Secret Tricks How to Get Best Guns in CODM 2022

If you have been looking for the best guns in CODM, you have landed upon the right article. A lot of people enquiry about the best guns to use in COD and the answer is in this article in a very curated manner.

Wanting to play a game in its full potential is what a lot of people want & Call of Duty mobile became one of the most popular smartphone games available for Android and iOS over the years, featuring the Battle Royale kind of gameplay.

To gain the upper hand over opponents when you are connected to the server, you must have the best guns in CODM.

After reading this article, you would exactly know what are the top guns to use in COD Mobile.

I am a blogger and the niche I have expertise on is game reviews. I have been reviewing games after trying them first hand and the experience is what I shared in this article.

A lot of research is also put into these which is the reason why you can trust this article without any hint of doubt.

The list of guns that will be mentioned below in the article are indeed the best guns to use in COD and a curated list, to be more precise.

Call Of Duty: Mobile – All You Need To Know

This game is one of the most popular ones that is available for smartphones.

The main reason behind this fact is that the Battle Royale map and the different gameplays that this offers makes it a revolutionary one, considering that it is available for smartphones.

The Call of Duty franchise has been famous in the world of gaming, all throughout.

First person shooter games were made popular as well as more interesting by this franchise itself and it has finally developed a game that is suitable for the smartphone experience.

Ever since the Battle Royale games on smartphones became so popular, the Call of Duty mobile game had to be a thing, sooner or later.

Before starting to gather knowledge about the Best guns to use in COD, you must know that the game goes through upgrades, thus giving you new weapons, skins and so on.

In order to actually be updated with the top guns to use in COD mobile, you must be aware of all the new things that are getting after every single update.

The latest season of The Call of duty mobile is season 7 and this was the latest major update that the game went through.

Needless to say, the different game modes and the big enough map of the battle Royale is very enjoyable to play.

Buying season passes to get more advantage is also allowed by the developers of the game, Activision and so on.

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Call Of Duty: Mobile- What Are The Best Guns in Season 7?

The season 7 of this exciting smartphone game has come up which is the reason why a lot of people around the internet are trying to get information about the best guns to use in COD.

A tier list is a good way to describe and analyze one of the most important and frequently asked questions regarding best guns in CODM

Surprisingly, the update that we got is not going to change a lot of things from the list as compared to the last update and is going to give you an idea about the top guns to use in COD Mobile. Here is the list:


The list is in a descending order and you would get to know the best gun to use in Call of Duty mobile once you read to number one.

However, these not being the best doesn’t take away how effective they are.

The SKS, SBD and DLQ are very identical in terms of their capability, which is the reason why choosing any one of them is going to serve the purpose as you want.

PP Bizon

PP Bizon can be considered as one of the best small machine guns to use in order to get the upper hand when connected to a server with random people who wanted to play the game at the same time you wanted.

There is a high fire rate which makes the gun one of a kind. Undoubtedly, you can choose to use this in your inventory.

Using a Monolithic suppressor as the muscle and MIP strike stock as the stock, is one way to upgrade the gun and make it do wonders for you in the full potential.


UL736 is one of the new ones in the list which has proved its capability to all the people that are trying new guns in the season.

Being a fully automatic long machine gun, this has a lot of damage and the accuracy of the point that you are supposed to point at with, towards your enemies is also pretty commendable.

The fire rate and the recoil rate is also something that the people who play this game passionately have appreciated.


If damage is your priority and you want to get rid of your enemies as soon as possible, then you might consider this assault rifle called peacekeeper.

Along with great accuracy, the number of bullets that you would require in order to get a kill in the game would be less, thus consuming less time of yours.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best options that you can go for in the list of top guns to use in COD Mobile

KSP 45

This had to top the list because this submachine gun, when used with the proper attachments that you can customize from the loadout area of the game.

There are many reasons for this fact. The last time this gun was featured in a Call of Duty game was back when Call of Duty:Black Ops: Cold war was released.

Needless to mention, this is a burst submachine gun but effectiveness does not even demand it to be an automatic long range gun.

Using an agile stock if it is available in your inventory, aim assist laser in the laser attachment, fast reload in the ammunition subheading and Rustle grip tape is supposed to be used in the rear grip area.

The barrel must be an 8.9” extended barrel which is only going to make the gun almost invincible.

Choosing this gun to play your games with will definitely not be a wrong choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gun in COD mobile?

The list of best guns in COD mobile is what was listed in this article. Honorable mention however, a lot of people also consider CBR4 to be one of the best guns and that is literally a personal taste.

What is the best underbarrel to use for KSP 45?

The underbarrel you must use in order to make use of your KSP 45 to its fullest potential is to use a striker foregrip. This will make the whole experience of using this particular gun even more amazing.


Call of Duty mobile is one of the most popular games recently that has come out for smartphone platforms; both iOS and Android.

Many downloads have already been carried out and people around the world are enjoying the game a lot.

Now that you have a proper idea about the best guns to use in order to gain the upper hand in any sort of game play the game offers natively, you must go and try them out before choosing the perfect one for yourself.

This list was based on a lot of reviews from all the fans that have played this game.

It doesn’t mean that the number one listed gun is going to be the one you are more comfortable with, or the one that you like using the most.

In other words, you have to choose for yourself but these were the 5 best guns that are most likely to not disappoint you.

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