 

There may be times when you may be feeling low because the game might just be giving you a tough time owing to the ingredients on the board.

In such a case, players may consider making some deliberate moves that would force them towards a no-match candy board.

This will result in a new arrangement of the board and the odds are that it will now work for your benefit.

However, players must bear in mind that this little trick will require you to spend your precious moves.

Hence, make sure that you use it with utmost caution. 

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Take Advantage Of The Mini Games

Mini-games in the Candy Manor game are a crucial aspect that maximizes your experience to a considerable extent.

This is more or less a bonus tip as it will provide you with a single star in the game. 

In Candy Manor, every mini-game includes four different rounds for each level.

You will come across a similar principle in all of these rounds.

However, you will be required to match elements like burgers, windows, doors, and jackets. 

Although you may be expecting otherwise, these elements work differently from candies.

None of these elements will require you to make use of your power-ups when you match over three items.

You will not be able to match these elements with rainbows as well.  

The mini-game thesis may seem quite unclear in the game.

Players will be required to assist individuals with repairing stuff in their houses, bestow their clothes, as well as aid them in times of injury.

As soon as you are done with clearing all the levels in this game, players will be provided with a star.

You will be able to add this star to your complete collection of other stars and then finish off other tasks as provided. 

It may look like quite a trivial game, however, in the true sense, these minigames truly feel like an escape from the usual drill.

Moreover, these games don’t provide you with just a restricted amount of moves so a star is assured at the end. 

It is worth noting that the only catch here is that the waiting period is only going to increase before the player can unlock the next mini-game.

This period may be as long as 12 hours at the very least and can also increase depending on your progress. 

Don’t Miss Out On The Ads

Advertisements in mobile games can certainly feel like utter nonsense.

However, when you truly look at it, these work largely for the benefit of the player.

Whether you require additional moves, a booster, or anything else, you will be provided with an ad boost for anything. 

Having said that, what’s implied here is that you take advantage of all these ad boosts.

After arriving at the seventh level in the game, you will be provided with a power-up for pre-game.

You can receive this power-up after playing a quick video ad which is generally 5-second long. 

As soon as you are done watching the ad, you will be able to unlock the power-up.

To do so, you can tap on the available treasure chest which is provided right before a round.

You can receive a couple of power-ups that are located on the board as the round begins. 

Most importantly, you will also be able to earn some additional moves through the ad boost feature!

As mentioned earlier, moves in this game are limited and extremely precious.

And when you run out of them, it may seem like a total bummer.

Especially when you were too close to finishing the game, all that you yearn for is a couple of moves. 

By watching a quick advertisement of thirty seconds, you will be able to earn five additional moves for yourself.

Remember that you will only have 5 seconds remaining until the ad boost option disappears and the game ends. So you must make your choice quickly. 

Players will certainly be able to decline this offer however this implies that you will need to go about completing this round right from the beginning again.  

Our tip is that you go with the option to watch the ad as 30 seconds is barely anything. In essence, these thirty seconds could be the most productive moments of the entire game.

However, keep in mind that in case you lose the game even after spending these additional moves, you will be left with no choice but to start the round from the start. 


As you could see for yourself, Candy Manor is loaded with some amazing features and elements.

Once you start your journey in the game, there’s no looking back as hours of sheer entertainment are promised for you! 

Before you do so, make sure to follow all the above-mentioned Candy Manor Tips, Tricks, and strategies to complete more levels and restore the manor in the game.

We assure you that all these tips are going to maximize your gaming experience to a great extent! 

We hope that you found our Candy Manor Beginner’s Guide helpful.

If you have any suggestions to drop, feel free to do so in the comment section down below. Have fun decorating! 

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  1. This game is a little of fun. Unfortunately it constantly freezes and you don’t receive tasks to fix the manor until it may decide to unlock again. This has happened twice now and the second time the mini games froze also. There should be a way to fix it since you can still play the matching games and collect stars, but I can’t figure out how. When I try to reach out for help no one responds. One site I found wanted me to pay them to fix a free game!? Can you possibly help with this tip and trick?


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