Best top 20 wins challenge deck 2022 in Clash Royale

Do you want to know the best to 20 wins challenge deck 2022 in clash royale. Then, this article will provide the best top 20 wins challenge deck 2022 in clash royale.

Clash royale is a time strategic video game which is developed and published by “supercell”.

Today we are sharing the best top 20 wins challenge deck 2022 in clash royale.

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PEKKA Archer Queen 20 wins Deck 2022

 New Champions card rarities have been added to Clash Royale. When you reach King Level 14, you will be able to unlock these cards.

Currently, there are three, with potential for future expansion. In this post, we’ll show you some of the best Clash Royale decks where Archer Queen may be found.

The following cards are included in this deck list: Bandit, Barbarian Barrel, Electro Spirit, Lightning, Mega Knight, Ram Rider, and Royal Ghost.

Bandit is useful for using its dash to charge in on lesser troops, and you have a number of options that will defend and attack against all other cards.

The character’s ability to turn invisible and boost attack speed and power makes the Archer Queen quite potent.

Due to the enormous amount of damage she can deal when she uses her ability, if you can get her near enough to a tower, she can almost solo it.

Remember that these decks are still in the metagame’s early stages, so more study will be required before the top lists are ultimately discovered and improved.

Night witch golem 20 wins challenge deck 2022

The golem is one of the best win conditions in Clash Royale, and beat down is still one of the strongest archetypes available.

You can do a tonne of damage and use the night witch and golem to completely outnumber the defense cards when the lumberjack is in the front.

We will, of course, have a zap for the spell and a poison to destroy the tower if its health drops too low.

Hog Clash Royale 20 wins challenge deck 2022 wiki

You can quickly expect treats from the royal hogs, such as e barbs and hogs. In most matches, these four cards will serve as your main source of tower damage.

For Defense, we have Hunter, this card is very Good For 4 Elixir, he has a lot of health, and it can actually take out a Mini Pekka an if it’s dropped on top of the Hunter.

However, you need to wait until these units are out of the rotation if the opponent has Fireball or Valkyrie.

Although the Hunter is a defensive powerhouse that can destroy most troops, you must use this card to help Your Royal Hog.

If your defensive sequence is successful, the magic archer will assist your Royal Hog and mini Pekka pushes.

The key is placement.

Magic Archer can earn you many elixir trade-offs, and placing him correctly can give you an insane amount of value, particularly if you can chip away at their tower while damaging their units.

Best mega knights 20 wins deck 2022

The miner, wall breaks, and bandit are there to put pressure on your opponent and use them at the bridge to make them spend elixir defensively.

Most of the time, you’ll be up against Pekkas paired with electro wizards and bats. This Best Mega Knight Wall breaker Deck 2022 should be used in a more aggressive way.

This is how I handle them: Position your Musketeer at a safe distance; the farther back you can position it to gather elixir, the better.

Throw the Mega Knight in right away once the Bandit and Mega Knight have reached the bridge.

If correctly situated, he ought to kill the ewiz. Your primary defence cards are the Mega Knight, Bandit, and Musketeers.

The counter push behind him with Wall Breaker and Bandit, and Miner, if you get the chance, as his high health makes him a great tank for the Miner.

You can enter the arena pretty quickly by this Mega Knights. Using Miner, you can eliminate long-ranged enemies like a princess, a dart goblin, or a magic archer.

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Giant 20 wins deck 2022

To destroy the rival tower, this Giant 20 Wins Challenge Deck 2022 uses a counter push with a giant and chip damage.

If Giant is not in my hand I go for mini-pushes like Miner+Skeletons.

If your opponent places an Elixir Collector in the middle, you can split Guards and Skeleton Dragons to push both lanes and Miner to their Collector.

In the first minute, it should not be played aggressively during the first minute. I would prefer to maybe play Skeletons at the back or Giant at the back first.

He will be prevented from predicting which lane you are going to push by the fact that it will confuse them.

This Night Witch Skeleton Dragons Giant Deck has excellent offensive and defensive capabilities.

You have the Giant and the night witch on offensive, and the Hunter and the Skeleton Dragons on defence.

Graveyard electro giant clash royale 20 wins challenge deck wiki

The gameplan for the Graveyard Electro Giant Deck is very straightforward. In the early going, you should play fairly passively, just defending and counter-pushing when you can.

Try to identify the deck that your opponent is using so that you can play in the right lane and hold onto the cards that will help you defend against their win condition.

You should also try to keep track of their win condition by keeping track of the cards that are placed between it and the win condition so that you can determine when they have it back in cycle.

While the game is still in single phase, don’t be scared to play the Electro Giant because it will make your opponent play defence rather than offence, allowing you to defend push.

