Secret Tricks How to Get Active Alien Shooter Simulator Codes 2022 

Alien Shooter Simulator codes are not easy to find but we have curated the latest active list for you. Make your way in the world of Roblox Alien Shooter Simulator.

The storyline is presented in a time frame where the world is invaded by aliens and your job is to kill them to save mankind.

You get rewards for killing the aliens which you can sell in exchange for in-game currency to upgrade your weapons and abilities.

Your goal should be to become the ultimate alien destroyer ever present in the game. 

As this shooting game quickly became intensely popular on the Roblox platform, people started searching for Alien Shooter Simulator codes 2022.

Any gamer who has that nerdy side to him/her will also find this game attractive because of the distinct Sci-Fi theme.

The goal of the game is to stay alive while you are fighting your way through hordes of aliens trying to eliminate them.

Put your best shooting skills to use to take the enemies down. Once they are dead, they drop loot which you can use as currency to buy items and upgrade your weapons.

This will help you fight tougher battles and take down more enemies when you go to higher levels. 

This is where the active Alien Shooter Simulator codes 2022 come into the picture.

The promo codes bring you rewards and new pets that help you in the battle.

In this article, we will be sharing all the active Alien Shooter Simulator codes 2022 and how you can activate them.

You can use the code for a lot of things like free cosmetics, power-ups, etc. Whenever there are new codes, we keep adding them to the list and remove the inactive ones. 

The codes might seem a little different from the usual Roblox promo codes, so check out the guide on how you can redeem them.

We always make sure to test the codes before putting up but sometimes the developers tweak them, so you might face a problem.

In that case, you may comment below. 

Alien Shooter Simulator Codes

  • IW36JCC—Redeem for 30 minutes of Auto-Farm
  • C85QRL – 30 Minutes Auto Farm
  • 8OPXEGARedeem code for 30 minutes Auto-Farm

How to Redeem Alien Shooter Simulator Codes 2022? 

  • 1. Open Roblox and choose the game Alien Shooter Simulator. 
  • 2. On the left side of the screen you will see a “Codes” button. Click on that. 
  • 3. Copy any of the valid codes from the above-mentioned list and paste them into the “Enter Code” text box. 
  • 4. Now click on “Redeem” and enjoy the benefits. 

How to play Alien Shooter Simulator? 

  • 1. When the game starts you have to click on an alien to target and start shooting. 
  • 2. Once the aliens die, you can collect tokens from them and sell them in return for crystals. 
  • 3. These crystals will give you a way to buy powerful laser guns. 
  • 4. One tip is to keep upgrading your Droid so that it can carry more stuff. 
  • 5. Another use of the crystals is to Unlock New Alien Dimensions. 
  • 6. Take a Rebirth at The Last Stage because that provides you with special items and multipliers. 
  • 7. Your goal should be to climb up the leader board so that you can become The Ultimate Alien Shooter. 

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Active Alien Shooter Simulator Badges 

1. Welcome to Alien Shooter Simulator Badge

This badge came into existence on March 20, 2022 and was last updated on March 23, 2022.

This was won by 389 people yesterday, a total of 161,299 people have won this badge till now.

This badge is actually a freebie that you get on starting to play the game. So the rarity is 100% and most players have got this badge. 

2. Rebirth 

This badge is meant for the time when you will undergo your first ever rebirth.

The badge was created on March 20, 2022 and last updated on March 23, 2022.

The number of people who won this badge yesterday is 0.

Only one person has ever won the Rebirth badge.

The rarity of it is 0.0% which makes it impossible to get. 

3. Top 5 Most Powerful Badge 

When you excel at Alien Shooter Simulator and become one of the most powerful players, you are awarded this badge.

This was created on March 20, 2022 and was last updated on March 23, 2022.

The number of people who won it yesterday is 0 and the number of people who could ever win this badge is 2.

The rarity is again 0.0% which makes it almost impossible to earn. 

What items you can shop using Alien Shooter Simulator Codes? 

The items in the shop can only be added by Official Simulator Games, so they have full control to add or remove anything from the list.

Every item you want to buy from the shop will have a price.

Otherwise, active Alien Shooter Simulator Codes 2022 can also be used to enjoy some perks. 

1. X2 Power: This doubles up your character’s power so that can destroy more aliens for a period of time. 

2. X2 Value: When you activate this every time you sell any token you will double the value. 

3. X2 Speed: This boosts up the speed so that you can run twice as fast. 

4. Infinite Capacity: This will help you avoid any unnecessary trips to the selling area and save you time. 

Final Words

If you are looking for more Alien Shooter Simulator Codes, you can follow the official Twitter page and Discord server of the game, as well as, follow the developer, Official Simulator Games.

They post every update about the game on their social media handles and any new code will be shared there at first.

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