Secret tricks how to unlock the Arkasodara Tribal quests FFXIV 2022?

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Arkasodara Tribal quests FFXIV 2022

The newest Tribal Quest faction introduced with Patch 6.15 is the Arkasodara from Final Fantasy XIV, who you may recognise as the Thavnair elephant people.

They are also the first to use the new “Tribal Quest” moniker when the FFXIV team chose to substitute something a little more general for the term “Beast Tribe.”

Arkasodara Tribal quests FFXIV Guide 2022

The first round of Tribal Quests for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker are now accessible as of Patch 6.15.

As part of the Arkasodara Tribal Quests, you will assist a group of Matanga as they launch a new delivery- and fast-paced hippos-related business enterprise in Thavnair.

You can learn more about the content’s prerequisites for unlocking it as well as its basic structure in our Final Fantasy XIV Arkasodara Tribal Quests Guide.

There are a few side missions in Thavnair that must be finished before you can begin the actual tribe quests.

Once both of them have been completed, these take the shape of two quest chains that merge into one last task.

Since Patch 6.15’s release, each of these quests has a blue side quest marker on the map and is also noted.

With the introduction of tribe quests in version 6.15 for Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, users can now assist the Arkasodara and receive rewards.

The Arkasodara tribal quests are described in our FFXIV guide, along with how to access them and what you may expect to receive as rewards.

The conditions for Arkasodara quests are the same as those for other tribe quests; you can only complete three quests per day and you are rewarded with a special currency, reputation points, and a tonne of experience points for each one you finish.

You can complete three more quests on the day you rank up and gain access to more rewards that can be bought with their unique currency once you reach a certain number of reputation points.

This will allow you to advance in the tribe. Make sure you complete the tasks you wish to complete each day because you can only complete 12 tribal quests per day (across all tribes) in order to receive rewards.

There are many different tribes to pick from, and each has an own tale that is told as they advance in repute.

They don’t take long to complete and are a good source of experience points. It is definitely more efficient to just set aside a half-hour each day to work on them rather than waiting for your roulettes as a DPS.

In fact, for best results, you should probably complete them as you wait for your roulettes.

Most of them basically entail moving from point A to point B, killing various objects, collecting others, or possibly engaging in other activities before returning to claim your prize.

Experience points, reputation, and a tribe-specific currency are often your rewards. Your position within that tribe will improve when you hit key reputation milestones.

You will have to finish a unique side mission every time you reach a milestone in order to improve your standing with the tribe.

As a result, additional items will become available from the tribe vendors, the rewards for completing tribe quests will increase, and the daily quest cap of three will be reset.

There are a total of 12 tribe quests accessible to you each day, with a cap of three per tribe.

Do keep in mind that the A Realm Reborn tribes have a slightly different system in place.

Until you get to the, you can complete as many tasks as you have unlocked here.

Unlock the Arkasodara in FFXIV and help rebuild

Players must first complete the prerequisite quests before they can begin the tribal quests.

Depending on how the player chooses to advance through the story, one or both of the additional quest chains that each of the two required quests is a part of may already have been finished.

Arkasodara Tribal Quests require the completion of a side quest chain.

  • Steppe Childe
  • What’s in a Parent

At level 80, Steppe Child can be completed, making it possible to start the expansion with it.

It also grants an Aether Current, making it necessary for flying. The mission is given by Ogul in Thavnair (X: 25.6, Y: 36.1).

The rules are a little stricter in What’s in a Parent, though. In addition, players must have finished Under His Wing, a level 85 Main Story Quest, which calls for a level 80 Disciple of War or Magic class. Find the side mission at Palaka’s Stand in Thavnair (X: 29.2, Y: 15.3).

These two quests are linked together in a quest chain that needs to be finished in order to access the tribal quests.

The player will be given a single task to complete after completing both sets of quests, which will lead to the Tribal Quests for Arkasodara in Final Fantasy XIV.

Location and side quests of Steppe Child:

Steppe Child: Thavnair (X: 25.6, Y: 36.1)

The Matanga Along the Way: Thavnair (X: 25.4, Y: 31.2)

Ogul Repays Her Favors: Thavnair (X: 19.0, Y: 33.8)

The Yedlihmad Hunt: Thavnair (X: 25.4, Y: 31.3)

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Location and sidequests of What’s in a Parent :

What’s in a Parent: Thavnair (X: 29.2, Y: 15.3)

Curing What Ails: Thavnair (X: 29.6, Y: 17.2)

The Sins We Bear: Thavnair (X: 29.6, Y: 17.2)

Societal Alchemy: Thavnair (X: 29.7, Y: 16.2)

The Arkasodara unlock requirements conclude, as with earlier FFXIV Tribes, with a single mission that connects both possible questlines.

You may find this one in Thavnair by asking Yezahn for “A Budding Adventure” (X: 29.6, Y: 17.2).

You can then access the quest “Hippos Born to Run” from the NPC named Kancana in Thavnair after completing that (X: 25.3, Y: 31.2).

After completing this quest, the Arkasodara Tribal Quests will finally be accessible.

With any combat Job that is level 80 or higher, you can take on these new tribal quests.

Because they are subject to quest sync, the difficulty and enemy level will change according to the level of your equipped Job.

There appear to be five daily Tribal Quests that must be completed.

You can utilise Arkasodara Pana, the new tribal currency, at Ghanta, the Arkasodara Tribe dealer in Thavnair, by completing the daily missions (X: 20.4, Y: 28.4).

You can only buy different Materia IX and Materia X at the starting Friendly rating for 3 Arkasodara Pana and 6 Arkasodara Pana, respectively.

Arkasodara Tribal quests rewards and mount

The Hippo Riders, also known as the Arkasodara Tribe, use their hippo carts to distribute products around Thavnair.

In this patch, the hippo cart mount is accessible. When you earn the Sworn reputation rank with the Tribe, you can purchase the Hippo Cart Horn for 18 Arkasodara Pana to unlock it.

Similar to the Shadow bringers Tribes, which similarly required attaining the Sworn rank and completing three daily tasks every 24 hours over the course of 21 days, Simply use the horn in your possession to activate the mount.

As more and more players unlock them, we really can’t wait to see these hippos soar.

Yoshi-P even made fun of the hippo cart during the Arkasodara segment of the Live Letter, saying it flies thanks to Dynamis.

Previous FFXIV An exclusive mount has traditionally been the tribes’ more-or-less top prize.

You must complete the entire story questline presented by the tribe quests in order to obtain them.

You do this by completing daily missions and earning faction reputation.

To obtain the highest reputation rank, which can only be attained by default by completing three of these per Tribe every 24 hours, it takes several weeks in the actual world.

After that, you can acquire the mount by using a unique money for your Tribe (which can also be used to purchase other gifts from the group ).

In these situations, the mounts typically play a role in the daily Tribe Quests, usually as something you fly briefly during specific objectives.

The Arkasodara is a good example of this. The adventures can be considered a “preview” of the Hippo Cart.

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How are the quests for the Arkasodara tribe unlocked?

The following conditions must be met before beginning any Arkasodara tribal quests. Complete the “Endwalker” main quest. 

Finish the quest line that starts with “Steppe Child,” branches to “What’s in a Parent,” and  concludes with “A Budding Adventure.”

At least one level 80 combat job is required.

What level can I do Beast Tribe quests?

No matter your character’s level, you cannot access Beast Tribe Quests until you complete the Main Scenario Quests at level 41.

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