Check Updated Top 10 Best Arena 14 Deck 2022

Have you been looking for Best Arena 14 Deck that can give you a huge boost in your gameplay? Well, look no further because this article is going to give you all the information you really need to know before starting the game.

Choosing decks is definitely one of the most strategic things you have to do in the game. Clash Royale, being the famous game it already has become over the years, definitely has more perks than one.

Hence, it is highly recommended to check out the top 10 best arena 14 deck. The decks that you should have have to align with the playstyle that you have.

Clash Royale Arena 14 got a massive update which added up a couple of more arenas in the game, thus making it way more interesting than it already was.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular smartphone games available in the Google Play Store as well as the App Store, which happens to be the reason why a lot of people have been looking for the best Clash Royale Arena Decks that can help them with their gameplay.

After reading this article, you would be aware about how to strategize your decks and what are the best ones to use.

I am a blogger and a Youtuber, mainly based on games which is the reason why when you read this article, you are going to get the information that is authentic as well as checked by my own self, first hand.

Smartphone games have really taken the market to a level that was never as expected and Clash Royale led the way pretty well.

More about the game and all the amazing Arena 14 decks that you need to know about is given in the article below.

This article can be trusted with all your instincts because it is created after doing the needed research.

Clash Royale: Top 10 Best Arena 14 Deck 2022 To Use And Get Better At The Game

Clash Royale has so much content in the game and also allows all the players to play for as much as we can.

This is believed to be one of the most important things that was behind the success of this game over the two main smartphone platforms that are the leaders in its own niche.

You have to strategize your deck in order to become better in this game and that is almost all the things that you can do.

Even when it sounds ‘not so enticing’, the battles are what keeps the gamers hooked to this particular game.

Determine your skill level by playing the game a lot of times and then comparing the highest card levels to the highest Trophy count. 

A lot about the game has already been discussed and it’s about time we start talking about the best 14 Arena Decks that are sorted out by people that have played the game pretty accurately and for a long time.

It is better to trust the list of those people because they are aware of most of the cards’ functioning which is what makes them a good reviewer.

Here is a list of the most recent as well as the top 10 Best Arena Deck 2022. Must note: The top 10 is not in any particular order whether it be ascending or descending.

Most of the players have their own style of gameplay which is the reason why comparing one deck to another is more of a matter of taste and preferences, than it is a matter of better or worse.

Also, the names of the decks are kept after one of the most significant cards that are put up on the deck.

This may have come off as a confusion which is the reason why I found it important to clarify it, beforehand.

Best Arena 14 Decks List 2022

1. Golem Rascals Hideout Arena Deck 2022

One of the best decks that can be used in the Clash Royale Arena 14 is the one that includes Golem.

The Golem Rascals Hideout Arena Deck 2022 is a very expensive deck but that is not something you should care about as a beginner.

It does make sense that when you save as a beginner is when you can spend it later. That is the exact reason why you should use this deck patiently.

The main strategy of choosing these decks is to find what can counter your opponent’s cards. 

The cards that are supposed to be used for this deck are:

  • Golem
  • Barbarian Barrel
  • Tornado
  • Lightning
  • Baby Dragon
  • Dark Prince
  • Double Elixir
  • Lumberjack

2. Elixir Golem Deck for Rascals Hideout Arena 14

If you want the strongest tank game as well as at a very low price, Elixir Golem is the answer. For the Elixir Golem Deck for Rascals Hideout Arena 14, heavy attacks can be withstood with the use of the tank and the supporting cards.

Needless to mention, the Electro Dragon is one of the most powerful cards in Clash Royale when it is used properly.

Used with Tornado, makes a very good combination and takes the responsibility of defence away from the Elixir Golem, to a huge extent.

