Adorable Home 2022 Best Guide for Beginners

Adorable Home is a sim game that deals with satisfying home management, available for both Android and iOS users, and already has got 10 million downloads.

The game has managed to gather a lot of fans and followers because of its unique but simple style.

If you have just started playing this popular game you might be a bit confused about how to level up quickly in the game, so that is why we have brought this guide to help you know how to play Adorable Home

Working Adorable Home Cheats

Adorable Home cheats give you some exclusive rewards which make playing the game easier and help you level up in no time.

Remember that the Adorable Home cheats are valid for a limited time only so we advise you to use them as soon as possible.

  • uniquefasns — Redeem and get 1500 Hearts
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  • Adorable15M – Redeem and get hearts and other exclusive rewards
  • AdorableHome40K – Redeem and get hearts and other exclusive rewards
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  • IloveAdorableHome – Redeem and get free rewards.

How to Play Adorable Home?

1. Invest in Cats

Cats are very important to get love boosters. You must be thinking how to get more cats in Adorable Home.

Snow will be your first pet in the game but you should save up to buy more cats from the shop to get more love boosters.

The cost of each cat is 600 love, which takes a little time to earn back.

Be mindful while investing love because using your hard-earned love on the adorable kitties is the best way. 

You can pamper the cats through 3 mini-games as many times as you want in a day.

If you play an ad while doing this, you will receive 80 love or 160 love for each round, which adds up to 240 to 480 love in one go. 

There are some cats who like to be left alone at times and in such cases, you will need more time to earn back the 600 love.

You can bond with the cats several times a day. Don’t forget to stroke the cats, cut their nails, give them a shower and earn small amounts of love for each cat.

Now imagine if you have 12 cats it will just increase the opportunities for you to earn more Love by feeding them timely.

The difference in the amount of love you receive by feeding different cats is very minimal. 

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2. Check the Garden for Fireflies at Night 

This is often missed out while listing the Adorable Home tips because spotting the fireflies does not earn you much love and it is not a consistent method.

If you are playing the game at night time this is an easy way to gather some love.

Each firefly has the capacity to give you 10 to 20 love when you tap on them but it might also happen sometimes that even after tapping on a couple of flies you do not get any love because it is completely random. 

3. Attract More Visitors

If you are thinking about what to do in Adorable Home, look at the name as it is pretty clear.

The game is all about the joy you get from designing your home, garden, bedroom, and bathroom.

Furnishing the locations with furniture is fun and people play for hours.

But there is a limitation of space in the game and some objects tend to occupy the same spot in an area, so you have to be mindful while making any purchases. 

In the beginning, it might seem that buying furniture is only an expense that is not adding any value other than appealing to the eyes as they do not give you any Love.

But they are great to attract to visitors which will on you Love on some visits.

However, your top priority in Adorable Home game still should be collecting all 12 cats. 

4. Complete Tasks to Earn more Love

On the upper right side of the screen, there is a Love sign. Tap on that and you will have a whole menu of ways to earn Love.

You can purchase Love in the game with real money but you also get the chance to on 10x free Love every day.

You will see a “More” option beside the free love. When you tap on it you will see an “Okay” button popping up.

Click on that and you will have a list of tasks to complete which will let you earn a lot of free Love in Adorable Home

Note that the tasks will ask you to play another mobile game separate from Adorable Home.

In case you have already played those games and reached the target in the task before seeing the offer that will not be counted.

The amount of love you can earn depends on the mission’s difficulty. 

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5. Present to your Partner the Best Meal Love can Buy

You have the option to prepare various meals for your partner in Adorable Home Game.

You get various choices to select the main course, side dish, dessert, and the bento box.

Preparing the meal is another fun part of the game and it brings out your creativeness as you can mix and match different food combinations every day. 

Based on experiences by different players, we have come to a conclusion that you can earn the most amount of Love if you prepare Sushi for the main course, sashimi for side dish, wagashi as dessert, and pack all of this in a beautiful Japanese bento box.

This will help you earn more than 1000 love from your partner.

It is possible that you can earn less from the same combination or earn the same value from different combinations. 

Final Words

That sums up our Adorable Home guide. We hope this helps you earn the most amount of love in the game.

Considering the amount of time it takes to collect all 12 cats and fill your home with furniture, the experience of the game is very satisfying.

If you are looking for more Adorable Home tips, you can follow the official Facebook page, Twitter account, Reddit, and Discord server of the game.

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