Secret Tricks How to Get Top 5 Best Free Apps Learn English 2022

Best Free Apps Learn English: Have you been trying to improve your English lately? Use of applications have made the process, not only easier, but also a little more fun than it used to be.

If you have been looking for English learning apps, you are at the right place.

English, being the most widely spoken language, as it is, is something a lot of people want to excel at.

Knowing things about it and learning new things everyday is what makes applications a more fun and easier way to learn English.

In this article, we would discuss Best free apps learn English and after having read this article, there wouldn’t be much doubt in your head whether to go for the app you see hovering on your Play Store or App Store, instead go for anyone from this list which can give you Free English lessons

I have had been a blogger for as long as I can remember and I write articles in English, like the one you are reading right now.

I have also been reviewing applications for a long time which is why you must be aware of the fact that the Top 5 Best free apps to learn English 2022 that I mention in this article is well-researched and not a half-hearted one. 

Top 5 Best Free Apps to Learn English 2022

If you want to learn English, for whatever purpose it serves you, you will actually be flabbergasted at how easy the process has become through the use of applications.

Mentioned below are top 5 best free apps learn English which you can consider, if you are really keen to learning the language.

Rosetta Stone

This is an application that does not only give you free English lessons in text, but in audio as well.

A lot of people really enjoyed learning using this application and it has won a lot of awards as well.

From proper grammar to proper pronunciations, a lot of the major things in English language is taught by this application.

There are two versions of this application- the free one and the paid one.

The free version is basically a trial to let the audience know what kind of things they can expect from this app.

After the trial period is completed, you would have to pay some amount of money in order to get all the free English lessons, prior to the payment being done.

Hello English

If the basics of English is kind of clear to your head, you may just want to speak more fluently or use words that aren’t that commonly used.

For that purpose, however (as in, for the purpose of turning your beginner English into intermediate English), Hello English is actually a very good option in order for you to do that.

It has a lot of media files as well, which are educational and entertaining. 

When you open this application, you will be asked to answer a few questions regarding English and that is going to be the test, which is supposed to deciphered the free English lessons you are supposed to receive from the application’s algorithm.

Watching videos and listening to people speak in English makes the process of learning easier.

Cherry on the cake, is the fact that this application also lets you play educational games that is eventually going to improve your English.


One of the most fun applications to learn the language very nicely is to use Duolingo.

The mechanics of this application keeps you encouraged to learn since you are supposed to earn virtual coins and then unlock new lessons that way.

An owl is the main mascot for the application and it stays accompanying you through your process of unlocking new levels and putting on fun new upgrades.

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Hello Talk

This is an application that uses an interactive way to make people learn the language better.

Native English speakers, most of the time in a day, are online in the application and talking to them would actually help you improve your English skills a lot.

There are different two ways to connect to the native English speakers and you can choose the one you are most comfortable in.

You could be texting him/her or even be on a video call, which improves speaking in general so you may consider this.

The British Council

Learn English grammar application by the British Council is really an application you should not neglect.

The reason behind this is simple. Not all the apps have as advanced English been taught and to download the app, you do not even have to pay a penny.

You can take tests from time to time to check how far you have come with your goal of speaking/writing English.

Overall, this is an application that keeps you up with the process.

They also offer certificates once you have passed their tests, which is definitely a good thing to showcase your authenticity when you actually say that you are fluent in English.


How can I learn English for free?

This is indeed one of the most frequently asked questions and the applications that can let you learn English for free were given in the article below. If the question is asked intending to find newer answers than the ones already mentioned, you can also try BBC Learning English website.

How to learn English faster?

A most definite way of learning English faster is to watch a lot of media content. This way, the grammar as well as the pronunciations become quite clear and you can also learn faster. Preferred content to watch would definitely be anything based out of United Kingdom.


There was the list of the best free apps learn English that you must have known about.

Now that you have an idea about where to learn these things from, all you have to do is pick up the intention and not stop until the task is complete.

Do not worry as a lot of these applications will keep you hooked in the learning process.

Hope you liked reading this article. Learn well.

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