The cards that are supposed to be used in order to form a proper Elixir Golem Deck for Rascals Hideout Arena 14 are:

  • Elixir Golem
  • Battle Healer
  • Night Witch
  • Baby Dragon
  • Electro Dragon
  • Tornado
  • Lightning
  • Dark Prince

3. Golem Skeleton Dragons Arena 14 Deck 

There are a lot of things that need to be talked about on this deck. Most importantly, this is indeed one of the best ones, even on the list, let alone the hundred other combinations that you can try.

When you are going for a battle in arena 14 with this Golem Skeleton Dragons Arena 14 Deck, make sure that you activate your king tower very early.

It is said so because it provides a good defence against Hog Rider, bait and graveyard decks. Apart from that, make sure that you do not push your Golem way too early in the battle.

The reason behind this is very simple as Golems are punished early when they should be sent in the battle in the middle.

That way, the effectiveness of the golem is really shown. Figuring out what deck the opponent is playing can bring a lot of strategies to your head almost instantaneously.

This is the reason why the most important task becomes to figure out what the opponent is playing and then play accordingly.

Here are the cards used in the deck:

  • Golem
  • Night Witch
  • Mega Minion
  • Skeleton Dragons
  • Tornado
  • Lightning
  • Barbarian Barrel
  • Lumberjack

4. Mini Pekka Hog Best Arena 14 Deck 2022

If you are a fan of cycle decks, you would love to use this one, which is considered as one of the best ones to ever exist.

The most useful card in order to inflict damage on their opponents’ cards is the Hog Rider. Undoubtedly, by using this card properly, you would be able to gain a high advantage.

Bats can boost the gameplay as well by freezing a lot of defensive units of the opponents as they play, which is definitely a great thing. 

The cards that are particularly used for the Mini Pekka Hog Best Arena 14 Deck 2022 are as follows:

  • Pekka
  • Bandit
  • Royal Ghost
  • Battle Ram
  • Minions
  • Zap
  • Poison
  • Electro Wizard

5. Graveyard Pekka Furnace Arena 14 Deck

The difference is very strong when you consider this deck for going into a battle.

Graveyard pushes a lot of counters that prove beneficial and furnace creates something that resembles a chip and also stops the enemy from building targets which is not a bad thing to have in your card deck.

Graveyard Pekka Furnace Arena 14 Deck has proven to be a great defensive deck for a lot of people playing the game of Clash Royale in arena 14.

The cards to be used in the Deck are as follows:

  • Pekka
  • Graveyard
  • Poison
  • Furnace
  • E-wiz
  • Knight
  • Mega minion
  • Snowball

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6. Battle Pekka Best Arena 14 Deck 2022

Out of all the ones that have already been mentioned, this is the most popular one and when you go to arena 14 for a battle, there are huge chances that you will come across an opponent that uses this particular deck.

Now, there are more than one reasons for this deck being considered as one of the most successful as well as popular.

The cards that are used and the combination that is put up is something that gives you a great advantage which is the reason why it is so widely used. 

The most important defensive unit is Pekka. Electro Wizard and magic Archer support this defensive unit very beautifully and that is the reason why attacking a deck like this becomes ridiculously difficult.

For the bridge spam purposes however, battle ram, Bandit and Royal ghost do the job really well.

Protecting the magic Archer is definitely a strategy you can use that has a very good long-range attack, something that you need more often than not in the Arena 14 of Clash Royale.

The cards specifically used in the Battle Pekka Best Arena 14 Deck 2022 are:

  • Pekka
  • Bandit
  • Electro Wizard
  • Magic Archer
  • Royal Ghost
  • Zap
  • Battle Ram
  • Minions

7. Mother Witch Best Arena 14 Deck 2022

If you believe in the statistics and that is what makes you believe in a Deck of cards to use in the game of Clash Royale, you must know that using this deck already gives you a 63.1% winning chance.

These stats are figured out by looking at the win rate of people that have used the Mother Witch Best Arena 14 Deck 2022.

This is definitely not the best win rate but way more than most decks. The Mini Goblin cage and the hunter are the two defensive units in this deck whereas the other cards are supposed to put on a very brutal attack.

