Age of Z origins Best Guide 2022 | Age of Z Origins Codes 2022

There are numerous strategic games available on the play store these days. Age of Z Origins is an iOS and android friendly game.

If you are thinking about choosing a challenging and interesting game at the same time then the age of origins is worth downloading.

If you want to dig in a little in the details of the age of z origins, then you are at the right place. 

About Age of Z Origins

Age of Z origins was developed back in 2018 by Camel Games. It is a strategy-based mobile game.

Age of z origins is functional on both App Store and Google Play.

You can download it for free. Age of Z Origins is a unique pick as it comes with unusual zombie challenges, amazing graphics, gameplay technicalities and is intriguing.

The gameplay has an exclusive look and a super-smart world map.

The look of the game is amazing with gorgeous and impressive graphics.

The buildings, military, zombies entering the area, the monsters, everything is an eye-catcher.

The look of the game gives a real-world feel as it has the superfine quality and amazing features. 

The theme of the age of z origins revolves around the zombie apocalypse. It begins with the outbreak of the zombie virus.

Interesting missions in the age of z origins include building, strengthening, and updating the city, exploring, developing the commander skills, in a brand new world one must try to reach the top, evolve, etc.

All these missions can be completed by facing off the zombies and drawing off them as well as any threat from the neighbouring cities

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Age of Z Origins Gameplay and Strategies

Basic Gameplay 

After having an idea about the Age of Z origins, you must be wondering about the features, tricks and strategies of the age of z origins gameplay.

Don’t worry, there are some crucial details of the age of z origins gameplay below.

The player needs to unlock, rebuild all those buildings which are important for the growth and further progress of the city.

The player in the age of z origins needs to defend the city, explore and collect the resources, employ and save citizens for building his workforce.

He must discover the unknown masses for amassing the resources. The aim should be to reach the top. 

After having a basic idea and understanding of the age of z origins gameplay and its controls, you can also try the in-game tutorial.

The player is ready to start and initiates the journey as a commander.

Initially, you would have to create an account where you will be a commander of your city.

The city has to be built, then resources are gathered and alliances are joined to fight the other alliances. 

Some of the strategies for a good age of z origins gameplay are as follows:

1. It is suggested that the player must look for an alliance. This should be done at the start only to ensure faster progress in the gameplay. 

2. Active members are also a key for a better age of z origins gameplay. Always look to involve the active members

3. In case the benefits from the alliance like event bonus or the alliance shop had been excluded then the help from the members of the alliance is very important.

They can help to save the wall upgrading time and shorten the base.

As the player levels up, the required time length will increase.

Therefore, it is advisable to join or form an alliance to progress faster in the game

Age of Z origins Intimacy Game play

If you are wondering what age of origins intimacy is and when it is unlocked, then we are up with insightful data. 

When the player reaches Stage 12 in healing, he can unlock the age of z origins Intimacy Gameplay. 

After boosting the Infected Age of Z origins Intimacy Level, the player is given Biochemical Technologies in a definite amount.

This is affiliated with research and can be used to boost the strength of Zombie troops.

To achieve the Biochemical Tech Points, the intimacy level must be increased.

These points further boost the statistics of Biochemical Zombie Troops and the Hospitals. They can be utilized in the research of biochemical tech. 

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What is the useful Age of Z origins Guide?

Here, we have mentioned some of the most important tips as a part of the age of z origins guide, which is worth going through. 

1. Collect reserves for Building

The very first point in the age of Z origins guide is about collecting the resources that are required for buildings.

Once the tutorial build is accomplished, then there are four main categories of resources required.

This includes Oil, Minerals, Food, and steel. More and more resources, as well as time, are required as one reaches a higher building level in the gameplay. 

To fasten the process an option of ‘Building Speed Up’ items can be selected.

Another way to do this is to utilize the Gold if enough of it is available

2. Update the Main Hall

It is crucial to update the main hall as an increased level of the Main Hall would mean an increased level of the buildings.

Keeping the main hall updated opens up many new features and new city blocks.

The Main Hall will also unlock new features and one could also regain new city blocks. 

3. Defeat the Monsters

On clicking the World Map icon, you can hunt monsters of various types and levels.

Through this one can earn Commander EXP and other rewards as well. Mobility is needed to kill the monsters.

These can be bought either using Gold or can be recovered with time. 

If the wounded soldiers are taken to the hospital and there’s no vacancy then the soldiers will die automatically.  

4. Event Quests

To earn more rewards, it is a good choice to complete the Daily Reward quest.

The Event quests are also there to enhance the rewards, they are available at Event and Event Centre buildings.

You should first do the Daily Reward quests, later the Event Quests can be checked out. 

