Ultimate Guide How to Complete the BitLife Euphoria Challenge 2022

BitLife Euphoria Challenge: If there’s one thing that keeps us all hooked to BitLife, it’s the weekly challenges!

It’s a pure delight to see what’s in store for us every week and how we can make the most of it. 

Now that the time for major game updates is also just around the corner, players can use this time to enjoy these weekly bits till then.

As most of you would already know, these time-restricted challenges are released by Candywriter every Saturday.

You will be provided with a few missions which you have to complete in a few days. The theme of this week’s BitLife challenge is  Euphoria.

Euphoria is a popular teen show that has a huge fan base and a lot of controversies. 

As exciting as it all sounds, one’s likely to feel a bit overwhelmed and intimidated by the tasks that you will need to complete for this challenge.

This is why we have compiled a quick and simple BitLife Euphoria Challenge Guide for you! 

In this article, we are going to help you in executing all the tasks required to finish the 

Bitlife Euphoria Challenge as easily as possible. So let’s not make you wait any longer and get started on our BitLife Euphoria Challenge Guide! 

BitLife Euphoria Challenge

After the “classic” challenge from the previous week, the devs are yet again back with the current sensation of the film industry.

Many of you would have already been enjoying the popular show, Euphoria which is a teen drama with a lot of controversy surrounding it.

And that’s exactly what Candywriter has taken on for this week. 

Even if you aren’t acquainted with the show yet, there is nothing to worry about.

Euphoria is a simple yet complex teen show that revolves around typical teen issues.

The highlight of the show is that it doesn’t sugarcoat anything and tries to keep everything as real as possible.

And this is exactly what makes it a bit controversial. 

So just like the show, you will need to break the barriers of what you can do as a teenager in BitLife.

This may even include those stuff that only a legal Bitizen can do in the game. 

Intriguing, right? Let’s now look at all the tasks that you will need to complete for the BitLife Euphoria Challenge. 

BitLife Euphoria Challenge Guide

In general, you will be given five different tasks to complete for the BitLife Euphoria Challenge. These are as follows: 

  • Start and spread rumours about more than 5 pals 
  • Hooking up with more than 20 people before you reach the age of 20
  • Assault your best friend
  • Acquire some sort of drug addiction
  • Once you have battled the addiction, you must relapse

Let’s now look at all these aspects in detail: 

Getting Started With The BitLife Euphoria Challenge

An unusual aspect of completing the BitLife Euphoria Challenge this week is that players will not be required to decide on a particular gender hometown when starting with this challenge. 

First and foremost, you must head to the BitLife God Mode in the game.

Once there, pick a Special Skill in God Mode. Keep re-rolling till you attain a character featuring high Looks as well as Smarts.

However, either of these two can also work decently. 

Almost all the characters in the show are incredibly attractive.

Especially when it comes to some troubled characters like Nate, the level of Smarts and looks must raise even higher.

He is also an Athlete in the show so a high degree of Athleticism is also apparent. 

Nonetheless, you may create a random character as well which will also provide you with a decent chance of finishing off the new challenge.

Remember, it all needs to happen before you are 21.  

Starting and spreading rumors about 5+ pals

This is probably one of the easiest and most straightforward requirements of the challenge.

All you have to do is start and spread some juicy rumours about 5 of your pals at least. 

The cue to complete this requirement is by making a generous number of friends in school.

It is a good idea to start early. Anytime you receive friend requests from random people, make sure that you don’t turn them down.

Even if you fail to get five, simply pick up some classmates that you get along with and be good friends with them.  

Once you reach the age of 12, you will be able to start and spread rumours about your friends.

This is a rule set by the game itself. Now the basic idea is to have five pals at least and spread a single rumour against each one of them.

Be as crazy as you can get! It is all about having fun. 

Hooking up with more than 20 people

For the next part, you will need to have hookups with at least 20 people.

The catch here is that you will need to hold on until you reach the age of 18.

While you will still be able to hook up with some of your friends when you are 17 or 16, the majority of the hookups will start coming in only after you have attained the legal age. 

To be able to do so, you will need to select the option of Hook Up.

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You will find this in the Activities menu. Once there, locate the sub-menu named Love and here is the Hook Up option. 

One important thing to keep in mind is staying safe at all times.

Make sure that everything you do, you do it with utmost safety and protection so that you don’t end up catching STDs or undesirable pregnancies. 

This may delay the completion process of your BitLife Euphoria Challenge to a great extent and you wouldn’t want that.