Handling capabilities of this card deck in Clash Royale Arena 14 is really good and this is a combination that is extremely dependable upon. 

The cards used in Mother Witch Best Arena 14 Deck 2022 are these:

  • Heal Spirit
  • Royal Hogs
  • Mother Witch
  • Hunter
  • Barbarian Barrell
  • Zappies
  • Royal Recruits
  • Flying Machine

8. Hunter Miner Arena 14 Deck 2022

The miner is supposed to be used as the main defensive unit which is going to take a lot of attacks on your behalf, something the opponent pushes towards you.

To form this deck is not that expensive and you would actually love to counterpunch using the amazing cards that are parts of the stack.

Chipping and defending are two things that are really taken care of, by this combination of cards.

Ice spirit and log are two things that are extremely cheap but prove beneficial when used with this particular combination.

Undoubtedly, getting the log damage and the miner damage is something that you should figure out how to see the deck of cards that the opponent has brought against you.

Hunter Miner Poison Deck 2022 Strategy is basically to use the poison as one of the strongest spells because it really proved itself to be.

Using poison can clear out the area when it is getting chaotic as well as stop the opponent from attacking you for a little time.

Hunter Miner Poison Deck 2022 Strategy is also to make use of tornadoes more often than not. The attack that it portrays on the opponents isn’t that huge but it covers a wide radius which is not that bad, as well.

The cards that are used in Hunter Miner Arena 14 Deck 2022 are as follows:

  • Miner
  • Hunter
  • Mega Minion
  • Poison
  • Ice Spirit
  • Knight
  • Log
  • Tornado

9. Hogs Best Arena 14 Deck 2022

Going higher up in levels is really something that all people crave and that is exactly when the Hogs Best Arena 14 Deck 2022 comes into play (literally).

Hog Rider is a card that is most significant in this deck but Earthquake is also a card that plays a huge role.

There are many strategies on how to use this particular deck in the battle but you must know that the chances of you winning the battle and going a step up in the ladder becomes extravagant when you use this particular arena 14 deck.

The cards used are as follows:

  • Hog Rider
  • Earthquake
  • Archer
  • Knight
  • Bomb Tower
  • Fireball
  • Musketeer
  • Cannon

10. Elixir Golem Battle Healer Best Arena 14 Deck 2022

Battle healer and electro Dragon as well as the other cards used as a support in this particular deck makes the best use of counter-push.

By the amazing strategies that you can use, while playing with this Deck of cards, you will be able to figure out new capabilities of different cards such as the electro Dragon itself.

It will slow down heavy units from attacking you and the opponent’s team would be at a huge disadvantage. Elixir Golem deck is one of the best ones and a lot of OG Clash Royale players have agreed to it.

The cards that is specifically used for this extraordinary deck are as follows:

  • Elixir Golem
  • Battle Healer
  • Night Witch
  • Baby Dragon
  • Electro Dragon
  • Tornado
  • Tesla
  • Skeletons


Is this game appropriate for my children?

The game is supposed to be played for children above 13 years of age. There is a little bit of violence and strategy involved which is recommended to be played by children above age 13

What were the first legendary cards used in the Clash Royale?

The Princess card and the Ice Wizard card were the first legendary cards that give the gameplay a boost like nothing else.

Highest King level to reach in Clash Royale?

Level 14 is the highest that you can go to and you won’t even need to go any higher than that.


Clash Royale is one of the most interesting games that have stepped foot in the market of amazing smartphone games.

It is true that ideating a game for a smartphone, especially when you know that you are bound by a few choices, is somewhat difficult.

Clash Royale however is such a great strategy card game that is almost improbable to have turned out so good.

It did however, and a lot of people have a lot of fun playing this game.

After reading this article, you would be entirely sure about the best decks to use in order to get an upper hand over your opponents.

Enjoy the game while you are winning at it.

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