Elixir Golem Clash royale 20 wins challenge deck 2022 wiki

A Rare card called The Elixir Golem can be obtained from Serenity Peak. It is a weak, melee troop that targets buildings and deals just average damage and hitpoints.

When defeated, the Elixir Golem splits into two smaller, quicker, and less healthy Elixir Golemites.

The two Elixir Blobs that are created when the Elixir Golemites are defeated both have less health and move more quickly.

The player who defeats an Elixir Blob receives 1 Elixir as compensation. The Elixir Golem is an enormous brute made of Elixir that has two collars on its arms.

Its golemites are smaller versions of it that have the collar on their waists, and their blobs look like a plain lump of Elixir.

Deploying an Elixir Golem card costs 3 Elixir.

Best 20 wins deck 2022

The following are some of the most popular decks that the top Clash Royale players and content producers are currently sharing:

Royal API

  • Arrows – Elixir 3
  • Fireball – Elixir 4
  • Graveyard – Elixir 5
  • Inferno Dragon – Elixir 4
  • Skeleton King – Elixir 4
  • Tombstone – Elixir 3
  • Valkyrie – Elixir 4
  • Zappies – Elixir 4

Master Diddy Sans

  • Archer Queen – Elixir 5
  • Giant Skeleton – Elixir 6
  • Goblin Drill – Elixir 4
  • The Log – Elixir 2
  • Fireball – Elixir 4
  • Fire Spirit – Elixir 1
  • Skeletons – Elixir 1
  • Cannon – Elixir 3

Clash with Shane

  • Mega Knight – Elixir 7
  • Lightning – Elixir 6
  • Archer Queen – Elixir 5
  • Ram Rider – Elixir 5
  • Royal Ghost – Elixir 3
  • Bandit – Elixir 3
  • Giant Snowball – Elixir 2
  • Electro Spirit – Elixir 1

Electro Giant Archer queen 20 wins challenge deck

This Electro Giant Archer Queen Deck is excellent for Arena 14 players; if they employed this 20 Wins Challenge Deck 2022 properly, they might easily achieve 20 wins in the 20 Wins Challenge 2022.

Electro Gigantic Protect your sparky by using the giant as a tank.

If you place him in the middle and close to the river, you can utilise him to kite units into the opposing lane.

He will serve as your primary defensive unit against siege decks, so try to play opposite lane. Tornado is an area damage spell with a broad radius and moderate damage.

The spell works well with the Baby Dragon and Archer Queen since it instantly moves the attacking units within Baby Dragon attack range, which eliminates troops with low to moderate hit points.

Royal hogs clash royale 20 wins deck

The royal hogs give you a rapid element of surprises, such the e barbs and hog. In the majority of matchups, these four cards will serve as your primary source of tower damage.

You must wait until these troops are no longer in the rotation if the opponent has fireball or Valkyrie.

With a lot of health and the ability to take down a Mini P.E.K.K.An if placed on top of the Hunter, the Hunter is a great defence card for 4 elixir.

The Hunter is an amazing monster on defence and can destroy the majority of units, but you must use this card to support Your, Royal Hog.

If your defensive sequence is effective, the magic archer will assist your Royal Hog and mini Pekka pushes.

The key is placement.

Magic Archer can earn you many elixir trade-offs, and placing him correctly can give you an insane amount of value, particularly if you can chip away at their tower while damaging their units.

Pekka 20 wins challenge deck 2022

Your second win condition in this pekka bridge spam deck will be the Battle Ram. A tournament-standard ram can virtually knock down a tower by itself if left alone, and you’d be surprised how frequently this occurs.

It still works well as a tank for surviving troops on counter-push. This Pekka bridge spam deck, a very well-liked deck in clash royale.

Many expert players utilise this deck in challenges and easily get 12 victories in the grand challenge.

Pekka, who is supported by Bandit, Electro Wizard, and Magic Archer, is this deck’s primary defensive and winning condition with the help of poison.

Final words

Here we provided the best top 20 wins challenge deck 2022 in clash royale. We sincerely hope the details provided were helpful .

You can leave your recommendations in the comment section, if you have any questions or need clarification.

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How does the 20 win challenge work?

This year, any player who completes the 20-Win Challenge deck will be able to register for the next Clash Royale League stage in the in-game Tournament Hub! Players competing in the Tournament Hub will gain or lose ladder rank based on winning or losing matches.

What is pekka bridge spam?

Bridge Spam. Defending with P.E.K.K.A. then build a counter push around her to overwhelm your opponent. Defending with P.E.K.K.A. then split push to disrupt your opponents defence plan.

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