Secret guide How to get Brain test level 11-20 answers?

Brain Test Level 11-20 Answers: Are you having trouble passing brain test level 11 to 20 and need help?  Then we can help you, all you have to do is just scroll down. 

Today in this article we are going to tell you how to find brain test level 11 to 20 answers and see whether you have solved the brain teaser correctly or not.

I am a blogger and a puzzle solver. I have been solving the puzzles and riddles of the game.

Therefore after solving this puzzles, I am providing the answers of brain test level 11 to 20 answers which would help you see whether your brain has solved the answers correctly and in turn check your IQ level.

Brain test thinking game answers for all levels 

We play a lot of games on our Android phones and IOS phones every day.

Many of those games are not that difficult to win. But many games with puzzle elements are not like that.

Finding the solution to these puzzles are challenging and to succeed in these puzzles are more challenging. Brain test is a similar puzzle game.

Although it seems easy to solve at first glance, we will understand its difficulty when we go down to it. Brain test will give you a better gaming experience.

Various challenges await you in this game. When you pass a level, it will be more difficult for you to solve the puzzle of the next level.

You can do many things which are thrilling in this game play like adventure, drawing, delete one item etc.

The difficulty level of the game increases after each level. By the time you complete all these levels, you will have the ability to solve each puzzle. It might be useful in your life too.

Brain test – Thinking game 

Brain test is an addictive Thinking game which involves tricky puzzles to play and it helps the player to become the brain teaser master.

It is a Perfect Combination of tricky riddles, for example drawing lines to save the objects in the game, deletion or addition of one part.

Brain test is one of the most superior intellectual brain came which increase your thinking ability and make your mind quick to solve the complex quizzes.

You can enjoy the same with your friends and with yourselves and also with those who loves crazy challenges, mind quizzes which is super fun and free.

Features of the game:-

  •  Brain test have amazing graphics and relaxing music which will help the players to improve their imagination skills.
  •  Hundreds of funny puzzles which is ranging from basic easy level to complex ones, which are challenging.
  •  Tricky and mind blowing brain test is somewhat like riddles make this game a funny one.
  •  This game is very easy to learn for beginners and very addictive.
  •  It is suitable for ages.
  •  This game can played at family gatherings.
  •  The way of questions will analyse your concentration and observation skills which helps to increase your mental capacity.

Answers for all level – Brain test level 11-20 answers

We are providing you with the brain test level 11 to 20 answers so that you could recheck your answers:

  • You should learn first how to keep balance before starting the Brain Test Thinking Game Level 11. The game displays a woman performing a trick on a rope. Meanwhile, she needs your help to maintain her balance.
Brain Test Level 11-20 Answers
  • You need to draw a circle on the second end of the stick the lady is carrying on to keep the balance.

Brain Test: Thinking Game Level 12

Brain Test: Thinking Game Level 12 can be tricky as it revolves around a nurse and a patient who is refusing to take medicine.

You must help the nurse to find a solution that helps her give the patient medicine.

Brain Test Level 11-20 Answers
  • Drag the scissors to cut the top of the girl as it may drag the attention of the patient and help you solve the level.

Brain Test: Thinking Game Level 13

A girl is in danger as a Dracula appears on the spot at night time to suck the soul of the girl. You must help the girl before it’s too late.

Brain Test Level 11-20 Answers

Brain Test: Thinking Game Level 14

Brain Test: Thinking Game Level 14 is “find the Assassin.” The game displays you only two people in a room planning to romance.

Here your ultimate goal is to find an assassin as it could be a girl or a boy as well.

Brain Test Level 11-20 Answers
  • To find the assassin, you need to drag the skirt and discover the gun.

Brain Test: Thinking Game Level 15

After reaching Brain Test: Thinking Game Level 15, your objective is to find a beautiful girl.

As the level starts, you discover a girl standing close to the joker but it seems she isn’t you are looking for.

Brain Test Level 11-20 Answers
  • You must tap the yellow-colored flower on the left side to discover a beautiful girl on the spot.

Brain Test: Thinking Game Level 16

Balancing the scale isn’t as easy as you are considering. You have to find the perfect weight to balance the scale.

The game starts the puzzle by showing you a brain on the right side of the scape while asking you to balance it using any of the given items.

Brain Test Level 11-20 Answers
  • Choose the heart and place it on the scale to balance it.

Brain Test: Thinking Game Level 17

Level 17 is tasked with finding the real miss world. You must discover a way to reveal the identity of both girls and find the correct one.

Brain Test Level 11-20 Answers
  • Drag the jug full of water and pour it on the girl on the right side to reveal her identity.

Brain Test: Thinking Game Level 18

After reaching Level 18, your goal is to find the terrorist by investigating two girls.

Both girls are standing in the security doors, but they aren’t enough to catch the terrorist.

Brain Test Level 11-20 Answers

Brain Test: Thinking Game Level 19

There’s a princess who needs your help to get free as a monster is about to attack her to kill.

The game features a knight on the sword with no time, but you have special powers to draw anything you like.

Brain Test Level 11-20 Answers
  • Help the knight get a sword by simply drawing a line from the handle.

Brain Test: Thinking Game Level 20

In Brain Test: Thinking Game Level 20, you have to help the girl to start the race. There are three different items available at the bottom of your screen.

Brain Test Level 11-20 Answers

Final words

Games are always fun. It helps us to relax revive and refresh our minds.

In this article we provide you with secret guide to get brain test level 11 to 20 answers.

We hope you understand by reading this article to play this game.

Last but not the least, your feedbacks are the pillar for our future works. If you have any doubts, please comment below. 


What platform is brain test available?

It is available on Play Store and also in the Apple Store. Therefore you will now be able to play in all the types of Smart phones.

Does brain test collect your personal information?

No, brain test doesn’t collect your personal information.

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