5. Commander skills 

When the player has claimed various rewards and bonuses after going through the initial walkthrough in the gameplay, the ‘Skill set’ of the player will be developed. 

If you also search Age Of Z origins increases battle power then these points can be utilized as they are the power boosters.

These points can be allocated anywhere. 

There are two types of skill sets, ‘War’ and “Development”. 

Upgrading the “War” skills means to aid in increasing the workforce recruitment, attacking skills, mobility away from the city, this means better exploration can be done. 

With “Development” skills, the aim is the growth of the city, increasing the building speed and other skills. 

So, allocation of the skill points must be done properly as that will further decide the pace and playstyle. 

Age of Z origins Free Gold Hack

Age of z origins cheats

  • There are various hacks in the game and a lot of searches are about the age of Z origins free gold.
  • The various facilities in the age of Z origins include garages, camps, alliance buildings, etc. The main work is to increase the strength of your city. 
  • The cheat code to get the age of origins free gold is oZqYlIDkP59exlg. 
  • Updated main hall, rewards, and bonuses throughout the play solve the age of Z origins increase battle power query and age of z origins free gold quest. 

Age of Z Origins Redeem codes 2022

Many people look for Age of origins codes and Age of Z origins redeem codes 2022 has also become a popular search. It is quite an easy process. 

You don’t need to worry as all the details have been covered below.

Just go through the steps to understand Age of Z Origins redeem codes 2022 head: 

1. When you go to the game and look at the top left of the display, there will be an Avatar icon. Just click there. 

2. Further, visit the Settings and select the Redeem Gift icon. 

3. Type any of the working Age of Z Origins codes from there and choose the Exchange button. All the steps are completed. 

Now you will see rewards on your screen, and automatically they will be saved in your game account.

The age of Z origins codes are as follows:

Age of z origins redeem codes 2022

  • Hellhades – 3x Elite Recruitment Order, 1x Gather Bonus (1 day), 1x Oil Crate (100k), 1x Food Crate (100k), 1x Commander EXP (1000), 1x Speed Up (1h), 1x Recruitment Speed Up (1h), 1x Healing Speed Up (1h) 
  • VIP666 – 1x Gold Pack (200), 1x Fuel (50), 2x Building Speed Up (2h), 10x Food Crate (10k), 10x Oil Crate (10k)
  • zb666 – 10x Hacker K Fragment
  • zb888 – 1x Azure Ark (1 day), 1x Gold Flagship (1 day)
  • zb999 – 1x Gold Pack (100), 2x Building Speed Up (2h), 1x Elite Recruitment Order

If you wish to get more age of Z origins codes then the developers release them on the social media accounts of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Just follow them or visit their accounts frequently. 

Age of Z Origins Review

Whatever choice we want to make, reviews play an important role. Therefore, we have come up with an Age of Z origins review.

These can be quite helpful in letting you know about the experience of the various players beforehand.  

Here is a brief review from the players from age of Z origins review data. 

Plus Points of Age of Z Origins

Teamwork- One can work with and build alliances with different players out there.

You can build strong alliances with skillful players and these alliances will be joined during battles.

Working together is a cool feature to bring down other alliances who snatch our resources. 

Infinite Zombies- Numerous zombies come out from different locations. Players usually enjoy this as it keeps them intrigued by the game.

As they appear from tunnels also, then the weapons will have to be placed on the platform so that the city is saved from their attack.

Each level gives more zombies. The monsters also come out. There are 2 headed monsters, large mantis, and other monsters also. 


The player can regularly update the vehicles, main halls, buildings, and the military.

These give rewards in return and build the efficiency of the player.

The community can also be built regularly and the research as well. You would enjoy upgrading these features. 

Some critics of Age of Z origins: 

The critics say that free gold or money can’t be made easily in the game.

Though it’s a free mobile game, a way to make money is not easy. Big quantities of gold can be bought for a price in real.

More gold would help in building the community but the amount is too high. 


The Age of Z Origins game is certainly worth playing.

The above-mentioned post has given you insight into the age of Z origins reviews, age of Z origins codes, age of z origins increase battle power.

We also tried to answer maximum number of questions related to the age of Z origins redeem codes 2022.

Now you will easily be able to think about the various facilities the game offers. There’s only so much that you can do in the game. 

Players can follow the quest lines that guide to build the city faster, to know the new mechanics, to increase the territory, to send your troops out on surviving missions to improve your influence and potential.

The game offers infinite challenges, a new area of the map is provided to be explored every time the game is loaded.

Therefore, one needs to be active and quick in decision-making as each of the decisions has a massive impact on the fate of the entire human race. 

You must follow our age of z origins guide and enhance your gaming experience.

We hope this guide was helpful for you. 

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