How to Play Art of War Legions Best Guide 2022 | Art of War Legions Promo Codes 2022 

Art of War Legions doesn’t need any introduction! As the name suggests, the game signifies War as a sheer piece of art. You must be a master of this art if you wish to make it big. 

In general, Art of War Legions is an exciting game that features rich gameplay, balanced gaming mechanisms, as well as interesting graphics.

While playing the game, you will primarily rise as a Strong Commander of your troop of fighters.

Remember that battles in AOW here aren’t going to be mere war. They will require both armies as well as wits! 

The good thing is that these battles will help you in earning a plethora of rewards.

You must collect all of them for unlocking Rare as well as Epic fighters in the game.

Another crucial element of this game is that the developers keep updating Art of War Legions every so often.

All in all, this adventure is going to be like no other! 

In case you are just getting started with the game, you must certainly be looking for some tips, tricks & strategies to become a strong commander in Art of War Legions

Even for professional players, there may come a time when they are stuck on a level or two.

So what do you do in such cases? You change your technique! 

Whatever it may be, our below-mentioned Art of War Legions Guide will solve that for you.

Apart from this, we will also enlighten you on various redeem codes that will help you earn Art of War Legions Unlimited Gems! 

Let’s get started. 

AOW Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Know About The Troops

One of the most crucial tips, tricks & strategies to become a strong commander in Art of War Legions is to be well aware of the troops

The game features a plethora of troops wherein everyone has certain special traits, unique to them.

From mage skills to ranged abilities, you must know about it all!

While some troops may have a considerable Attack Power, some may be efficient with Defense.

There are also some more distinct abilities that only some troops possess in the game.

For instance, Pilgrims in Art of War Legions possess the proficiency to heal their allies at the time of the fight. 

So you must be well-acquainted with all these troops and their abilities.

This will help you in using them effectively while maximising their full potential which is crucial for the game.  


Headhunt missions are certainly the game’s favorite! Players are assured to fetch a substantial number of coins from these missions as compared to the regular battles in the game.

Besides the typical bonus you earn from defeating enemy soldiers, the levels in Headhunt provide you with an extra lot of coins as well! 

Once you have passed the eighth level of every run, you will earn a gigantic amount of post-fight coins!

These will be more or less the same as what you would earn from regular battles, however, in addition to some bonus coins as well.

Remember that this applies to all those stages that are symbolized with gold coins in the game. 

Now that you have earned a huge bonus of coins, it is highly recommended that you always make use of the x3 coin multiplier to triple the number of your coins.

You can do so by simply watching some quick video ads.

After clearing the tenth stage itself, you can earn a sufficient number of coins that will help you draw 30 at least twice in AOW!  

Reap The Benefits Of Ads

If you have been playing mobile games for a while now, you would know that ads are everywhere and there’s only less that you can do about them.

You would also find that these ads are generally not useless and can help you with your game considerably sometimes! 

Just like that, ads in Art of War Legions certainly add life to this interesting game!

They are available in abundance and well, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

The good thing is that watching these ads is entirely optional.

However, we would never recommend you to miss out on them. 

In general, these video ads in AOW can be 5 to 30 seconds long.

Moreover, any ad longer than twenty seconds is barely as frequent as the briefer ones.

These ads can help you in speeding up the time for unlocking a hero chest or a troop.

This option is always provided after every battle in the game with AIs. 

Unlike other games, Art of War Legions also provides you with a 3x coin multiplier tool to multiply anything that you reaped from your fight.

The good part is that it doesn’t matter whether or not you win the battle. 

The length, as well as the advertisers of these ads in Art of War Legions, are generally similar.

There won’t be much difference as you move across a few of them. 

However, whatever the length of the ad may be, they are assured to be always beneficial for the players!

Hence, our tip is to never neglect them and take full advantage of them! 

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Hohenheim in AOW

The sad fact is that Hohenheim barely gets any attention in any hero tier list that you come across online.

Generally, you will always find them placed in the bottom tier list.

Well, it is worth mentioning that Hohenheim was never designed by the developers as a soldier.

Nevertheless, he is still your main man cum robot when the time comes to collect coins. 

Hohenheim’s passive itself assures a 1% increase in attack damage to your troop as well as a bonus coin for every slain opponent army.

What this means is that when you field Hohenheim, you get +11 prompts instead of +10. 

When you gain victory against a battalion with 200 soldiers, you earn over 200 coins.

You can also triple this number by simply watching a couple of video advertisements.

The exciting bonus of coins with Hohenheim may be below one thousand, however, everything will supposedly blend once you start using him consistently in your battles as well as Headhunt missions. 

However, players must keep in mind that before they go all-Hohenheim in Art of War Legions, they must ensure that the soldiers can defeat rye Extreme level of difficulty with great ease.

They must be able to do so without any aid from a healing or/and damage-inclined hero.

The reason why we mentioned just the Extreme level of difficulty is that this setting provides you with the greatest number of coins in AOW! 