This is because a key requirement of this task is to hook up with all these people before you are 20. 

So stay mindful and bear all these aspects in mind when completing this challenge

Assault Your Best Friend

Now comes the trickiest part of your BitLife Euphoria Challenge.

This is one task that will get you a bit baffled as you will need to assault your best friend. 

If you have been playing the game for quite a while now, you would be aware of the fact that you can’t physically attack or get into a tough fit with your friends in BitLife.

While you can do with your siblings, the case isn’t the same when it comes to your dear pals. 

So all you can do to start with your task is by annoying your buddies.

You may do so by pranking them, offending them, saying mean things to them, or spreading some nasty rumours related to them.

Remember that even if they come to attack you, you wouldn’t be able to retaliate back at them. 

However, the good thing is that you will still be able to set a situation up where you attack your friend physically.

Nonetheless, it will require you to be a bit patient before that happens.

To make this work, you will probably need to head to several best friends in the game

For starters, you will need to start a conversation with whoever your current best friend is.

Now repeat the procedure till you see the Agreement mark lowering to at least 20 percent.

Once it is below 20, this implies that you and your best friend aren’t conceding anymore.

Whatever the topic may be, the idea is simply to disagree.

It may be the hierarchical system of the licorice products or it may be a ludicrous argument about who went wrong at the Academy Awards this year. 

Whatever it may be, once you both start disagreeing, simply click on the option for attacking your friend. And with that, you will be good to go! 

Once you click on the Age option, your best friend is most likely going to unfriend you. But don’t worry about that.

This will not repeal the second requirement of starting and spreading rumours about five of your friends. 

Players must keep in mind that the odds of your best friend disagreeing with you may be based on their level of Craziness.

If you have the BitLife God Mode, you can simply head there and edit the Craziness stat of your friend.

This will truly speed the entire process up.

However, in case you don’t, there is no other option but to leave this friend aside if they keep on endorsing everything that you say.  

In such a case, you will then need to establish a good bond with some other friend in the game.

Make them your best friend and repeat the procedure as it was mentioned above.  

And with successful completion of the “Assault Your Best Friend”, you can then move on to the final requirement of the BitLife Euphoria Challenge. 

Recovering From Addiction 

As mentioned earlier, all the characters in this show are teenagers studying at a high school.

And as you can expect, they are blowing their parents’ hard-earned money on drugs or other substances.

Even if they go to the rehab centre, it is still the parents who will pay for it. 

However, you won’t be able to get into substance abuse in the BitLife game till the time you are 18.

If you wish to tick the last two requirements of this challenge, you will probably need to have some cash in your account. 

The final requirements of the BitLife Euphoria Challenge need you to acquire a drug addiction and then relapse. 

In technical terms, you may continue to be unemployed and rather head to a club.

Here, you may try an intoxicating drink or drugs and get addicted to them.

The primary requirement is that you must be at least 18 years old. 

In our opinion, you must try to avoid very harmful drugs like heroin, cocaine, or oxycodone.

You can go for liquor or marijuana instead because you will not be able to overdose on both these substances and still get hooked on them successfully. 

Once you are completely addicted to the substance, then comes the money part.

You will need to have a job or some cash with you as you will have to pay at the rehabilitation centre.

The standard rehabilitation will cost you five thousand dollars whereas the price rises to twenty-five thousand dollars for luxury rehab. 

On the other hand, Alcoholic Anonymous will not cost you anything.

However, in the true sense, a rehabilitation centre is a much better option as compared to Alcoholics Anonymous.

You may be able to get rid of your liquor addiction through AA but the odds are higher with rehab. 

Once you have properly recovered, you can simply head back to all the clubs.

Try out some other non-harmful illegal drinks or drugs and repeat this procedure once again to get hooked.

And with that, you will be done with your BitLife Euphoria Challenge! 

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BitLife Euphoria Challenge has been the talk of the town ever since it was rolled out by the devs.

And if you ask, the buzz is for all the right reasons!

If you are a hardcore Euphoria fan or even if not, you are promised to enjoy every bit of this terrific challenge.

Just follow our above-mentioned BitLife Euphoria Challenge carefully and you’ll be done with it in no time! 

Just like the usual way, after completing the BitLife Euphoria Challenge, you will be provided with four different options of prize chests.

You will need to pick any one of these to attain a fresh eyewear or headwear item which will also be the “mystery prize” of your weekly challenge. 

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