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Brain Test Level 21-30 Answers: Are you stuck in a brain test level and have been looking for answers on the internet?

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Brain Test Thinking Game Answers for All Levels is also available on the internet but I must assume that you are stuck in between Brain Test Level 21-30 Answers.

This article is just for that.

The difficulty keeps on increasing as you progress in the game and this is in fact a right choice because spending too much time on a particular level is never recommended.

After having read this article, you would be able to know Brain Test Level 21-30 Answers entirely and none of those stages are going to seem difficult for you.

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Brain Test Level 21-30 Answers

Widely considered as the best tricky puzzle game, it has a lot of downloads over Google Play Store and App Store combined.

This game is not bound by platforms and you can easily play this game on Android device as well as an iOS device.

It will also run on the iPad and the way to run it on your computer is to download an Android emulator and then the game from the Google Play Store.

This is not the only way but is definitely the most convenient one.

Brain Test Smartphone Game Answers are given in the article below and is explained properly. 

Here is a complete Brain Test Thinking Game Answers for all levels between 21-30 that you need to know.

Level 21

The question that is basically being asked here is to figure out the last letter in the word “spelling”.

This does not ask you to select the last word in the alphabet but the last letter exactly in the word “spelling” which is “G”.

Level 22

In a cat party, it makes complete sense that that the rat you see in the crowd of cats is indeed the intruder.

It is situated on the left side of the centre of the image and you are just supposed to click on the rat after finding it to move on to the next level.

Level 23

A girl is met with a robber in this level of Brain Test Smartphone Game. You must be noticing there are two grey clouds up in the sky.

You are supposed to establish a contact between those two grey clouds and help bring a storm.

Lightning will eventually take the robber out and save the girl from any potential mis-happenings.

Level 24

This is one of the trickiest ones if you have been looking for answers for all levels between 21 and 30.

The main reason behind this is the fact that the maze is actually an illusion and there is no possible way to get out of it if you get in.

It is created that way to trick the people playing this level but the solution is as simple as you can think it to be.

The cat is supposed to never follow the route from inside the maze, rather get out of it and chase the mouse from outside the maze.

Once you have reached the mouse, walking outside the main border of the maze, you will be able to complete this level.

Level 25

Sardines can, available to you and this level is supposed to be heated up and that is how the rat will come out of the tank and will be a good food for Tom.

Level 26

The balloon that is given to you on the screen is supposed to be popped by making it touch the diamond ring.

This will help the man come out of sleep and see the girl, thus instantly falling in love, which is what the level asks you to do anyway.

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Level 27

Shaking the phone that you are playing this game on is going to help you roll the dice again into two perfect sixes.

This will be a difficult level to pass if you are playing on the emulator.

The gyroscope of the phone is used in order for this level to be possible.

Level 28

Bringing the cows together will help them make calves, in the game and after the calves have appeared on your screen, you just ought to click on them and that would make you pass the level.

These are some particular gameplay mechanics that you should remember because a lot of the levels later in the game uses the same kind of logics.

Level 29

The trick to this level is that the cat you are supposed to click on is on the far right corner.

Way to reach it, is to slide your screen towards the left side does exposing the right side more and more with every single time you swipe on the screen towards the left. Find that cat and click on it.

Level 30

The correct answer to this level is zero because there are technically no differences between the two similar pictures portrayed in front of you.


Where do I get Brain Test Answers for All Levels?

If you want answers for all levels, you must consider checking out walk through videos on YouTube. Apart from that, there are articles around the website that can help you with the same, one of which is hyperlinked.

Is Brain Test Game Likeable?

According to the reviews on the application stores that this game is available on, it is indeed very likeable. In fact, a lot of people have also claimed that this came helped them think a little more logically, just generally in life.

Where to download Brain Test Thinking Game from?

Since it is a smartphone game, it is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Playing it using emulator is also a good option but some of the levels may be more difficult to pass, as compared to when playing on smartphones.


Getting stuck in a tricky game is quite obvious which is the reason why a lot of people around the internal have been finding for answers to levels of a particular range.

This article discussed how to answer all the levels between 21 to 30 in the Brain Test- Thinking Game.

If you have read the article properly, you must have an idea how the game really works.

This will help you in passing a lot of levels in the future as well, as you progress in the game.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the game.

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