Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers

Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers: If you want to increase your IQ Level and kill your off time with something interesting than you should play brain test puzzles.

Brain test puzzles give you different kind of brain testing puzzles which will use every bit of your brain to solve it.

In each level, you are given clues and hints to pass the level and with the increase of level, the toughness of the questions all increases.

Therefore it will gradually increases the working of your mind.

In this article we would be providing Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers so that you could check the IQ level of your brain.

Brain Test Thinking Game Answers for All Levels

Thinking Game was developed by One Soft who was also the developers of Displace Puzzle.

If you like brain teasing puzzles, trivia and teasers you should definitely try downloading the Thinking Game from the play store and try solving it.

The questions of all the levels are pretty tough and need a lot of thinking.

Therefore the game has a feature which you may use to take hints or clues so as to solve the puzzle.

You need to think out of box to solve the puzzles and therefore the questions are interesting to solve.

But if you are not able to solve the answers than we are here to help you solve the puzzles.

In this article, we would be solving Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers.

As correctly defined by the developer Unico Studio say about the brain game app:

“Brain Test is an addictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers.

Different riddles testing will challenge your mind.

This new puzzle game may break common sense and bring your new brain-pushing experience!

You can enjoy yourself with your friends with this addictive and funny free IQ game. Get ready to take the quiz!”

Brain Test- Thinking Game

Check the Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers below.

Level 91

Complete the level please.

Answers: To complete the “level”, drag a second L from the “level” word at the top of the screen, then paste it on the question to create the word “level”.

Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers
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Fun response: Even the UI is at your service.

Level 92

Click on the blue button 6 times.

Answers: Click the blue button until the red button appears. Then slide the red button and click the blue button again.

Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers
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Fun response: Those buttons are tricky!

Level 93

10 = 25, 35 = 75, 65 = 105, 25 = ?

Answers: To solve, it is enough to reverse the first equation in the question. 10 = 25, therefore 25 = 10.

Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers
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Fun response: Don’t overthink about the puzzles.

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Level 94

Aww…She wants an ice cream too.

Answers: First, turn the party hat to flip it over.

Then take the kid’s hair and put it in the hat to make it look like ice cream. Then give it to the child.

Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers
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Fun response: Just don’t tell her that it’s her hair!

Level 95

The say curiosity kills the cat, but can you kill it as well?

Answers: Drag the word “curiousity” from the question, and put it over the cat.

Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers
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Fun response: Don’t worry, he still has 8 lives.

Level 96

I want some mayo.

Answers: Turn your phone over so that the mayonnaise bottle is facing downwards, then return to its original position and shake the phone like you are trying to get the sauce out of the bottle.

Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers
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Fun response: Just don’t tell my Dietitian!

Level 97

Help me catch the rabbit.

Answers: Take the rabbit trap and place it between the rabbit and the carrots.

Then click the carrot box and the rabbit will run towards it. When the rabbit passes through the trap, click on the trap to catch it.

Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers
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Fun response: Don’t worry, I will only make it my pet.

Level 98

The baby is crying again. I suspect she is gassy

Answers: Rub her belly for about 5-10 seconds and she will fart, feeling good and cheerful again.

Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers
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Fun response: Eww…the smell!

Level 99

My widowed granny has three children. They are all married with at least 1 child. My aunt has three nephews.

What is the minimum number of chairs need for dinner?

Answers: Grandmother (1) + children (3) + spouse and children (6) + aunt (1) = 11 (the narrator is one of the grandmother’s grandchildren).

Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers
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Fun response: Quite a large family gathering.

Level 100

What is a cat’s child called?

Answers: Cat’s child is still called cat. Kitten are technically still cat, so click on the word “cat” in the question.

Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers
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Answers for All Levels

The major highlight of the game is that the question gets tougher and tougher as the level progresses.

Therefore you will always be up your thinking skills and think differently to solve the puzzles, trivia and games.

There are more than 99+ questions sets and different set of puzzles to solve.

To be expertise in the game, you need to have a sharp as well as constantly up your thinking skills.

This game will also help to increase your IQ and also be able to keep your brain calm and compose.

The game is available for both IOS and Android users.

Final Words

Thinking Game is worldwide popular mobile game which has brought a whole set of new dimension in the gaming arena.

The game includes solving of puzzles, trivia and games.

The graphics of the game has taken this game to a new level along with the soothing music which relaxes the mind of the gamer.

The game is super fun as it helps you sharpen your brain and think out of the box answers.

In this article we have given Brain Test Level 91-100 Answers and if you want the answers of other levels kindly follow our website to know more.  

Therefore, we suggest if you have not download the game, you may try it now and see how much your IQ is and likewise sharpen your brain.

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