Collect Your Freebies

The Art of War Legions Shop, as well as Mystic Store, regularly feature a complimentary item available for you to collect.

These freebies in both these sections cycle randomly in the game.

To provide you with an idea, the general elements of loot include diamonds, coins, as well as troop cards when it comes to the Shop. 

At the Mystic Store in AOW, the freebies are entirely unpredictable!

You may get keys, troops, resources, boosts, anything else.

So as the name suggests, The Mystic Store certainly gets its name from its mystic nature. 

Complete All The Quests

Quests make an interesting element of the Art of War Legions game.

They are primarily crucial because of the exciting rewards that they offer.

Remember that each resource carries value in the game and you never know what may help you in expanding and upgrading your troop in the game. 

Quests can provide you with a range of complimentary stuff including gems, coins, Super Vouchers, as well as Epic Troops.

The best thing is that you have the option to attain them every day so you must never neglect them a single day.

Acquiring more resources and troops is always a good idea! 

It is worth mentioning that players will be able to passively achieve the majority of these quests when they take part in AOW battles.

Isn’t that a relief? So there’s no need to have an extra headache on your mind as most of these will be completed even without your knowledge. 

Moreover, quests in Art of War Legions are your endless supply chain of diamonds in the game. So we repeat, NEVER MISS OUT ON QUESTS. 

Don’t Forget About the Lucky Spin

As mentioned earlier, diamonds in Art of War Legions are of utmost importance.

You can use them for purchasing heroes, boosts, coins, and much more.

There is no best way to spend these resources and the choice is only yours to make. 

Nonetheless, Lucky Spins in Art of War Legions are a great way to earn these resources.

You will be able to use this feature at least six times in a day and when you look at the rewards, you wouldn’t want to miss out on them ever! 

Art of War Legions Redeem Code

Art of War Legions Redeem Code is a notable element of this war game. 

Players must take full advantage of these codes if they wish to earn Art of War Legions Unlimited Gems!

However, you must keep in mind that these redeem codes are time-limited so you must use them as soon as possible.

In case they expire, they won’t work and will be of no use. 

The below-mentioned Art of War Legions Redeem Codes are 100% valid and working as of the uploading time. Redeem them now: 

Art of War Legions Working Redeem Code 2022

  • ScroogeMC- X2 Gems, X10 Coins, along with X1 Troop
  • fatherday- Earn Gems as well as various Legendary Rewards
  • TigerS022- Earn Gems as well as other Rewards   
  • BDCakeAoW- Earn Gems as well as other Rewards   
  • MoonCake9- Earn Coins, Gems, along with other Rewards
  • ArtOfW022- Earn Gems as well as other Rewards   
  • Lucky2022- Earn Gems as well as other Rewards   
  • Olympic21- Earn Coins, Gems, along with other Rewards
  • SUNISHERE- Earn a hundred Gems as well as other rewards
  • ScroogeMC- x500 Diamonds along with other rewards
  • RamadanMu- Earn Gold, Diamonds, along with other rewards   
  • SantaFamC- Earn a Gift code with x500 Gems   

How to Use Art of War Legions Redeem Code?

If you wish to know how to use the Art of War Legions Redeem Code, you must first download the game on your mobile device and register as a new account.

Now launch the game and follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • First and foremost, you must launch the Art of War Legions game on your mobile device. 
  • Head to the top left-hand side of your screen and tap on the option of Setting. 
  • Once reached there, you will be able to see the “Redeem” tab. 
  • Head to this section. Copy any Art of War Legions Redeem Code mentioned above and paste it here. 
  • Art of War Legions Redeem Code is similar to gift codes in other mobile games. These will help you in earning plenty of exciting stuff without having to do anything. 
  • Once you have redeemed the code, re-open the game once and the reward must have been added to your account by then. 
  • And that’s all! You can now enjoy your reward.

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Where to find more Art of War Legions Redeem code? 

In case any of the above-mentioned Art of War Legions Redeem codes don’t work for you, they must have expired by the time you are finally redeeming them.

Or once you have redeemed our codes, you must certainly be tempted to fetch some more. 

For such cases, you will need to follow Art of War Legions on various social media handles including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, etc.

Lucky for all the players, these codes are released by the developers every so often.

So keep checking for a few days and you will certainly stumble upon a code or more. 

The peak time for these codes can be some special occasions such as festivals, events, some milestones in the game, etc.

The odds of getting an Art of War Legions Redeem Code are the highest at such times.

So keep a close eye on these codes if you wish to earn Art of War Legions Unlimited Gems! 


We hope that this Art of War Legions guide was helpful for you. Make sure to use the above-mentioned redeem codes as well to earn Art of War Legions Unlimited Gems.

Art of War Legions is a feature-rich game designed for both casual as well as hardcore players.

It is important to have the right tips, tricks & strategies in mind when playing this game as it will help you overcome any challenge!

Moreover, if you wish to become a strong commander of your army, you must certainly do some homework of your own. 

It’s time to dominate and conquer the battlefield in AOW! 

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