Active ASTD Codes Wiki 2022 – All Star Tower Defense Codes Wiki 2022

If you are a fan of all star tower defense and are also looking for ASTD codes, you are at the right place.

This is like one of the ASTD codes wiki that people have to check out in order to stay updated about all those codes rolling in and out all the while.

Keeping gamers and fans of All Star Tower Defense in touch with all the new information about the game required a portal (A community-based website/discord server).

This portal is called ASTD codes wiki. For the most active codes, this is a very good place for a gamer of ASTD to visit.

ASTD Codes Wiki has also been discussed in the article below.

The main purpose and the objective of the game is to defend your tower which is supposed to be really important to the characters in the game.

About the characters however, there are just too many of them and almost all of them are famous characters as well.

This is a roblox tower defense game based on characters straight out of anime which is one of the most appealing parts of this game.

All Star Tower Defense Codes Wiki 2022 do not only consist of New Codes for ASTD but also proper details of every character and extra perks you always get with them as well.

It is important for any gamer to know this and having an idea about the star-players in the game enhances your gameplay considerably.

Gems and gold are important too in the gameplay of All Star Tower Defense and can give you the access to rare anime characters that are also very powerful to use and enhance your gameplay of the game.

New Codes for ASTD are listed below as well, along with the procedure on how to redeem the ASTD codes.

All Star Tower Defense Codes Wiki 2022 – Gateway to ASTD Codes

All the New Codes for ASTD can be found on the All Star Tower Defense Codes Wiki 2022 which is not directly associated with the game developers but made sure they have a great community for all the gamers.

Every kind of thing that you can think of in the game that you would need information about, is given in this wiki.

There is even a better way to stay and enjoy the essence of this game’s community and that is by joining their official discord server, the link of which is given to people when they visit the website also known as the ‘All Star Fandom’.

All Star Tower Defense is the most popular All Stars game which is the reason why a lot of people are so hyped about all of these.

It’s almost wonderful how they created a community that is so passionate about a particular game and they have aced the art of providing them all the information they need.

I mean, since it is a community and there is a discord server as well, it becomes pretty probable.

However, the way All Star Tower Defense Codes Wiki 2022 is managed and kept updated through time is commendable which is what makes it one of a kind.

If you are looking for just new ASTD Codes, then this is really the best option available for you.

Do check out their website where the discord link is also available.

If that feels like a place where you can learn more about ASTD Codes from, you may very well try it without any hesitation. 

There are basically 2 modes that you can play in this game.

One being the infinite mode, where the goal is to get to the table (leaderboard) and the other one is the story mode where you are supposed to complete small tasks and keep progressing the story.

Personally, the story mode feels accurate which is the reason why it also connected with so many people around the world.

It gets competitive and that’s fun in the infinite mode but seeing the story progress is also a pleasure.

This All Star Tower Defense Codes Wiki 2022 community keeps talking to each other and it’s not only informational but also fun.

Informational is the one that people are keener towards and the curiosity plays a part too.

If you have gathered a lot of different golds and gems in the game, unlocking rare characters would be too easy.

Some of these characters are so influential and a part of your childhood that you would definitely want to play with them.

More about new Codes for ASTD and how to redeem the ASTD codes is specifically given below.

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How to redeem the ASTD codes? 

As you already know, the new codes for ASTD are available on the discord server and the wiki.

These are definitely not the only ones that can give you codes but you are most likely to get good ones here.

The question arises, How to redeem the ASTD codes? Well, the simplest process is given step by step here.

1. On the lower right corner of the screen, you shall find an icon that looks like a gear. Click on it.

2. As soon as you land up on that screen, you will find an option to enter code. It’s large and pretty visible to even an un-attentive eye.
3. Enter the code in that text box and make sure you do not misspell it in any way.

4. Click on ‘Claim’ and the rewards will be available in front of you to use and enjoy inside the game.

These ASTD Codes can give you a lot of different sorts of rewards like characters or specific upgrades for specific characters and even sometimes, gems and gold that allow you to buy different things from the store of the game which is a great idea, nevertheless.

A lot of gamers want to receive new ASTD Codes because that gives them the sense of freedom with the game where they can buy anything they specifically want and not get a random gift that is not even useful that much.


This game is very enjoyable with the action sequences and the strategies that are required in order to defend your tower successfully from enemies trying to infiltrate it.

Nevertheless, redeeming codes and the whereabouts of them were properly mentioned in the article and hope it is conclusive enough for you to experience it yourself.

As far as the game’s excitement is concerned, people have admitted that it stays interesting even after hours of playing and more so, if you get boosts using ASTD Codes. Enjoy the game

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