Top 15+ Best Apps like TikTok Video Apps 2022

Best apps like TikTok: Want to know about the apps which are similar to that of TikTok? If yes, then this article will provide you with the top 15 apps similar to that of TikTok.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on Best Apps like TikTok for watching and sharing reels.

I am a Youtuber and a professional content writer since 2012 and a gamer, I have been a big fan of TikTok and since its ban, I have been searching for similar apps to that of TikTok. Therefore, I am providing with the list of Best apps like TikTok.

Best Alternatives to TikTok Video Apps 2022

  1. Byte
  2. Triller
  3. Funimate
  4. Funimate
  5. Likee
  6. Lomotif
  7. Dubsmash
  8. Snapchat
  9. Facebook
  10. MuStar
  11. VideoShow
  13. Kwai
  14. Chingari
  15. Instagram
  16. YouTube Shorts

TikTok was one of the best recognizable entertainment platform in the world due to its amazing features that they provide to the users.

But due its privacy concerns and cyber security reasons, many countries including India has ban the application and therefore the users are unavailable to access the app.

If you too are glued to Tiktok, then we are providing you with the best 15+ alternatives of the app for you to be entertained with:

Top 15+ Best Apps like TikTok Video Apps 2022


This app is in the top of our list due to its similar features and user friendly platform. Byte is free video sharing app developed by Vine.

Unlike TikTok where you can create a video of length up to 30 minutes, in Byte, you can post videos of six and a half seconds long and not beyond that limit. 

Here you can find videos divided into different categories like that of fashion, comedy, pets, and K-pop so that the app can categorically shows videos in your news feed.

You can even record your videos which is added advantage and post it without using any filters. You can also write text and add music to your videos.


It was launched six years back but has become popular recently as many celebrities including that of Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Demi Lovato, Kevin Hart and many other big names are posting videos in Triller’s platform.

In this app, there are two categories of videos, Music videos and OG videos. In music video category you can choose a song from the Triller’s library or you can upload the song that you wish to upload in your video.

OG videos are the category where you will find videos which does not include any song. 


The major advantage of this app is that you can add filters and you can also merge videos so as to create your own special effects.

In this app, if you want add song to your video, you can either choose a song from the Funimate’s library or you can upload the song that you wish to upload in your video.

This app also features weekly challenges so as to keep the users engage with several activities. The only backdrop of the app is that advertisement always pops up in the app.


The app is only available in android phones as it has not been released in any other platforms. This app has filters and added sound effects.

This app also has a huge amount of songs in its library.  It has a music magic filter through which you can edit sound’s intonation or volume.

This app also allows you swap your face in a video so that you can put your face in that movie’s particular scene.


This app is quite similar to TikTok as you can add filters in your videos and create all sorts of videos including shorts, comedy bits, music videos and slideshows.

You can even add emojis, stickers and other effects to enhance the look of your video. You can also collaborate with your friends to make a video by using Lomotif.

This app also organises special events during Christmas and New Year’s EVE. 


The app was officially launched in the year 2014. As the name suggest, the app has thousands of filters and effects that you can apply to your videos.

You can make lip sync videos of your favorite scenes and post it the social media platform using Dubsmash so that every friends of yours can watch your talent. 


The app is similar to that of Dubsmash but has an added feature of Spotlight which can make your videos viral. In Snapchat you can post comedic and meme like videos which can be of only one minute long.

It does not show comments and also the user’s profile will always remain private so that you don’t have concern about others stalking you.


Facebook’s latest feature is the reason that we have added it to our list. You can now create reels and the reels will be automatically disappear after 24 hours.

The app also contain a featutre through which you can upload videos from your gallery or camera roll. Therefore you can create short video using lip sync or dance as per your audio.


This is the go to platform for music lovers as you can make or watch music videos and moreover its collection of music is much more than that of the TikTok or any other siimialr apps.

MuStar would help you to make your videos interesting by merging clips, adding stickers, text, and add other special effects. 


Music Video Show commonly known as Videoshow offers wide options by which you can record videos using lipsync and the video can of maximum one minute long.

The app is suggested because of its user friendly interface compared to TikTok.

Formerly was known as Firework and has huge collection of videos ranging from You tab, Creators of the Week, Funny Animal Moments, Global Top 50, and so much more.

You can record in the app itself and upload the same in the app by adding filters and effects so as enhance the quality of the video.


It comes among the top apps where you can make reels and short videos including lip sync battles, dance, comedy, magic, day-in-the-life and beauty videos.

You can even download the videos so as to watch the video offline. If you are content creator than you must give this app a try as you can make a duet video with your friends and also participate in contest or challenges.

Moreover Kwai would give you money if you exceeds their minimum count of followers for monetization. The video will be there for 48 hours after which the video will be deleted.


Since TikTok was banned in India, Chingari was released by Indian developers so that we don’t have depend on others.

The app has already achieved millions of downloads. Here you will be able to see videos of types including that of fashion, comedy, pets, ASMR and music.

It also has auto play feature. You can personalize your video using the app’s special feature of AR filters, cool transitions, stickers, and other advanced effects.


Instagram has always been in upfront social media platform.

In the previous year, Instagram released a new feature of Instagram reels where you can be able to make a 15 seconds long videos by adding music and other filters to enhance your video.

YouTube Shorts

This app has been a hit and you can create videos up to 60 seconds long. The developers are trying to develop the app as it is only in its beta phase.

In YouTube Shorts, you can merge your videos, add text, control the speed of the video, and much more. Moreover you would be able to add songs from the vast variety of music from its library. 

Final Words

Many of us have been glued to TikTok as it provides entertainment and also makes us relax during this pandemic times.

But since TikTok was banned, many similar Apps were launched in the game store but some were fake or does not meet our expectation.

Therefore in this article, we have provided you the list of top 15 Best apps like TikTok so that you can download the same and enjoy during this hard times.


How do you download the app?

The apps can be downloaded from the link give above under every app description. Therefore you just need click on the name to download the required app

Is TikTok available in India?

No TikTok has been banned by the Indian Government and therefore you will not be able to access the application in India. 

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